Want to Buy a French Bulldog? Prepare for These 7 Things

If you are on the search for a four-legged companion perhaps you have considered adding a French Bulldog to your home. Perhaps, in your quest, you have seen photos of these adorable Frenchies and you are curious about them.  French Bulldogs are a great dog breed but there are some things you should know before you choose a French Bulldog.  

So, before you make a final decision about getting a Frenchie, here are some things you must keep in mind. Here are some must-knows before getting a French Bulldog:

1.   French Bulldogs can be Expensive

There is obviously a certain grade of discrepancy in costs when it comes to different dog breeds. While some are rather feasible to purchase, it might not be the same when it comes to the French bulldog.

French bulldogs are known to be pretty expensive. Be sure to understand what you are getting into before you make the final decision to invest in a Frenchie.  If you’re more affluent this isn’t a concern but others may need a side hustle in order to afford one of these bat-eared little cuties.  While French Bulldogs aren’t in thee budget for everyone if you can pull together the funds for one they are worth every penny. The good thing, though, is that if you can afford it—it will be a pretty memorable experience. 

The joy of owning a French Bulldog is indescribable but they come at a significant investment.  (If you are looking for a less expensive pet, I am also a big fan of fish – might be something to consider).  

2.   Consider Neutering

This might sound like an iffy territory. After all, the never-ending debate of whether to neuter your pet has always been inconclusive. With both sides having their pros and cons, when it comes to French bulldogs, it makes more sense if you consider neutering.

Even further, most French Bulldog breeders will actually require you to neuter or spay your Frenchie puppy to UNLESS you pay extra.  (The breeder isn’t keen on having you go into competition with them and this is typically part of the contract).  

There are two reasons behind this. Firstly, if you do not wish to use your pet for breeding (as they are unable to do so naturally), it seems rather counterintuitive to not have them neutered. Just be aware if you do plan to breed your French Bulldog the breeder will charge you extra to not have your dog neutered.  Secondly, this would also spare you a lot of trouble with their genitourinary systems. French bulldogs are prone to carcinomas of the prostate, and neutering them would remove this out of the equation.

Additionally, neutering your pet would make them comparatively more serene. After all, bulldogs can be aggressive folks to deal with. This would also make raising one a tad bit easier.

3.   Insurance is Assurance

Once you have managed to pull together the funds to invest in your Frenchie, you should also consider pet insurance. Think about it, the French bulldog might be borderline prone to health implications, considering how they cannot regulate their body temperatures.

More importantly, the routine Vet visits and any issues that might pop up aren’t cheap. Considering insurance, in this case, should not be an afterthought. The best part about this, though, is the plethora of options available to you. With a click or two away, you can find the most appropriate quotes for pet insurance preventive care. Additionally, you can make modulations to them too, suiting your personal needs.

In order to mitigate expenses and unnecessary hassle associated with treating a Frenchie, please consider getting health insurance. Small investments like this go a long way.

4.   Narrow Spectrum for Optimum

As stated earlier, French bulldogs are prone to major health issues. While there are some specifically tackling situations that can affect your pet’s health, the solution for all is major caution. Since there is a narrow range of variables that the French bulldog can tolerate, it is advisable if you keep them in that bracket too.

For instance, French bulldogs are prone to catching a cold, owing to their inability to regulate body temperatures. They are also prone to physical abrasions owing to their constant movement and inherent restlessness. It is better if you keep them carefully, for callousness is the greatest foe of the French bulldog.

5.   French Bulldogs Are Typically Good with Children

French Bulldogs tend to be very good with children and make great family dogs.  When socialized well at a young age they are great dogs for kids.  Our Frenchie loves to snuggle with our kids and is very patient with them.  

Unlike say, a chihuahua, a French bulldog understands the space and needs of a small child. The French bulldog can be tricky to deal with when it comes to other humans, but when it comes to children, they are surprisingly docile. You should have no issues if you have children at home, be rest assured.

6.   To Exercise or to not Exercise

With pets and added responsibility, comes the need to exercise. Sure, you can afford to spend eons on your comfortable couch, not willing to find the grunt to exercise, but you cannot say the same for your pet. While French bulldogs still do require exercise they are not the type of dog to go on a long run with you.  Heck, even my Frenchie can barely do one lap around our block before being ready for more couch time.  

It is still wise to get your Frenchie exercise but they like do it in short bursts.  They aren’t built for endurance but they still like to play.  

This essentially means that they can strike a healthy (pun intended) balance between great activity and less exertion.

7.   Not Your Michael Phelps

Speaking of activities, while the French bulldog can be agile and greatly athletic, it, unfortunately, most cannot swim. I have seen some Frenchies that can swim and love the water.  Most, however aren’t great swimmers. Getting your Frenchie a life jacket wouldn’t be a bad idea if you’re planning any beach or lakeside visits anytime soon.   

Owing to their stature and mass distribution, French bulldogs are pretty terrible, and not quite close to even being the pet manifestation of a certain Michael Phelps. Bottom line, be careful with your French Bulldog around bodies of water as most aren’t great swimmers.  

To Conclude—Longevity

Having a French Bulldog in your life is a joy and sadly there comes an end to all things.  Including the life of your beloved pet.  French Bulldog on average live for approximately 9-12 years.  Of course the better care and Vet attention you give your Frenchie the better the chances of him living a long and healthy life.  But as long as you have—expect a healthy and life-changing decade with this gem of a pet.

French Bulldogs are an amazing dog breed and they have a way of working their way into your heart.  If you are considering investing in a French Bulldog make sure you get them from a respectable breeder and do your homework.  Knowing what you are getting into is very important and not a decision to take lightly.  Hopefully this helps!  

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