How Tall Is a French Bulldog?

French Bulldogs are a wonderful dog breed if you want a small dog with big personality.  But how tall do French Bulldogs grow up to be?  What is the French Bulldog height and how tall are French bulldogs on average?  How tall can you expect your Frenchie to grow when fully grown?  Let’s dig in and I will share what we have found with our Frenchie.  

French Bulldog Height 

Many breeds of dog vary in weight and size depending on gender, but the average height of the French bulldog and other bulldog breeds is about the same. French bulldogs weigh between 18 and 26 pounds, while French males weigh between 20 and 28 pounds. Overall this small dog is great as a lap dog and is light enough to carry with you on a plane!

French dogs are unique from other breeds due to their short stature. What distinguishes them from other dog breeds includes their exceptional step. French bulldogs keep a low center of gravity and walk with a recognizable bow – a leggy gait.

So, how tall is a French Bulldog?

The French Bulldog height is on average about 11 to 12 inches according to many sources across the Internet.   My girlfriend and I wanted to find out exactly how tall our Frenchie Augie was though so we grabbed our tape measurer and “attempted” to get his actual French Bulldog height.  

We used a rigid tape measurer which was helpful in getting a quick measurement.  Measuring a French Bulldog’s height is no easy feat.  Our little Frenchie wanted to play with the tape measurer and standing still was not an option for our Augie.  So Augie is about 1 and a half years old as of the writing of this article and I have always felt he was a bit taller than some Frenchies I have seen.  Augie was standing in front of us, and according to the tape measurer, he was about 13 inches from floor to shoulders and about 18 inches from Floor to top of his bat ears.  These are far from exact measurements because he kept moving around.  

We did measure how long he was after he laying down on the couch to get some sleep.  Our French Bulldog was about 20-22 inches in length from nose to tail.  French Bulldogs are remarkably tiny little dogs. In fact, the breed is smaller than the English bulldog, with the French only eleven to twelve inches tall and weighing 28 pounds or less.

Are French Bulldog Males Bigger Than French Bulldog Females?

Just like with most dog breeds the males of the breed tend to be bigger and taller than their female counterparts. The average height of a Frenchie male and Frenchie female is still about 11-12 inches from floor to shoulders.  The male French Bulldog can of course be a little taller than the females.  Within the Frenchie breed standard there is always variability depending on genetics and their parents’ size and stature.  

How tall are French bulldog puppies On Average?

We visited our French Bulldog Augie at the Breeder when he was itty bitty and picked him up to bring home when he was 5 months old.  Here’s a photo of Augie when he was just a few months old still under the care of the Breeder.  He wasn’t very big as you can see with him compared to the mini Christmas tree he was standing next to.  His height at this age was maybe 4-5 inches tall.  

Here’s another photo of Augie and I at 5 months old.  In this photo as a French Bulldog puppy he likely wasn’t more than 6 to 7 inches tall.  He has grown up so much over the last year plus and is now likely at fully grown height.  

cute French Bulldog puppy photo 

You can see the difference in just how much he has grown in the photo below.  

French Bulldog Height

How tall are Frenchies compared to other Dog breeds?

Some final thoughts on French Bulldog height as compared to other dog breeds. While Frenchies are on average 11-12 inches in height, English Bulldogs, their larger and stockier cousins, then to clock in at about 12-16 inches in height (and of course weigh a lot more). American Bulldogs can get even bigger.  American Bulldogs can get as big as 20-28 inches and weigh as much as 120 pounds.  They’re much, much bigger than their French cousins.  

When do French Bulldogs Become Fully Grown?

French Bulldogs typically reach their full height at about a year of age.  Most French bulldogs tend to reach their fully grown size between the ages of 9 and 12 months of age. While they reach their full height at a year of age they can certainly “fill out” and add bulk past that year mark.  Of course, their diet and exercise regimen affects their full weight

Conclusion – How Tall Is a French Bulldog?

There you have it my French Bulldog loving friend.  You now know more about French Bulldog height and how tall a French Bulldog is when fully grown.   Frenchies are small in stature but big in personality and you will love these cute little dogs.  

PS – if you get a mini French Bulldog they are even smaller.

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