Why Training Your French Bulldog Is a No-Brainer

Nobody wants to be embarrassed by a misbehaving dog in public.  Nor does a dog owner desire a difficult home life after introducing a pet to the family.  Hence, to avoid difficult situations, especially circumstances that may lead to serious injury, owners must enthusiastically embrace dog training.  This was something we took very seriously with out little guy.  

Augie playing fetch

French Bulldog Training – Where To Start?

Owners must, at the very least, teach their bulldog the “Sit” and “Come” commands.  These commands will give you full control of your canine in the home and elsewhere, especially around other people.  The “Come” command is particularly crucial when the Frenchie strays into danger.  It’s best to teach this command before it’s needed.  

Here’s a Video On How To Train Your French Bulldog To Sit

Obedience is the bedrock of the master-dog relationship, so failing to properly train your canine will jeopardize your long-term friendship.  My dog trainer Barbara told me repeatedly I must work to be relevant to my dog and this takes time and repetition. 

Adopting a dog does not automatically make him a faithful companion.  He is just as likely to turn wild and unfriendly without your steady influence, something nobody desires.  Failing to house train your bulldog right away can have dire consequences for the whole family.   It’s also not very fun cleaning up dog messes multiple times a day.  

Everybody Loves a Well-Trained French Bulldog

A well-adjusted French bulldog is a positive reflection on their owner.  It may even lead neighbors and some acquaintances to specifically request your dog’s company when you pay a visit!  This is a golden opportunity to enhance your four-legged friend’s integration into greater society.

Always start with training basics before advancing to more difficult commands.  If you notice troubling behavior right off the bat (e.g. aggressiveness, loud barking, excessive jumping, etc.) speak to your kennel owner or professional trainer immediately.

While “Come” is important, the “Sit” command is normally the first one you should teach to your French Bulldog.  It is a “calming” command that forms the basis for “Lay Down” and other important actions.  Your French bulldog should become perfectly still when you issue it, regardless of what he is up to just prior to your call.

French Bulldog Training Can Take Some Time

Dog owners who are patient trainers are the best equipped to succeed.   Your French Bulldog’s safety and security are paramount, and your attitude towards teaching activities will be easily sensed by your dog. Look at training as a great bonding opportunity with your pet.  You are building the basis of a strong relationship, not unlike that of a coach and player in sports.  Getting the job done will lead to a more beneficial and enlightened friendship.

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