Teaching The Stay Command: Priority number one for French Bulldogs

Teaching your French Bulldog the “Stay” command is one of the best ways to ensure his long-term safety both at home and outside in the greater world.  Teaching the stay command is usually one of the first instructions introduced to dogs, and as thus may seem to be difficult to teach. 

Think about it – you are asking your French bulldog friend to remain in place while you move about freely.  It goes against a canine’s natural instincts not to follow his master, so you will need to nuance your training skills to accommodate this change.   

Success with “Stay” requires that both you and your French bulldog are at ease with the “Sit” command, since “Sit” is a prelude to the Stay command.  It can get confusing for both of you if you pile on too many concepts at once, so make sure your canine friend masters “Sit” before contemplating the more complex command.

After your dog becomes comfortable with the “Sit” command, transitioning to “Stay” will be easier, provided you follow some basic steps:

  1. With your French Bulldog relaxed and in the sitting position, show him your right palm and say “Stay” with a confident and firm voice. Take a step away from your dog.

  2. In the beginning, your bulldog will no doubt follow you as you attempt to move away. Be persistent – keep repeating the Sit-Stay command sequence and note your progress.

  3. Depending on your progress, you may decide that it’s necessary to change tactics. Consider introducing a tree or post to your training.  Put a collar and an extra long leash on your bulldog friend, then wrap it around the tree and hold onto its end.  This time when your dog moves towards you, gently pull the leash to keep him in place.

  4. Escalate the “Stay” command training by taking more and steps after issuing the verbal command to your bulldog. The longer your canine “stays” before moving to you, the closer you are to success.  Set weekly “step away” goals, e.g. five steps after two weeks; ten steps after four weeks and see how you reacts as you move further away during training.

Here’s a Video That Shows How To Train Your French Bulldog To Stay

The “Stay” command is a big step in your French Bulldog ownership, because it is a prime example of how humans can control and domesticate canines.  More importantly, it’s a significant tool that will help your four-legged friend remain safe and out of harm’s way in many situations.

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