The 5 Best French Bulldog Toys For Mental and Physical Engagement


When I picked up my French Bulldog the breeder told me how important it was to play with him. The physical and intellectual benefits of exercise are so important for a Frenchie. On top of that, toys are a great way to strengthen the bond you have with your dog.  While there are a lot of French Bulldog toys available I started with the selection below and they have been a success with my French Bulldog.

If you’re looking for a new great toy for your French Bulldog, I have rounded up some of my Frenchie’s favorite dog toys.  I of course took into consideration the specific needs of a French bulldog temperament and body type.  I found a little bit of everything to match the temperaments of this awesome breed of dog. 

There are thousands of dog toys available but here are the 5 best French Bulldog toys that we started with.

The 5 Best French Bulldog Toys We Started With

1. Stuffingless Squeaker Toy

2. Nylabone

3. Deer Antler

4. IQ Treat Ball

5. Kong Toy

2 Tips to Get Your Dog Playing With The Toys

Before selecting which toys to get I wanted to share some simple ideas on how to play with your Frenchie. When we got our Frenchie puppy we talked to a local dog trainer and she gave us some great puppy play tips. Here s a dog trainer I found online offering similar puppy play tips: 

I have found that if you get down on the ground to play with your Frenchie, playtime is more fun and engaging for your dog. Move the toy around during play to make it more interesting, more exciting, and engaging.

French Bulldogs absolutely love human companionship and were bred specifically to be companion dogs.  Most of the toys I recommend below focus on interaction with you and your French Bulldog.  I know it isn’t always possible to play with your Frenchie but you should absolutely schedule some “play time” with your Frenchie every day.  For those times when you or a member of your family are not available to keep your four-legged Frenchie friend company, I looked for comforting toys that can be a welcome addition to keep him occupied in those solo play times.  

French Bulldogs are short-faced little dogs so I also looked for French Bulldog toys that work with the breathing-challenged dogs.  Some toys can increase breathing issues in a Frenchie if they are carrying the toy in their mouth.  One thing to note:  I did avoid overly plush dog toys that can soak up your Frenchie’s saliva and become soggy drool-ridden toys. I know how some Frenchies can be predisposed to drooling excessively so I figured it would be wise to avoid this.

One last factor I considered in choosing the best toys for a French Bulldog.  A French Bulldog is notorious for being a stubborn dog breed so I want to make sure we took that into account.  Some toys can help with motivating your French Bulldog and keeping them mentally engaged.  Some toys even produce a dog treat as part of playing with them which is especially awesome for your Frenchie.  Finally your French bulldog may benefit greatly from a motivating treat puzzle toy. 

And of course, we have things to chase and fetch, both balls and tugs for indoor and outdoor use.

Ok, on to how to pick the right toys for your Frenchie.

french bulldog accessories

One Big Puppy Toy Selection Tip

If you were anything like me, you likely wondered which toys to get for your French Bulldog. Will they like the ones I select?  Will they hate them?

One big tip I received from a local dog trainer will hopefully help you with this question. The dog trainer recommended that I get a wide range of toys and let my puppy decide what they like best. I found this very helpful when getting our first batch of toys for our little French Bulldog. We purchased a variety of ‘crinkly’ toys, chew toys, tug toys, and some ‘thinking’ toys.

My family has found that our Frenchie definitely prefers certain toys over others. We wouldn’t have discovered which ones without getting a variety.

French Bulldogs and Rawhide? Just Say No….

Rawhide is an extremely dangerous chew toy for a French Bulldog. Your Frenchie’s life is always at risk when you give them Rawhide (even if you’re closely monitoring them).

Frenchies have a tendency to chew the Rawhide making it soft and slimy. They then could swallow the whole piece. I found some stories and videos of this online which scared me. The problem is that if they do ingest the piece of rawhide it can continue to expand. The now expanded rawhide can become lodged in your Frenchie’s digestive tract. Bottom line, I would avoid rawhide for your French Bulldog.

Safety First – Inspect Your French Bulldog’s Toys Regularly

Another helpful piece of advice I received was to inspect your dog’s toys regularly. It’s important to make sure they are in good condition and are safe for play. The dog trainer warned me that a tennis ball that we had could become deadly to my furry little friend. If he ripped off the coating and swallowed it that would be bad news. We promptly got rid of that toy.

Your dog should not be allowed to ingest stuffing, plastic or other harmful materials. When toys start ripping or pieces start breaking it off, keep your Frenchie safe and dispose of the toy.

Keep an eye on your little Frenchie while he or she plays. That way you can intercept them if the toy ever becomes unsafe.

Ok, onto my top 5 French Bulldog toy recommendations.

Here Are The 5 Best French Bulldog Toys I Recommend:

1. Stuffingless Squeaker Toy

My little Frenchie loves this style of dog toy. He doesn’t really chew or rip at it which is great. He enjoys giving it a good shaking and loves to chew on the squeaker. Ours has held up and hasn’t ripped at all after months of use. The only thing I’d recommend is keeping an eye on the integrity of the toy. If and when it starts to rip, I’d dispose of it. For us, this hasn’t been an issue but something I wanted to mention.

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2. Nylabone

This was a top recommendation from our dog trainer to help deal with our little Frenchie’s teething. We found putting this toy in our freezer and then giving it to him when he was in a chewing mood worked well. The strong nylon bone is very durable and perfect for our little guy when he wants to chew.

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3. Deer Antler

This was a top recommendation from our dog trainer as well. It’s more of an investment to get an antler but they last a long time. Make sure your antler is large enough so that there is no chance that your French Bulldog could choke on it.

Antlers make an excellent french bulldog chew toy because they are made of a bony material. They are very durable, long-lasting, and interesting to the dog. Best yet, they don’t smell or stain. You can even wash the antler in warm, soapy water to keep it clean and fresh. Just be sure to take the the antler away from once it gets worn down to a small enough size where they could swallow it.

This is one of my top recommendations.

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Augie playing with IQ Thinking Dog Toy


4. IQ Treat Ball

This french bulldog toy is one of my dog’s personal favorites. I fill it with his kibble and/or favorite treats. As your dog plays and rolls the thinking ball, treats will fall out to reward them for being active. This keeps them occupied for quite some time while they push it around.

You can even adjust how challenging it is for them to get the food out of it. I started with the opening pretty big and narrowed the opening as he figured it out. The only downside is that the ball is a bit loud on our wood floors. We can deal deal with that because it keeps him engaged and busy for a while.

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Augie and his Kong


5. Kong Toy

This is one of my Frenchie’s current favorites. We got the small version of the classic Kong and with his first ever exposure to it he was instantly in love. You can put all kinds of great treats inside the Kong. For example, we have filled the Kong with some organic peanut butter. Tip: put it in the freezer for a while and it makes less of a mess. We have also put kibbles, treats, and even banana in the Kong and it’s always a hit. This is a great toy for our little Frenchie!  I share my ultimate kong stuffing recipe guide here if you want to see more than 50 different things we have experimented stuffing in our little guy’s Kong.  

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From the day we picked up our little Frenchie he loved toys. While a variety of toys catch his fancy, he definitely has his favorites. His absolute favorite is the Deer Antler we got him.  Toys are a great way to strengthen your connection while providing mental and physical exercise. Have fun playing!

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