How To Properly Bathe a French Bulldog

Contrary to what some owners believe, French Bulldogs LOVE to take baths!  In this post I will share how to properly bathe a French Bulldog.  

Properly done they do love baths but don’t overdo it.  Bathing your Frenchie too frequently will cause the skin and coat to lose its protective coating.  This can make him more susceptible to disease and other skin issues like dry skin.  You are better off frequently brushing your little Frenchie instead.  This is more supportive to a healthy coat.  With that said, a properly-timed bath is still a good idea just don’t over do it. 

How Often Should You Bathe a French Bulldog

Unless your Frenchie is regularly frolicking in the mud, a monthly bath should be more than enough. 

Use common sense; if your French Bulldog has been suffering from stomach upset and smells bad, increase the bathing frequency.

Preventing infections is a primary motivation for bathing your French Bulldog.  Consider protecting your dog’s ears with some cotton balls.  This can help to prevent water and soap from entering his ear canals which could lead to inflammation.   

What Doggie Shampoo To Use To Bathe Your French Bulldog?

I would recommend using a mild and soft doggy shampoo for your Frenchie.  Don’t use human shampoo for your French Bulldog.   Some ingredients found in human shampoos aren’t a good fit for your Frenchie and can even be harmful.  There are some good dog shampoos available on the market and you can of course go with your veterinarian’s recommendation.

Your French Bulldog deserves the best, so take the time to make bathing an enjoyable experience for him.  Use lukewarm water, and follow the following tips:

  • Ease them into it.  When we got our Frenchie puppy we started easing him into the bathtub by putting him into the tub with no water for a couple minutes.  We gave him some treats, made it fun, and then took him out.  We did this a couple times before we put any water in the tub.  The first time we just had about an inch of water and had him stand in it with no bath.  We slowly eased him into his first actual bath so that he was acclimated to water.  Now he loves bath time!

  • Make sure that you’re prepared!  Have your Frenchie’s leash, a couple towels, and dog shampoo in place at the bath location.  We use all natural oatmeal dog shampoo for out little guy. 

  • Pick a sunny day.  If possible, pick a sunny day to bath your Frenchie!  I like to give my Frenchie a bath on a warm, sunny morning so that he can lay in the sun and dry off.  We have a big bay window at our house and his favorite thing is drying off in the sun after a nice bath. 

  • Shoulders back.  Start with you Frenchie’s shoulders and massage his coat with shampoo while work backwards.  Be sure to rinse his coat well and dry with a towel.  

  • Break out the dog brush.  After drying him off, I recommend brushing his coat as soon as you’re finished and once again after the dog is dry.

  • Don’t splash his face.  Careful with water around your Frenchie’s head.  You want to protect your fur-baby from getting water and soap in his eyes, nose, and ears.

  • Make bath time fun! French Bulldogs are especially social creatures, so talk to them during bath time.  Our little Augie loves playing with some toys during bath time.  



Bath time for your Frenchie should be a fun and enjoyable experience for you and your dog.  Hopefully these Frenchie bathing tips will help you safely and effectively wash your French Bulldog. 

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