Remember These 5 Tips Before Planning a Trip to a Foreign Destination With Your French Bulldog

Planning a trip to a foreign destination is difficult as it is. Doing the same while including your French Bulldog is all the more difficult. Traveling with your pet has its merits as well as demerits. While it can be fun and exciting, and make for some amazing Instagram photos, going on a trip or vacation with your pet is exceedingly difficult. 

Your Frenchie will surely enjoy seeing the world with you, but you will have to take care of it all the time. Foreign trips with your Frenchie can be tough, but that does not mean you should leave them out. So to help you make the most of it, here are five tips you should remember while planning a foreign trip with your French Bulldog.

#1 Check the Weather

Frenchies cannot tolerate temperatures that are over 70 degrees. They do not like such warm weather. So you have to cross out some of the destinations from your list no matter how beautiful they might be. 

However, in case you do end up visiting such places, you must check the temperature and weather forecast all the time. For instance, the weather in Villanueva Zacatecas, Mexico is usually warm, so make sure you plan your visit when the temperatures would be comfortable for your Frenchie. 

However, you might still be able to enjoy the place with your Frenchie if you go there during the winter. Even then, keep checking the weather to see if it gets too cold. Anything below 25 degrees will trouble your Frenchie as well. So keep monitoring your weather app and make sure it is giving you accurate and timely data.

Also, it is best to avoid going out at night if you are in a slightly cold place. Nights are usually freezing in these locations and the wind can be a bother to your dog as well.

#2 Get a Carrier

Adult French Bulldogs can grow up to 12 inches in height. The male can weigh up to 30 pounds, while the female can weigh around 25 pounds. You will have to choose a carrier based on these details, and how much room you want your Frenchie to have.

A plastic dog crate is a popular option for travelers. They are lightweight and perfect for carrying your pet to the vet, or from one country to another in an airplane. In addition to this, the foldable soft dog crate is also a travel-friendly option that you can go for. They are light, easy to clean and come in various attractive designs.

In addition to the proper dimensions, make sure the crate is durable, secure, breathable, and has ventilation on both sides. 

A crate or carrier offers your Frenchie safety. It will also make it easy for you to carry your Frenchie around on your trip. 

#3 Check with Your Flight Options

Based on where you are going, you might have a few or many flight options that will allow you to carry a pet. In case you have a limited number of options, you will probably have to keep tabs on all of them. In case you have a lot of options, shortlist the ones that are affordable or convenient to you.

Check to see how these flights plan on housing your Frenchie. Given how certain conditions can make your dog uncomfortable, you will have to be very picky regarding the service. Choosing a flight is arguably the most difficult thing to do when it comes to planning these kinds of trips.

#4 Do Not Forget the Food

French bulldogs enjoy proteins like salmon, lamb, and chicken. So the dog food you take with you needs to have those ingredients, and more in it.

A healthy Frenchie needs around 25-30 calories a day per pound of body weight. In such a scenario, smaller dogs will need around 400-480 calories a day, while larger ones might need 700-800 calories per day. 

You should decide on the amount of pet food you need to carry based on your dog’s weight, daily food intake, nutritional requirement, and how many days you will be gone for. Consult your vet regarding the amount of food they need while traveling if they have any special conditions. 

#5 Locate Nearby Vets, and Stores for Pet Essentials

Wherever you go, you should make sure that there is a vet and local pet store nearby for daily essentials. The best way to locate them is through online research. You can post your queries on online expat forums, and they will be more than happy to help you out. 

Also, see if you can find a professional group like the American Veterinary Medical Association. They should have a list of licensed vets in their country and where you can find them. Talk to Frenchie owners of the place if you can get in touch with them. That will help you track down specific vets that cater to French Bulldogs.

You can also talk to your hotel manager if all else comes to fail. However, do not expect to learn much from them.

These are all the tips you need to know before you plan your trip. They will help your Frenchie stay safe and comfortable, and you both can enjoy the trip to your fullest.

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