5 Reasons Why Frenchies Are the Perfect Companions When Stuck At Home Due to Quarantine

If you are wondering about getting a French Bulldog, or you just got one for yourself, you probably should know why they are one of the most popular breeds all over the world. Having a French Bulldog, or Frenchie as they are lovingly called, can be a lot of fun.

Despite the name, French bulldogs are of English origin. During the 19th-century, toy bulldogs were very popular lapdogs for the English lacemakers. Once the industrial revolution started, lace maker’s jobs dried up as machines started making laces. Most of them moved to Northern France in search of jobs and took their dogs along with them. The French immediately bred the toy bulldogs with Ratter terriers and created ‘Bouledogue Francais’.  

Alright, enough of history lessons. Here are the reasons why these furry little bundles of joy are the perfect companion for you during quarantine, and afterward as well.

They Are Too Cute to Handle!

Who can not fall in love with all of their cute features? They have big batlike ears, a big round head, small stout nose, and adorable round dark eyes. They have a constant pout on their face because their upper lips hang over their lower ones, which adds to their cuteness. Take one look at them, and you will understand the true meaning of the phrase ‘love at first sight’.

They Are Companion Dogs

They always want to be by your side, no matter what you are doing. They will even follow you into the toilet at times. They will want you right next to them, even when they are snoring. Frenchies are known for their compassionate, devoted, and funny nature. They are often very mischievous in a humorous sort of way. You might have to put up with a lot of antics with a Frenchie, but rest assured, you will never run out of laughter and smile even during the quarantine.

Frenchies are also great with children. They get along very well because of their playful nature. Frenchies mix well with other pets who love playing with them.

A French bulldog’s activities can be mischievous yet hilariously comical. Frenchie’s activities are so entertaining that you will find yourself having fits of laughter at times. They bark very less but are quite talkative with their language of grunts, yips, and snortles. They even make great singers and might love to sing along with you. You’re going to search this on YouTube right away, aren’t you?

Frenchies Are Smart

Frenchies are very smart dogs, but they can be very stubborn at times. It is just part of their personality. At times you might find yourself dragging a really heavy dog at the end of the leash. But they are known to be very intelligent and can be trained well, probably after a few challenges.

Frenchies have a big personality and would do anything to please you, which is the key to train them. You might need to give them some motivation. Darford Naturals Cheddar Cheese Minis serve as tasty treats to keep their spirits up during training sessions. Making a game out of the training process works pretty well too. French bulldogs can be trained the best when you combine fun, play, a lot of praise, and treats.

But make sure you don’t scold your Frenchie, or punish them because this will undo all your efforts. Frenchies are very sensitive dogs and take scoldings and punishments to their heart. They will mope all day long. You can try putting them on a leash while training them so that they don’t wander off when they get bored. And always end a training session with a big reward.

They Make Perfect Snuggle Buddies

Frenchies can take all your quarantine woes away with their snuggles. They will try to squeeze themselves into any space beside you to cuddle you, or just get on your lap and give you pouty looks with those big round eyes that make any heart skip a beat.

Many times you will wake up and realize that they have replaced your pillow when you were asleep to snuggle up next to you. Or sometimes they might simply take over your pillow. Beware, you won’t even be able to get mad because they are too adorable to look at. Their adorable features are their ‘get away with anything’ card.

They Are High on Energy but Low on Power

They can go from still and quiet to dashing around the house in a matter of seconds. One moment they will be snoring away to glory lying next to you, and suddenly the next moment they will bound up and start attacking their toys with full force. In a short while, they will drink some water and go back to sleep. It is as startling as it is comical.

Frenchies do not need a lot of exercise so you won’t have to take them for a walk every day during the lockdown. A little bit of running around the house is also enough for them. But they gain weight easily so make sure they get some playtime even in the house.

So in case you want to get a dog but aren’t sure of the breed, a Frenchie would be a perfect choice. Don’t worry, you will have too much fun to regret it even once.

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