The Ultimate Guide To Brindle French Bulldogs

If you have found this article on Brindle French Bulldogs then I would say that you have a soft spot for French Bulldogs.  Anyone that has been looking to get or owns a Frenchie already has   encountered Brindle French Bulldogs or Brindle Frenchies during their search. These fun loving wide eyed big eared pups are adorable no matter what color you get but there is always a lot of interest in the Brindle.  

What Is A Brindle French Bulldog?

A Brindle is your normal captivating French Bulldog but with an amazing coat pattern involving random spots and stripes on the base color coat. Basically a dark French Bulldog color mixed with lighter hair color patterns. Meaning that Brindle is considered a marking not a color. There are many variations of the brindle pattern from slightly different shades of the coat color to the dramatically beautiful black striping on a white or cream coat.

Where Does The Brindle Marking Come From on Brindle French Bulldogs?

Simple put it comes from the genes.  There are several genes that contribute to the making of a Brindle but the K-Locus gene controls the dominant black, brindle, and fawn colors.  The pattern is caused by the interaction of the K-Locus gene with the Agouti gene. For your French Bulldog to have the brindle coloration, it must have the recessive K gene inherited from both parents. Of course many other genes play a role in the exact pattern of the fur but that’s the fun part about the brindle color each one is so unique.  They can have the brindling pattern on just certain parts of their bodies such as the chest or head or the pattern can be all over them.

What Different Types Of Brindle French Bulldogs Are There?

Most commonly the Brindle Frenchies are a dark coat color with a few lighter colored hairs. There are however some interesting Brindle colors that have been named specifically for their patterns.

Seal Brindle French Bulldogs

Seal Brindles have a dark coat color with very subtle light hairs mixed in. The light white hairs can sometimes appear invisible and make them easily mistaken for pure black Frenchies.

Chocolate Brindle French Bulldogs

Chocolate Brindles have a chocolate brown coat with a light milky color. Chocolate Brindle Frenchies noses and nails are usually a shade of brown and their eyes are often blue.

Tiger Brindle French Bulldogs

Tiger Brindles have a dark coat color  with a heavy pattern of white hairs making their coats resemble that of a tiger. 

Blue Brindle French Bulldogs

Blue Brindle French Bulldogs have a blue/grey coat and a grayish blue nose with a slight touch of brindle striping. They usually have a little chocolate touch.

Pied Brindle French Bulldogs

Pied Brindle Frenchies have a white, eggshell or cream coat with a few to many patches of dark colored hair. Most Pied Frenchies have at least one patch around their eye. 

Reverse Brindle French Bulldogs

Reverse Brindles have a white, eggshell or cream coat with dark stripes or patches so prominent that the coat has an overall darker appearance. The reverse brindle is generally more rare.

French Bulldogs have lots of different colors and they are all beautiful.  If you want to check out some more amazing Frenchie colors and see some pictures of these pups check this article out

What Are The Health Issues Of Brindle French Bulldogs?

There are typically three conditions commonly seen in all flat-faced breeds : Cherry Eye, Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome, and Skin Fold Dermatitis. 

Cherry Eye occurs when your Frenchies third eyelid, which provides an extra layer of protection, pops out or prolapses. 

Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome refers to having compromised air movement through the nose, mouth, voice box, and windpipe which is a result of the short- muzzle and flattened face dog.

Skin Fold Dermatitis is a friction trauma from inflamed skin or overgrowth of bacteria within the tight skin folds of a bulldog.

Blue Brindle French bulldogs can also suffer from Color Dilution Alopecia.  This is a genetic disorder that affects the pigment to be unevenly distributed. The condition can cause scaliness, itchy skin, and patches of hair loss.

What Is The Price Of A Brindle?

You can expect to pay between $1,500-$3,000 and the average price for all French Bulldogs is $2,200.  If you find a Brindle with exceptional breed lines and unique or rare coloring that price can increase quickly and you can pay upward of $5,500 – $8,800.

Frenchies are expensive because they are difficult to breed. The body makeup of French Bulldogs make it almost impossible for them to have natural births and so they are delivered via C-section.  This adds to the expense and is on top of normal breeding fees.

If you are in love with this breed and are ok with your dog not being registered with the AKC then you can save lots by adopting from a shelter or rescue organization. Shelter dogs can cost as little as $50-$200. There is however no guarantee that you are getting a purebred if you adopt this way.  Rescue organizations sometimes have a bit more information on the animals they have and usual can be adopted for $350-$600.

Where Can You Find A Brindle French Bulldog Breeder?

Now that you are totally in love with these endearing pups I know you want to know where to find and fall in love with your very own.  If you are looking to purchase a Brindle French Bulldog you may want to look at AKC Marketplace as it is the only site to exclusively list 100% AKC Puppies from AKC – Registered litters. These breeders are required to follow all the regulations established by the AKC.

If you would like to find other options like private breeders or adoption check out where to buy a french bulldog puppy, which will give you some options and helpful tips for finding a breeder.  

ReCap Of Brindle French Bulldogs

Let’s recap some of what we have learned about Brindle French Bulldogs. 

  • Brindle Frenchies are a dark colored french bulldog color mixed with lighter hair color patterns.  
  • The Brindle color comes from the K-Locus Gene  with the Agouti gene. There are several different types of Brindle Frenchies including Seal, Tiger, Blue, Pied, and Reversed. 
  • These cute little pups do have some health issues to watch out for such as Cherry Eye, Obstructive Airway Syndrome, and Skin Fold issues. 
  • Finally if you are looking to purchase a Brindle you may want to check out AKC Marketplace and you can plan to spend on average $1,500-$3,000.

I have shared with you all of the interesting facts about Brindle French Bulldogs because I am partial to these guys as my own Augie is a Brindle. I hope this information has been helpful for you and allows you to more easily decide what Frenchie is right for you, although I am not sure how you could make a bad choice. They are all so amazing!

PS – To learn more about French Bulldogs visit here:

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