Pet Plate Review – Is This Dog Food Delivery Service a Good Fit For Your French Bulldog?

Pet Plate – Is It Worth Using?

I used to have concerns about whether the Petplate cost will justify using this service for my French Bulldog. Feeding my dog the best is essential, but is it worth having the food delivered? Having the food needed delivered is a great way to keep your French Bulldog on their diet, without any interruptions.

Things to Consider Before Buying PetPlate – My Pet Plate Review

Pet Plate reviews overwhelmingly discuss the convenience that this service offers for conscientious pet parents. French Bulldogs have special dietary needs, and having your dog’s food delivered is one of the best ways to help you meet these needs.

As you’ll see in my Pet Plate review, this service is ideal for pet owners acutely aware of their Frenchie’s special dietary needs. Busy pet parents who want a well-balanced diet but do not want to spend a lot of time preparing their dog’s meals will benefit from this company’s products.

Dog owners who prefer to buy their pet’s food in-store instead of online are not as likely to benefit from using this service. Also, pet parents who feel that their dog will do better on canned food or kibble-based diet are less likely to benefit from this product.

If the portions that you feed your dog are not consistent from one day to the next, this service will also not be likely to suit your dog’s needs. One thing that all owners should keep in mind is that the food comes in measured portions.

Owners who find this way of feeding a dog ill-suited to their lifestyle will do better feeding their dog canned or dry food. Consider asking your vet what they recommend.

Things to think about Before You Buy Pet Plate:

  • How many Frenchies are you feeding?
  • Are any on special diets where they cannot run out of food?
  • Does your schedule or access to transportation make trips to a store bothersome?

What is Pet Plate?

Pet Plate offers personalized meals for your dog that are shipped ready-to-eat. A veterinarian has developed these meals, prepared free from by-products and rendered meat, as well as artificial colors and flavors. One of the most significant advantages that this product offers, in addition to the PetPlate cost, is access to a product formulated according to your dog’s dietary needs. With French Bulldogs sometimes having digestion difficulties, a custom formula is worth your time.

Pet Plate can offer the convenience that you need for your dog and the knowledge that your Frenchie is getting the best nutrition possible. However, using this food requires that you make the change from your dog’s current food properly to avoid stomach upsets.


  • All-natural ingredients with four protein choices
  • Created under the guidance of a veterinary nutritionist
  • Shipped in resealable containers
  • Free shipping
  • Knowledgeable, helpful customer service


  • Live chat option for customer support could be easier to find
  • Lacks an option for prescription-formula diets
  • Must be refrigerated because it is shipped frozen

What Can Pet Plate Do for Your Dog?

High-Quality Food for Your Dog

The high-quality ingredients that go into this food feature kettle-cooking, in a USDA facility. After cooking, the food is flash-frozen, which helps seal in both freshness and flavor. The proper balance of vitamins and minerals, combined with a veterinary nutritionist’s supervision, helps ensure that your French Bulldog has all the appropriate nutrition.

A Great Selection of Protein Sources

Pet Plate reviews point out the four choices for protein sources, which is essential because of the impact that protein has on canine health. Beef, chicken, lamb, and turkey are all highly-digestible choices that most dogs will love. Chicken is especially beneficial for dogs with sensitive stomachs, and lamb for skin and coat sensitivities.

Balanced Nutrition Means Better Health

Because a vet was involved with structuring these meals and their ingredients lists, owners can have greater assurance of the nutritional balance of these foods. One of the unique benefits of better nutrition is fewer vet trips. As much as most of us love our vets, visiting them only when you have regular annual wellness visits is always a plus.

Less Stress for Owners

All of the meals arrive in pre-portioned containers, with no mixing or measuring required. There is less mess involved because you don’t need to think about transferring the food to another dish to feed it to your dog. With everything being properly proportioned, you don’t have to think about feeding your dog too much or too little.

The Highest Ingredient Quality Possible

All of the ingredients used in these meals are human-grade. I think you’d probably agree that if you’d eat these ingredients yourself, you’d feel better about your dog eating them. As dogs that can have special diet needs, Frenchies always benefit from the best foods.

Perfect for Fussy Dogs

French Bulldogs, like any breed, can go through times of being fussy about their food. The combination of fresh produce and USDA meat helps increase your dog’s chances of finishing every meal. A decreased chance of fussiness is always an asset when trying new food.

Visible Health Benefits

One thing I think you’ll see after switching to this food that others have noted in a Pet Plate review is less scratching and a better-looking coat. A possible benefit is a reduction of your Frenchie experiencing less allergy symptoms such as paw licking.  It might also help a French Bulldog that experiences digestive issues.  Of course yet another benefit is helping your French Bulldog maintain a healthy body weight. 

Proof That Pet Plate Works

I searched the Internet and found proof from Pet Plate reviews that this service works. Here’s what some of them said:

Tim writes: “With the money-back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose by trying this food. The health benefits to your dog certainly outweigh the costs. You also won’t have to worry about the recalls that affect commercial foods.”

Michelle writes: “Our once-finicky eater gobbled down all her food. She cleans her plate, every time. This decision was a win for her and for us.”

Here’s another Pet Plate Review from a customer by the name of James.  He wrote: “Access to such delicious food is a real treat for our older dog. He gobbles everything up, which is good since he’s nearing his end. I wholeheartedly recommend using a delivery service if you want to do something special for your dog.”

Alternatives to PetPlate

The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog features three, rather than four, protein choices, but allows you to easily mix and match to provide the most variety for your dog. Although the food is sent fresh, it is never deep-frozen. The benefits are not as evident with feeding a small dog this food as they are with a larger one, but it can still be worth your time.

  • Human-grade meats and vegetables
  • Prepared in USDA kitchens and shipped fresh
  • Potential health benefits likely outweigh the cost

Check out The Farmer’s Dog to see how it might benefit your dog.

Nom Nom

Nom Nom stands out in that it also offers two options for cats, in addition to its four protein options for dogs. All of the ingredients used meet or exceed AAFCO standards, as does Pet Plate. You can select how often your dog food gets delivered, but not exact delivery dates.

  • All recipes use restaurant-quality food
  • Meals can be purchased without a subscription
  • Packaging used is environmentally-friendly

See what Nom Nom might be able to do for your dog.

Ollie Food Delivery Service

Like similar foods, Ollie has four protein options and meal choices that use customization. Free delivery and 50% off your first order provide a great incentive to give this delivery option a try.

  • High-quality ingredients with four protein choices
  • Free delivery and 50% off first order options
  • Intended for dogs without special dietary needs

See if Ollie is a good fit for you and your Frenchie.

Conclusion of My Pet Plate Review

Having access to a ready supply of food your French Bulldog will eat is always essential, given their diet needs. Having food delivered saves you a trip. Pet food delivery from Pet Plate can also address many of the issues that commercial foods do not resolve.

Click here to learn more about trying out Pet Plate.

To see other French Bulldog nutrition options read more here.

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