Wunderball Review – A Good Toy For Your French Bulldog?

If you are anything like me you are always coming home with new dog toys for your French Bulldog.  A friend of mine recently gave me a Wunderball dog toy for my Frenchie Augie.  This toy claims to be “floaty, durable, bouncy, whacky and indestructible.” I have seen many dog toys claim to be indestructible and my French Bulldog proved that claim to be false.  Here is my Wunderball review and it will help you decide if it is a good dog toy for your Frenchie.  Let’s see how it stacked up against my Frenchie. 

Some Things to consider before buying a Wunderball For Your French Bulldog

All French Bulldog owners know how important playtime is to our beloved dogs. Play time gives them much needed exercise,  mental stimulation, and helps to precent them from eating socks and things they shouldn’t be playing with.  Good dog toys are a fun and essential part of play for your Frenchie. Here’s how to make sure your French Bulldog’s favorite toys are safe for them, too.

1. Supervised Play Time

Just like any toy for your French Bulldog you should always keep an eye on your dog when playing with a toy.  It is a good idea especially when you first give your Frenchie any toy to watch them and make sure they don’t immediately rip it to shreds (I have seen my Augie do just that with many toys.  Throw away any toys that begin to tear or break. 

2.  Choose An Appropriate Size Toy For Your French Bulldog

With any dog toy for your bat-eared friend you want to choose a safe dog toy that’s appropriate to your dog’s size.  Too small balls, for instance, could get lodged in a larger dog’s throat.  Most Frenchies have small heads and mouths so this isn’t likely an issue with any French Bulldog to their small size and stature.  

Presenting the Wunderball – My Wunderball Review

Here’s a picture of the Wunderball in it’s wrapper:  

Wunderball Review

And here is a picture of the Wunderball unwrapped:  

Wunderball Unwrapped 

After receiving the Wunderball as a gift for my French Bulldog Augie I wanted to see how the claims of it being nearly indestructible stood up against my tenacious chewer.  He already loves to chew toys like his these alternative dog toys but wanted to see if this toy stood up to its claims.  

I brought this toy home to Augie and as soon as I pulled it out of my pocket his eyes widened and he sat down in anticipation of his new toy.  I dropped it on our kitchen floor and he dove right on it after chasing it around for a bit.  This is a bouncy ball and he excitedly chased after it and eventually caught up with it.  Once he got it he grabbed it in his mouth, ran over and jumped up on the couch to examine his new dog toy.  He was clearly in love with it right from the start.  

He proceeded to place it between his paws and start chewing on it aggressively.  I of course monitored his play to see if it would in fact hold up to his strong chewing efforts.  I am happy to report that it held up to his strong little jaw!  We have now had this for multiple weeks and still haven’t seen any evidence of him damaging it or ripping off any pieces which was a concern I had about this dog toy so that was good to see!  

Here are some of the Pros and Cons of the Wunderball dog toy:  


  • This ball is very sturdy and holds up to the chewing of a Frenchie
  • It floats so it won’t sink if thrown in water (My Frenchie won’t go in the water anyway but hey, it can’t hurt)
  • It has a “Whacky” bounce effect to it so it is difficult for your Frenchie to catch up to it once you bounce it which keeps them engaged and mentally-stimulated.  
  • It comes in an array of bright colors to choose from


  • Some bigger Non-Frenchie dog owners have mentioned bigger dogs DID in fact break apart this dog toy so if you have a bigger dog that lives with your smaller French Bulldog keep this in mind and keep an eye on them.   

Here are some Actual Wunderball customer reviews:  

Before I gave this toy to my French Bulldog I did some research on the Wunderball dog toy to see what other dog owners had to say about this toy.  I was happy to see that the majority of the reviews were very positive.  

“I have 10+ dogs and this is the best thing to ever happen to my life I totally support this item and brand.”

“My Grandog LOVES it!  My dog was so excited about his new ball he helped remove the plastic wrapping and then went crazy for it. Fun and sturdy ball.”  

Some of the negative reviews all appeared to be from dog owners that had bigger dogs with more powerful jaws.  This toy likely ins’t as good a fit for a big dog.  

Wunderball Dog Toy Alternatives

So far the Wunderball dog toy is a big hit for my French Bulldog but If you don’t think the Wunderball Dog toy is a good toy for your four-legged companion I would check out some of these alternative dog toys.  There are some great dog toy options for your Frenchie there if you are looking for something else to keep your dog entertained.   

Wunderball Review – Dog Toy Conclusion

I am happy to report that this was a wonderful dog toy for my French Bulldog!  It holds up to his constant play sessions and even after weeks of use it is still in one piece which impressed me thoroughly.  This dog toy has held up to my standards and I am comfortable recommending it to you as well.  If you would like to learn more about this toy you can do so here.  

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