French Bulldog and Children – Teach Your Children Excellent French Bulldog Puppy Integration Skills

If you have or are getting a dog and wondering about your French Bulldog and children this post is for you.  Think back to when you were a child. Most adults fortunate enough to have had a puppy in their youth look back on those years with fondness and pride.  My childhood dog was named Noble was the best present I ever received. Even now, a big grin comes across my face as I recall those precious moments. I recall vividly the first time we met at the breeder.   She peed a little on the floor in sheer excitement, wiggled her butt, and I was in love instantly. I remember all the fun we had playing tug of war and even the times I had to clean up after her.

Noble is long passed now, up in Bulldog heaven, but my memories of her will live on forever…

Adding a French Bulldog puppy to your household certainly adds so many wonderful things to a child’s life.  French Bulldog puppies are well-known for being friendly and playful with young children. The French Bulldog temperament is one perfect for children.  Just having a French Bulldog in your house living with your family will naturally create some loving memories. Before you know it, your children will begin adding to their collection of precious memories.

Manage The Expectations – Your New French Bulldog and Children

Being the Frenchie puppy parent you will want to do your best to manage the expectations your children have of their new puppy.  Chances are high they will be extremely excited for the arrival of their new dog. The will likely be extremely excited to start playing with him the moment they see him.  Helping the kids understand that building a strong relationship with a new dog takes some time.

In your role as the Frenchie parent, it’s your responsibility to keep your puppy’s best interests foremost in mind.  Understand that when the puppy leaves the familiar surroundings of his litter mates and mother he will be traumatized. The combination of his new home and the new humans that constantly surround him can be a lot.  It will take some time for your new French Bulldog to adjust to the new environment and overcome the stress of this change. You will want to allow your new dog enough time to settle in and ensure that your family creates a positive situation for your new four-legged friend.  

New Puppy Rules To Clear Up Puppy Misconceptions.

Establishing some simple rules for your new family Frenchie is a great thing to do.  Communicating the plan with the children in your house is important to help create a safe and welcoming home environment.  

Before your puppy arrives, it would be a good idea to have the kids read a book about how to properly care for their new Frenchie.  Understanding safe handling, proper care, and dog behavior prior to picking up your French bulldog is a great idea. Talking over what you learned in the book with your family can be time well-spent.  


The Complete Guide to French Bulldogs was one of the books our family read prior to getting our little Frenchie

Your French Bulldog and Children – I Recommend Going Over These Rules on a Regular Basis to Prepare For His Arrival:

  • Be gentle.  Tell your children not to frighten or hurt their new family member, since he will initially be very scared and stressed.

  • Puppy to children, not children to puppy.  Let the new puppy make his way to the children the day they meet.  It should not be the other way around. This may be challenging for your children to understand.  It’s ok for them to be excited when they see a dog and want to rush towards it. Caution them against being too excited and over-stimulating their new friend.   
  • Let the puppy have a safe zone.  Teach your children that their new dog will need to have its own safe zone space – usually their crate but possibly a play pen too.   This space should be respected and the dog should be left alone when it is time for the dog to relax.  

  • Speak to the puppy in soft tones and sounds.  Loud shouting, speaking in raised voices, and screaming will scare the pup and should absolutely be avoided.
  • Avoid rough play with the new puppy.  A new Frenchie puppy may only weigh 5 pounds give or take.  They will be delicate and can easily be injured. Educate the children not to be aggressive with their new friend.  

  • Puppy Body Language.  Educate the children about canine body language.  You and the children should stop play time if signs of dominance are displayed.

  • Patience is a virtue. Teach the children that a critical developmental period of their new puppy is between eight and sixteen weeks.  This is a time of life for your puppy where they are discovering their new world. New noises, new smells, new experiences, new everything.  Slow and patient interactions between the puppy, the children, and the environment is a big part of their growth.
  • Speak in a loving way.  Do your best to create a harmonious home atmosphere for your puppy.  Avoid physical and verbal shouting or fights in full view of him. French Bulldogs are very empathic little creatures and can detect negative human feelings easily.  This can cause stress and bad behavior.

  • Model success for your children.  Embody the way that you want your children to interact and live with the puppy.

  • Get everyone onboard.  Enrol your children into taking care of the new French Bulldog puppy. Having a dog is a great way to teach responsibility.  Be sure to set rules for your children with their new puppy. They should be able help feed him, take him on walks, clean up after him, and more.

  • School is cool.  This is a top recommendation I have.  Enroll your Frenchie in a puppy training class and have the kids get involved.  We paid about $150 for a 5-week puppy training class for our little guy. If budget doesn’t permit, you can get a DVD or a dog training book for a much smaller investment.  Kids can and should take part in the training of their dog. Both children and puppies learn by doing and good training together can help strengthen their bond.

If you can work with your children to adhere to these French Bulldog “puppy” rules it can help create a safe environment.  Make sure they understand why these rules must be obeyed. Your Frenchie puppy’s needs come first. Once your kids understand this important idea, it will be easier for them to bond with their French Bulldog and keep him happy.

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