What Is The Best Electronic Dog Door For Your French Bulldog?

The best electronic dog door features integrated components that let your bulldog come and go as they please. The door is easy to install and comes with an extra safety feature to keep the entrance safe for your dog alone. There are different types of electronic dog doors you can use for your home; it is up to you to decide which one works best for your bulldog.

What does the best rated electronic dog door have in common?

The best rated electronic dog door comes with multiple components that keep your home safe while you bulldog lets himself in or out as he wants.

Tag Sensors

The best electronic pet doors come with a safe pet sensor you can attach to their collars. At least one should come with the door installation. It should be easy to order more in case your dog loses or damages the sensor. The tag sensor should also be waterproof in case your dog decides to take a swim in a dog pool or gets caught in a downpour.


While the tag sensor needs to be waterproof, so does the door. You do not want mold growing on the door because of condensation or the seal leaking after a rainstorm. You also don’t want the door components rusting or dry rotting because of exposure to adverse weather.

Wall or battery Power

Your new pet door should open using AC wall power with at least a backup battery in case of power outages. You should not need to install new electrical lines near your pet door. If the system is battery-operated or has a battery backup, it should be lithium for long-term usability.


Multiple types of smart pet doors come with the ability to program the door itself. You should be able to have four settings to let your let out, but not in, in, but not out, fully open or completely closed. The customizability of the programmable features ensures your pet can come and go as you want.

It also ensures your dog does not get trapped outside in a storm or can get to the backyard while you are at work. You can also prevent other types of animals from entering your home as your dog goes in and out

Safety Locks

Putting a dog door in the wall or door of your home for your French bulldog should not compromise the safety of your home. Having a deadbolt lock either programmed to slide shut behind your dog or a manual one you can use when traveling or for other occasions. Your safety is the top priority of the right electronic door.

What is the best electronic dog door?


1. Power Pet Electronic Pet Door – Medium – PX-1

The Power Pet Electronic Pet Door is an electronic door your pet can open using only their collar. Hermetically sealed when closed, your pet only needs to get close to the door for it to slide open because of the microchip alert on their collar. The panel moves up and down as not to scare your dog.

Your bulldog has at least six seconds to enter the door before it closes with an air-tight seal that keeps your home secure against intruders. The collar your pet wears includes a directional signaling system that emits a code to open that door when their head is directly approaching the door. The signal is an ultrasonic transmitter that features four-way access that provides full access.

The door operates on an AC adapter or battery power, depending on what you want to set up. The controls are dual-range that lets you independently activate inside or outside the door. You can add multiple collars to the door, so you can let all of your dogs in or out as they want.

Main Features:

  • Dog Size: Small to Medium
  • Weight Limit: Thirty Pounds
  • Age Limit: N/A
  • Warranty: N/A

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2.  PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor – Collar Activated Dog and Cat Door

The PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor lets you customize the access your dog has. The PetSafe SmartDoor comes with a programmable entry and exit with auto-locking features. The door comes with a smart key you attach to your dog’s collar for automatic entrance.

You can order multiple smartkeys, so your dogs can go in and out as they need. You can program the door to accept up to five different smartkeys. The door will only activate when your dog is in front of the door.

The door is completely waterproof and seals tightly to prevent moisture or drafts from entering your home. You can adjust the door for up to three feet to let different sizes of dogs into your home.

The installation is easy as a do-it-yourself kit. The kit includes a wall adapter for electricity and one smartkey collar. The smartkey collar is also waterproof for those wet days or pool parties. The collar comes with a lithium battery for long-term use.

Main Features:

  • Dog Size: Small or Large
  • Weight Limit: N/A
  • Age Limit: N/A
  • Warranty: Yes

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3.  Armor Flex Air Tight Pet Door for Door or Wall

The Armor Flex Air Tight Pet Door for Door or Wall comes in small through extra-large sizes. The system design includes magnetic latching that ensures the door stays closed no matter what the weather is. Once closed, the door hermetically seals to prevent harsh weather and drafts from getting into your home.

The door is a safety-door that will not pinch your dog’s legs even if your pet backs up after they exist. The door seals tightly into an all-aluminum frame that will not rust or wear as the years go on. The door uses interlock segments that provide an extra-ridge horizontal force while opening vertically for your pet to enter and exit.

The flap of the door is an ABS composite and stainless steel hardware that is tough and coated with an industrial powder coating. You can install the door in your home’s door, in a wall mount, or on Low-E patio door.

Main Features:

  • Dog Size: Small through X Large
  • Weight Limit: N/A
  • Age Limit: N/A
  • Warranty: One year Warranty

The Armor Flex Air Tight Pet Door

4.  High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door

The High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door comes in medium and large sizes for the pet door. The door uses a motor to slide the door upwards vertically. Your dog activates the door using the MS-4 ultrasonic collar. The door and the collar are programmable, so you can ensure the door does not open when your bulldog wanders by the door.

The door is directional sensing, so it will trigger when they are directing approaching the door. The door has a four-way access control system that lets you program the door to let your dog only in, out only, provides full access, or is completely closed. If you want the door closed, you can lock the door from the inside of your home.

The door seals tightly when your dog is not using it. It is weather and window proof and includes an automatic deadbolt to keep your home secure. The design of the door includes sensors that will not close on your dog should they linger in the door.

The pet door comes with an AC wall adapter and a battery pack option. The battery pack allows for your pet to access the door even if the power goes out. It also protects against animals and other pests from entering your home.

Main Features:

  • Dog Size: Medium or Large
  • Weight Limit: N/A
  • Age Limit: N/A
  • Warranty: Yes

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5.  Solo Pet Doors Automatic Electronic Dog and Cat Door

The Solo Pet Doors Automatic Electronic Dog and Cat Door lets you order the door your dog requires by the size and height restrictions. There are ten different sizes of doors available for dogs from small to large. You can install the door in multiple locations for easy dog entrance and exist.

The door, frame, and electronics are a United States product that allows you to program the door for your dog. The dog can trigger the door to open or close, and you can lock it to prevent your dog from going in or out. The door is always in the closed position to keep your home secure from other animals such as raccoons as well as weather.

The door opens and closes slowly, so your pet can easily enter and exit without getting hurt. A magnetic pet tag lets your pet open and closes the door by only approaching the door directly. The door installation kit comes with one tag, though you can order more for additional dogs.

Main Features:

  • Dog Size: Small through x Large
  • Weight Limit: N/A
  • Age Limit: N/A
  • Warranty: Thirty-day warranty

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Final Thoughts on The Best Electronic Dog Door

The electronic dog door for your bulldog is the one that opens automatically for your dog and closes without the door catching them on the back legs. A French Bulldog is not a large dog, but they do need enough room to maneuver through the entrance. The best electronic door for your dog is the Power Pet Electronic Pet Door.

The Power Power Pet Electronic Pet Door is a strong, durable door that is programmable for your bulldog. The electronic dog door keeps out intruders and animals, while your dog’s collar sends digital signals to the door to open and close. The door is directional to prevent it from accidentally opening and is easy to mount on walls or doors.

PS – Here are some other French Bulldog accessories to consider.  

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