Teaching The Sit Command for your French Bulldog

The first command that dog owners think of when planning their pet’s training is the “Sit” command, and for good reason.  By confirming your French Bulldog’s ability to sit on command, your canine demonstrates his obedience and attentiveness to you.  In addition, you are emboldened to attempt more complex commands (e.g. “Stay”, “Lay Down”) that follow naturally from “Sit”.

Teaching The Sit Command For Your French Bulldog

While the sitting command is likely the easiest one to teach a dog, use it to establish good training habits for the future.  Use the following hints to make things go smoothly:

  1. Face your bulldog and firmly say the word “Sit”. Note his reaction – he will probably be confused in the beginning, so start giving visual clues that demonstrate what you want (see below).

  2. Face your bulldog while holding one of his favorite treats slightly above his head. Move the treat towards his rear to encourage your friend to follow it with his head.  Your canine will sit without even knowing it!  As he moves into the seated position, say the sit command, praise your dog and give him the special training-only treat.

  3. If your bulldog chooses to back up instead of getting into the sitting position during training, repeat the “treat” trick above with your dog positioned in the corner of a room. This way, backing up will be impossible with a wall in the way.

  4. In rare instances, a bulldog may not pick up the “Sit” command at all, at least initially. In this scenario, push on the dog’s rear (i.e. near the tail) when saying the command.  This is a method of forcing your verbal command to synchronize itself to the dog’s movement.

Here’s a Video Showing How To Teach Your French Bulldog The Sit Command

Repetition is the best way to ensure your dog’s compliance with this simple command.  Discover which method works best and stick to it like a drill sergeant.  Associate the sitting action with your verbal command, as well as your French Bulldog’s well-deserved reward.  Be gentle and patient with your training, especially if you have a puppy.

French Bulldog Stay Command

Keep a moderate training schedule, but try to do it at the same time of the day.  Long workouts are tough (and boring) for both the master and the bulldog, so set a reasonable time limit before moving on with other daily activities.  Use the same voice (i.e. tone, inflection, facial expression, etc.) when saying “Sit”.

Always remember to have fun!  Command training is meant to be one of the best bonding opportunities for humans and dogs, so make the most of it.

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