The Top 7 Best Furniture Covers For Dogs – Protect Your Furniture From Your Frenchie

Who needs a couch cover? The short answer is anyone who owns a Frenchie for sure! We all want our Frenchies to be part of the family and by doing so you know that means that they will be part of your living room family time. By that I mean I love to watch movies, binge watch Netflix and read a good book while sharing my couch with Augie.  I have even been known to work from the couch a time or two. Because we love to share our furniture with our Frenchie we needed to find the best furniture cover.

Why Do You Want a Furniture Cover?

To put this simply you want a furniture cover to protect your furniture. Here is a list of the most popular reasons.

The Best Couch Covers Keep Your Furniture Cleaner

Your Frenchie can do any number of slightly disgusting things to your couch. From leaving crumbs behind from that treat you shared with him, to drooling on your furniture when you don’t share your treat with him. There are also those embarrassing times when your excited Frenchie may let out a little pee, have an upset stomach and vomit a little or they just don’t think to wipe their feet and your couch ends up with lots of little mud prints.

The Best Furniture Covers For Dogs Protects It From Your Frenchie’s Nails

This tends to be the reason most leather couch owners want a couch cover. It doesn’t seem to matter how well you keep your dog’s nails trimmed you still end up with scratches on your couch and or rips in the furniture. The don’t always mean it but those sharp nails can snag so easily. Then again sometimes they do mean it and think they can bury a treat for later in the cushion.

The Best Couch Covers Help Prevent Chewing

I don’t know what it is about the seams and binding on a couch or chair but my dog thinks it is their personal chew toy. If you get a good couch cover you will be able to help prevent a lot of the damage that chewing can do to your furniture. 

The Best Couch Covers Can Catch Most Of Your Dog’s Hair

Shedding seems not to be much of an issue for my Frenchie.  I mean yes he sheds but he is so small that it doesn’t seem to be too bad. I do love that the couch cover will help to keep most of Augie’s hair contained to the cover. This is always nice when you’re having company. Just fold up the couch cover and your furniture is as good as new, and as clean too.

What Should You Look For In A Couch Cover?

Good Durable Material 

You want to make sure that you are getting what you pay for. There is a big difference between good quality more expensive products than cheaper less expensive brands. If you are looking for the best couch cover you were going to want to spend a little more but make sure you are getting the material to back up the price.

Matchable Fabric

It may take some time but I recommend looking for furniture covers that match your living room set. If you don’t find one that matches and looks like it is part of your living room then you won’t use it as often as you should. If you can go as far as getting something that matches your living room and your dogs hair that would be the best. 

Machine Washable

A good couch cover should also be machine washable.  It is no fun to have to take time to go to the cleaners because the furniture covers need to be professionally cleaned or worse yet hand washed. 

Snug Fit

The fit is very important depending on what type of furniture cover you get. The tighter the fit the better the look. Trust me on this one. The first couch covers I got I thought looked great but they just didn’t fit snugly enough and I was constantly pulling them down in the back and on the sides. 

Now that we know why families with French Bulldogs want furniture covers and what to look for, here is a list of the 7 of our favorite or dare I say best furniture covers for dogs.

Here Are The 7 Best Furniture Covers For Your Frenchie


1. Sofa Shield Original Patent Dog Couch Cover

The Original Sofa Shield is a trusted name among pet owners. The couch cover is designed with a quilted cover that adds not only durability but also gives dimension to your furniture. Each cover is reversible allowing you two look options for any room you have furniture  in. 

The Sofa Shield offers many size options which include sofa, loveseat, futons, recliners, chairs, chaises and sectional.  Not only does the Original Sofa Shield offer the most generous sizes it also has a much higher thread count to give you that extra soft feel.  They are machine washable and dryable and come in 15+ color combinations. The 2” thick adjustable strap helps to keep the cover in place.


  • Machine washable – Not Waterproof
  • Multiple Size Options – Cannot Be Used On Leather
  • Lots Of Color Choices
  • Lifetime Guarantee 

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2.  Sure Fit Deluxe Cover

The Sure Fit Deluxe Cover has some great features also. The stylish velvet quilted cover is soft and plush making it attractive and comfortable. The best part is the functionality of this cover. The cover is treated with a protective sanitized anit-fresh finish, allowing the cover to resit holding onto doggie odors between washings. 

To help in protecting all of your furniture the Sure Fit Deluxe has  arm covers which is great but sometimes this can be hard in getting a snug fit. The Sure Fit does have several size options so you will want to make sure you get the right size to get the best fit and not have the arms hanging. 


  • Has Arm Covers – Only Comes In Four Colors
  • Treated With Protective Sanitize Finish – Not Great On Leather Furniture
  • Machine Washable – Not Waterproof

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3. Mambe 100% Waterproof Furniture Cover

Unlike some of the other dog covers out there the Mambe is 100% waterproof. The cover is made with three layers of material. The reversible fleece is lined with a waterproof membrane between the two layers. The company even made sure to fuze the three layers together to prevent any crinkling sound due to the waterproof layer. This makes the cover soft, attractive and extremely durable. 

The Mambe comes in 7 sizes and four reversible colors and is machine washable. The only thing about this cover is that it is more like a blanket cover then a slipcover. You will not get the tight fit a slipcover gives you.


  • Waterproof – Only Comes In Four Colors
  • 7 Sizes – Fits More Like A Blanket
  • Made In The USA
  • Guaranteed For Life

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4. Rose Home Fashion Cover

The Rose Home Fashion Cover is a cover that any Frenchie will love. It is made with a soft velvet plush that dogs just love to snuggle on. This cover comes in many different colors and has three size options. 

The Rose Home Cover is a no slip cover and is applied to the furniture with foam rods and elastic bands. The only downfall with this slipcover is that because of how velvety soft it is, the dog hair does collect on it. 


  • No Slip Cover – Attacks Dog Hair
  • Many Colors To Choose From – Not Dryable
  • Soft & Attractive

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5. Elaine Karen Premium Reversible Sofa Couch Slipcover

Elaine Karen Premium Covers are known for their great looks. Their covers look great and the colors are nice combinations. This slipcover will protect furniture from any pet stains and is great with day to day use. 

The only concern is that pet owners that have purchased the Elaine Karen Covers have found that their sizing chart is not accurate. This can make purchasing the proper size difficult. 


  • Machine Washable – Inaccurate Sizing 
  • Great Look – Only A 30 Day Return Policy
  • Good For Day To Day Use

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6. Link Shades Anti-Slip Heavy Duty Deluxe Sofa Protector

The Link Shade Anti-Slip Sofa Protector is one of my favorites because of all the great features it offers. It is just what it says anti-slip, made with an innovative grip backing with multiple stay put adjustable straps. This sofa protector is not moving off of any surface including leather. The cover is made with a water repellent heavyweight micro suede fabric which is easy to wash and dry but durable and long lasting. 

The Link Shades is also very versatile being used to cover any style furniture and also has great reviews for RV use. Lets not forget that we also enjoy taking our Frenchies on our camping journeys as well. 


  • Anti-Slip Cover – Only A Few Color Choices
  • Easy Wash And Dry – Not Reversible
  • Can Be Used On Leather – More Expensive
  • Water Repellent

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7. Chiara Rose Couch Cover

The Chiara Rose Couch Cover is also great for French Bulldog owners. This stylish couch cover is also very durable. It is made with polyester fabric and is water resistant. This is always helpful with our overly excited little friends. The Chaira Rose also uses a drop plastic backing design that helps to keep the protector in place. 

The Chiara Rose Couch Cover is great for those that want to protect their furniture without losing their living rooms aesthetic appeal. 


  • Water Resistant – Has A Pattern Print
  • Stylish – Not Reversible
  • Can Be Used With Leather

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Conclusion Of The Best Furniture Covers For Dogs

If you are the owner of a French Bulldog or any other pets you know that keeping your furniture clean and allowing yourself and your pets to be comfortable can be a challenge. Thankfully we have the option to purchase couch covers to help with the protection of our furniture and with new options available all the time the look and comfort of these covers are getting better and better. There are lots of options out there but we have that you find that these few we reviewed will get you started on your quest for the best furniture cover for you and your family.

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