What Is The Best Dog Cooling Mat For Your Frenchie?

With hot summer weather approaching, you may be wondering, “What is the best dog cooling mat for your Frenchie?” French bulldogs are playful and active companions who like to exercise and explore their surroundings. Especially in warm climates and during hot weather, they need comfortable, effective cooling pads to recover from heat and humidity. An ideal cooling pad contains gel or water to help your adorable pet cool off following exercise. After a long walk, run in the park or lively backyard ball-chasing session, quality cool-down time is essential. Why not treat your Frenchie to ideal post-workout recovery on a luxurious cooling pad? You can offer your pet the ultimate creature comfort and prevent overheating by letting them recline on a relaxing, breathable cooling-down mat.

What New Owners Should Know About French Bulldogs And Overheating

Frenchies are friendly, sociable and playful dogs.  The Frenchie temperament is adored and loved by many.  They adore children and usually get along well with other dog breeds. They are gentle enough to play safely with toddlers and small children. Yet their sturdy build safeguards them against injury from rough-housing by older children. These lovable dogs are known for not biting, and they only nip if they are provoked or sense danger. If you encourage your Frenchie to play with other dogs from a young age, your pet will instinctively acquire good social skills.

Frenchies can’t regulate their body temperature well so you have to regulate it for them

Since they like to be active, French bulldogs need to be careful in the heat.  They have short snouts and are less capable of self cooling.  My Frenchie Augie overheats easily on hot days even with just a short walk downtown.  Your Frenchie will need a cool, comfortable place for cooling off after play or exercise. They are quite happy curled up on the couch beside their owner or among family members. These friendly dogs also enjoy watching TV with the kids. Although they are typically too friendly to be good guard dogs, Frenchies may bark at outside noises. Your pet may pretend to be your faithful protector, even while making friends with newcomers to your home.

Experts at the American Kennel Club’s Canine Health Foundation offer good advice concerning signs that your Frenchie is overheated. If your pet is panting and breathing rapidly and loudly, overheating is most likely the problem. Unless your Frenchie rests quietly, disorientation or even physical collapse may occur. Your dog may develop diarrhea, vomiting or gums that are blue or excessively bright in color. If these signs occur,  it is definitely cooling-off time on the best dog cooling mat.

While resting in the shade or indoors in air conditioning is helpful, a good quality dog cooling mat is the ideal solution. It can help lower and stabilize your Frenchie’s temperature while your pet recovers from exercise. If you have small children who play ball and other fun games regularly with your dog, they can help. Remind them that Frenchie is clever and bright, but does not always know when to take a break from strenuous play. Try keeping the cooling pad in a familiar spot so your dog know where to find it for taking a rest.

How to Choose the Best Frenchie Cooling Mat

A cooling pad for dogs is basically a bed for your Frenchie that includes a cooling feature. Different brands and models may cool using different methods. Some mats have a gel insert for you to freeze in your home freezer several hours prior to use. When placed inside the pad, it works as an active cooling agent to cool your pet during rest. Other mat models include a cooling gel that is activated by pressure when your dog lies down to relax. This type of mat can remain cool for as long as three consecutive hours.

Especially if your dog shows signs of overheating easily, you may want to buy a cooling pad that is elevated. Although most of these mats are composed of nylon, highly effective elevated models are often made of mesh. They enable your pet to rest slightly above the ground. This allows for more airflow so that your Frenchie can cool off faster and more completely.

Cooling pads for dogs do not drop to overly cold temperatures or the freezing point. They are designed to prevent rapid changes in temperature to protect your pet’s healthy. These mats are quite durable, and the best ones can last for long-term use. However, you should examine your dog’s cooling pad regularly to ensure that there are no tears or weak spots. This prevents your dog from licking or ingesting the cooling gel inside the fabric surfaces. Otherwise, good quality cooling mats are safe and secure for your lovable Frenchie’s daily comfort and relaxation.

What Are the Advantages/Benefits of the Best Cooling Pad for Dogs?

The best cooling pad for dogs offers multiple important benefits. Top-quality brands and models of these mats attract and disperse your Frenchie’s body heat. This feature lowers your dog’s body temperature. It accomplishes what perspiring does for humans when they get overheated. Since dogs can only sweat very slightly through their paws, they cool off by panting. Yet if they are exercising in hot climates or sweltering summer heat, panting is not usually enough. They need the cooling features of comfortable pet cooling pads to regain their normal body temperature.

We know that when our dogs pant, this enables faster evaporation of water in their mouths and throughout their respiratory systems. The water vapor produced helps cool their bodies. French Bulldogs are a brachycephaly breed. This term is defined as “short skull” and refers to the flattened face of these adorable small dogs. They have a short distance between the backs of their heads to the tip of their flat muzzles. This creates features like a baby, which adds to the popular appeal of these charming pets. In fact, the fastest growth in popularity among brachycephalic breeds as pets is revealed in the high demand for Frenchies.

If your pet is a French Bulldog, you most likely know that your dog can overheat very easily during hot weather or after strenuous exercise. Although these small, clever dogs like to be quite active, they do not need frequent long walks or lengthy play time. Due to their short muzzles, these pets are not able to cool down quickly enough to safely regulate their body temperatures. This can be dangerous, especially if your dog is excessively overheated. In extreme cases, this can even be fatal to some dogs, especially if they are older.  While dog swimming pools, dog cooling vests, and portable dog water bottles can help these dog cooling mats are invaluable for an overheated Frenchie.  

Things to Look For/Attributes That Differentiate Pet Cooling Pads

Different brands and styles of pet cooling pads may have varied features for you to consider, including the following:

Size. This is an essential feature to examine when selecting a pet cooling pad for your Frenchie. These mats are available in different sizes, and they are designed to benefit dogs of various sizes, weights and breeds. You may want to consult an expert to determine which model is best for supporting and cooling your dog after exercise and for resting comfortably.

Pressure or Freezing Activation. While some pet cooling mats maintain a constant cold temperature, others are designed to cool when pressure-activated. Other styles must be frozen in your home freezer for activation. For small dogs and those that can overheat easily, some manufacturers recommend mats that always stay cold.

Cooling Time Limit. Dog cooling pads that are activated by pressure usually have a time limit for staying cool. You can check for this time limit before purchasing your pet’s mat.

Elevated Mats. For dogs with long or thick coats, elevated cooling pad are very helpful. Since they are raised above the floor, there is good airflow surrounding all areas of the mat. These cooling pads are frequently made of mesh to promote excellent cooling.

Folding Pads. If you plan to travel with your Frenchie, a cooling pad that folds easily and fits into a carrying bag can be convenient. Also, if you want to store the mat during cold months of the year, folding models may be your ideal choice.

Filling Types. Different cooling mat models offer a variety of filling material. The most common filler is a gel, and there are different types, including some non-toxic gels, which are recommended.

Cooling-Heating Mats. Some dog cooling pads also have heating capacities. They can be heated in the microwave and are especially helpful for older pets with stiff joints or arthritis.

You can purchase a protective cover for many cooling pads for your pet. They can be tossed into the washer for fast cleaning to keep your dog healthy. These convenient pads and covers are sold in a wide variety of colors and patterns. You can choose the best one to please you and your Frenchie while enhancing your home decor.

What’s the Best Way to Use a Frenchie Cooling Mat?

When you place your Frenchie’s cooling mat in a spot in your living room, den, game room, your pet can rest happily around the family. You may also want to place a cool-down mat in a shady area of your outdoor terrace or deck. Elevated pads can be place anywhere there is a smooth, flat surface that is protected from direct sunlight and hot temperatures. Your dog will let you know which spots best suit his or her own preferences. If your pet’s cooling mat has a gel cooling agent inside, it is important to check the mat often for any tears or leaking gel.

Reviews of the Five Best Dog Cooling Mats for Your French Bulldog

The five top-rated cooling mats for your Frenchie include the following brands and models:

1. Summer Pet Sleeping Mat, Dog Cool Pad Cover: Effective Cooling Plus Anti-Slip and Scratch Features

This sturdy and attractive Ice Vine cooling design dog pad from Naivedream has nylon bottom fabric. It is stuffed with soft sponge to provide a smooth, cool and cushioned resting mat for your pet. Its non-stick surface does not attract hair, and this durable pad is resistant to both scratching and biting. This soft, inviting resting mat is the ideal resting spot for your French Bulldog during all seasons, including sweltering hot summer weather. This effecting cooling pad is available in four sizes: small, medium large and extra-large. The small size (18.9 by 15 inches) or the medium size (27.6 by by 19.7 inches) are ideal for your Frenchie. 

This cooling mat model can be placed on the floor, in a dog’s bed or even in a car seat for your pet’s comfort when you travel. This product is composed of non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials. It retains cold and cool temperatures well for your pet’s total comfort when resting. This cooling mat also provides relief from muscle or joint pain and discomfort as well as swelling of the extremities. It helps your French Bulldog recover following strenuous or stressful activity. Mat surfaces can be wiped clean easily, and the mat can be thoroughly cleaned in your washing machine as needed. 

This pet cooling pad is lightweight, portable and available in multiple colors to suit your preference and home decor. 


• This dog cooling pad is both durable and attractive.

• This product is easy to clean and maintain. 

• This resting mat for dogs is available in four different sizes.

• The effective cooling feature or this mat retains cold temperatures well. 


• This cooling mat style is not available in an elevated design.

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2. TheGreenPetShop Dog Cooling Mat: Original Gel Self Cooling Mat for Dogs

This product from The Green Pet Shop is the original self-cooling gel pad design for keeping dogs cool. Made of advanced synthetic material, it is pressure-activated for providing reliable chilling. It keeps your Frenchie calm and cool throughout the muggy and sweltering summer heat. It also enables your pet to relax and cool off after exercise. Its cooling function does not need water, electricity or refrigeration. This mat can be placed on any flat surface and should be kept away from direct sunlight for effective cooling. It folds easily for travel and can be wiped clean of dirt, dust and debris. This mat is not washable. 

The automatic cooling action is provided by a specially patented gel that recharges when not used for 15 to 20 minutes. This mat is especially helpful if you do not have an air conditioned home. Simply place this cooling pad wherever your dog likes to nap or relax. The cooling action of this mat offers your pet instant relief from overheating. This cooling pad offers luxurious, cool comfort for dogs of all ages, including those with health issues. 

This quality dog cooling mat is available in multiple sizes, including 19.7 x 15.7 inches for your Frenchie’s total comfort and cool relaxation.  


• This pad offers comfortable sleep for your dog when placed on floors or furniture.

• Most dogs are attracted to this cooling pad right away.

• This product is lightweight and easy to fold for storage.

• This sturdy cooling pad is very well made. 


• This cooling mat may not recharge fully when used outdoors, especially in hot weather. 

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3. Reversible Large Pet Cooling Mat Pad: Recommended for Cooling Bulldogs of All Types

This spacious, comfortable pet cooling pad from Naivedream offers surfaces made of advanced fiber for instant pet cool-down. Stuffed with soft, breathable cotton, this product is completely non-toxic. This mat cools effectively without freezing or chilling. It works to alleviate your dog’s muscle arches or joint pains as well as any swelling or general body stress. This mat works equally well when placed on the floor, on a sofa, in a pet bed or in a kennel. 

This versatile mat made of grey cotton and nylon can also be useful as a cooling blanket or towel for your Frenchie. Simply wet the mat and refrigerate or freeze it for 10-15 minutes before use. This product is lightweight and easy to fold and pack for travel. It works equally well indoors and outdoors, and it is reversible and machine washable. Although this mat is fairly large (43.3 by 31.5 inches), it is recommended for small and medium-sized dogs. It enables them to roll around and enjoy getting cool. 


• The reversible design of this dog cooler pad is very convenient.

• Small dogs like this larger mat, and if you have two Frenchies, they can both cool off on the same mat. 

• This mat stays fresh longer than some other models.

• This design is not currently available in multiple color choices. 


• This pad may need more than 10 to 15 minutes of time in your freezer to get and stay cold. 

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4. Pet Dog Cooling Mat: Attractive Chilly Ice Cooler Feature

This durable, washable pet cooling bed mat from World-Bio can be used on floors or for crates, kennels and beds for your Frenchie. Large and soft, it measures 25.9 by 22.4 inches and is lightweight, portable and comfortable. Just soak it in water for 5 minutes, dry its surface and freeze the pad for 2 to 4 hours. The non-toxic cooling gel is very effective and safe for pets. This product comes with 4 ice sheets and a soft fabric wrap. When you put the cold pad and an ice sheet or two into the wrap, you dog will enjoy a cool, refreshing resting surface for up to 4 hours or longer. 

Since the fabric wrap is thick, there is no need to worry about your pet getting frostbite from lying on this frosty cooling mat. This mat has a modular design, so you can vary its size as needed for your dog’s comfort. This pad is ideal for soothing sunburn and good recovery after exercise. It will prevent your pet from experiencing any signs of bodily stress or heat exhaustion. The nylon fabric of this design is very durable and offers long-term cooling and relaxation. 


• Most French Bulldogs enjoy jumping onto this ice-chilled, comfy mat to rest after outdoor activity on hot days. 

• The soft, pliable fabric of this mat enables easy folding and packing for taking on summer outings. 

• This super-cooling mat is great for dogs that tend to overheat during steamy summer weather.

• Even in 95-degree heat, your Frenchie will stay cool and happy when resting on this innovative mat. 


• This mat model has a nylon zipper that may break easily.

• If you forget to refreeze the ice sheets, this pad will not be ready for your dog to enjoy using right away. 

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5. Arf Pets Pet Dog Self Cooling Mat: Ideal for Use in Kennels, Crates and Beds

This basic blue self-cooling pad for pets from Art Pets measures 23 by 35 inches. As an automatic recharging design, it offers continuous cooling for up to 3 hours. It is especially helpful to dogs who tend to overheat and experience dehydration during hot weather. This product is made of latex-free material that is non-toxic and 100 percent safe for your Frenchie. This mat hold its shape well and can be wiped clean. It contains a lasting sold gel for cooling and is good for travel. 

This pad provides thorough, reliable cooling without water, refrigeration or batteries and needs low if any maintenance. Its surface is durable cushioned nylon. This cooling pad keeps your pet healthy and happy on the most sweltering, humid days of summer. This convenient mat design is large enough for your dog to stretch out and roll around on, but small and compact enough when folded for easy packing and storage. 


• This mat tends to stay on floors and other surfaces without slipping or rumpling. 

• Most dogs relax, cool-down and nap right away on this comfortable cooling pad.

• This durable mat holds its shape well over time.

• Heat-sensitive dogs usually make this mat their favorite resting spot, even in cool weather. 


• If your dog tends to chew items, this mat may tear easily.

• Surface areas of this cooling mat may crack over time with regular daily use.   

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Conclusion – What Are The Best Dog Cooling Mats

All of these cooling pads for French Bulldogs offer innovative and helpful features and functions for keeping your pet cool. They are all specially designed to enable your dog to relax while lowering his or her body temperature in steamy hot and humid weather. These cooling mats also help your Frenchie cool-down and rest after a brisk walk or strenuous exercise. Each of these products get high ratings for superior design and versatile features.

The Summer Pet Sleeping Mat from Naivedream offers a cool pad cover plus anti-slip or scratch features. The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat still holds popularity as the original self-cooling mat for dogs. Naivedream’s Reversible Large Pet Cooling Pad has advanced fibers for fast pet cool-down. The Pet Dog Cooling Mat from World-Bio offers non-toxic cooling get action that is freezer-activated. Art Pets offers a Pet Dog Self-Cooling Mat with an auto-recharging design that provides continuous cooling for up the 3 hours.

After examining these five innovative cooling pad models, our pick for the winning product is the Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat, the original self-cooling gel pad design. Its pressure-activated cooling action is known for keeping Frenchies cool, calm an happy during sweltering summer heat. This mat is washable and can be easily folded and packed for traveling. Its specially patented gel that recharges when not used for 15 to 20 minutes for your convenience.

Of course, your final selection of the best dog cooling mat for your Frenchie is entirely your own decision. After considering different cooling pad designs, features and functions, we are sure that you will make a great choice. You will know the ideal dog cooling mat for your French Bulldog’s ultimate comfort and enjoyment. Happy Shopping!

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