How Much Does a French Bulldog Cost in 2023? The Price Breakdown

In the last few years, French Bulldog breed has taken the internet by storm, and it’s easy to see why. Their adorable faces have been featured everywhere, from Season 3 of Queer Eye to pages on Facebook like that of Manny the Frenchie, who has almost two million likes. With all this Frenchie content showing up on your timeline, you may be looking at getting one for yourself but may wonder why are French bulldogs so expensive.

French Bulldog puppies are a whole new level of adorable, but they can also be expensive. Read on to discover what you’re looking at in terms of standard French Bulldog price and what you’ll need to get for your precious new pupperino.

What You Should Know About French Bulldogs And The French Bulldog Price

We all know French Bulldogs as adorable little bat pigs with wrinkly faces and stubby little bodies. They have ears that stand up, eyes that melt your heart, and a short, stubby nose. To quote the AKC, “The body beneath the smooth, brilliant coat is compact and muscular.”

Frenchies became popular in Paris at the height of café life when the bon vivant kept them as companions. These little dogs are very intelligent and social. Their affection and intuitive nature make them perfect companions.

It’s important to socialize your Frenchie well when they’re a puppy. These dogs are affectionate by nature, but they do still carry the fears of any small dog. If they aren’t well socialized when they’re young, they may become barky, aggressive, or shy.

French Bulldog puppy



Cost Of Buying A French Bulldog Puppy

French Bulldogs are an extremely popular breed (and it’s easy to see why), so the puppies are in high demand. In March of 2021, French Bulldogs jumped up to the 2nd most popular dog breed.  This popularity, combined with the immense manual labor and investment from the qualified breeder, makes them one of the more expensive breeds to buy from a breeder.

So, How Much Does A French Bulldog Cost?

In the United States, you can expect an average price between $1,500 up to as high as $15,000 for a new French Bulldog puppy.  It really depends on the reputation of the breeder, how many puppies they produce in the litter, and where they are located.  Some breeders that have a great track record of producing the highest-quality Frenchie pups can command even higher prices. If you’re buying a Frenchie puppy with a pedigree, especially one whose family has a history as show dogs, you can expect to pay even more. Puppies from high-end bloodlines puppy price can go for as much as $10,00 – $15,000, potentially even higher.

You can pay even more for one of the newer long-haired Frenchies known as Fluffy French Bulldogs.

There are also other factors that may affect an individual puppy’s price.

French Bulldog Price – My Personal Investment Breakdown

My family and I wanted to add a French Bulldog to our lives.  We did significant research, saved money, and eventually bought our adorable Frenchie.  Here’s a breakdown of the expenses of owning a French Bulldog.  It’s a good thing our dog is cute looking at this list all in one place.  🙂

  • Average French Bulldog price from a breeder:  $4,500 (prices can range from $1,500 – $15,000 depending on the breeder)
  • Crate purchase:  $60 (one time)
  • Bedding purchase: $40 (one time)
  • Toy purchases:  $100/year
  • Pet Insurance purchase:  $88/month ($1,056/year)
  • Vet visits:  on average, for our dog, we spend about $600 – $2,500/year in Vet visits per year (pet insurance does reimburse some of this expense)

 **Important to note:  We have had bad significant injuries with our dog before, such as an ACL tear that required a $10,000 surgery, and the only reason we could do it was because pet insurance covered it and paid about 75% – 85% of the cost.

  • Medication for our dog:  $200/year
  • Hypoallergenic Dog Food:  $799.92/year
  • Hypoallergenic Dog Treats:  $208/year
  • Dog Day Care and Dog Training (3 Days a week):  $3,000/year

The initial cost for our dog: $4,600

The yearly average cost of a French bulldog $2,363.92 – $7,863.92 depending on Vet visits and how often he goes to Dog Daycare

As you can see, the cost of owning a French adds up very quickly investing in a purebred dog like a French Bulldog. Of course, many of these investments are completely optional, so your investment in your dog will vary.

French Bulldog Color Differences Affect Price

If you’re buying from a breeder, the coat color may impact the price of French Bulldog. Frenchies come in a variety of colors ranging from black and white to brown to tan to lilac. Certain colors tend to be considered “rarer” and so higher the price.  This comes down to the genes passed down to the French Bulldog puppy from their parents.

Lilac dogs, especially females, can come at a hefty price. If you’re more interested in the dog itself than the coloring, you may want to go for one of the cream, pied, black, or brindle dogs. These are “more common” and are less expensive.

There are a few key reasons why purebred French Bulldogs fetch such a high price.  It is important to understand that quality Frenchie breeders incur great expenses needed for breeding French Bulldog puppies.  French Bulldogs can’t have birth naturally and require artificial insemination, may need to pay a “Stud Fee” and genetic testing to rule out health issues, and all Frenchies require c-sections in order to give birth.  These costs can reach anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000 or more.    It is important to understand the breeder is paying these fees no matter what, whether they get 1 puppy or 3.  

After the puppies are born via C-section, the mother needs rest, so the responsibility falls on the breeder to ensure proper care and feeding of the new French Bulldog puppies.

Reputable French Bulldog breeders charge a pretty penny for their puppies, and for good reason.  There is a great amount of cost and risk they incur.  A reputable breeder of Frenchies can and should conduct many tests to ensure that their puppies don’t have any preventable genetic health problems that could affect the long-term health of the dog.

The High Cost Of A French Bulldog Puppy Doesn’t Guarantee Quality 

Just because you pay a large sum for a French Bulldog puppy doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you will get your full money’s worth.  You definitely need to be an educated consumer and choose a breeder wisely.  I wrote an entire article on how to find a reputable French Bulldog breeder.

Some quick recommendations include doing your homework on the breeder, visiting where they breed to see their operation for yourself,  talking to people who have purchased a dog from them, how the long-term health of puppies they have sold, and making sure a French Bulldog is the right breed for you.  Frenchies are a significant investment, and you want to ensure you invest your money well. 

If you want a French Bulldog puppy, but you don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for it, you have some options, but I would temper your expectations here. It may be a long shot, but it’s a good idea to start looking at your local animal shelter for a French Bulldog. Local adoption fees tend to be a couple of hundred dollars or less and often come with spaying or neutering and the first round of shots included.

You must be aware when adopting a French Bulldog that it may have some underlying health issues, so make sure you know what you are getting into.  I have read accounts from people who rescued a Frenchie, only to have to pay tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket to deal with the issues.

There are also national rescue organizations that help this breed in particular, and at the moment, there are about 4,000 French Bulldogs awaiting adoption. Fees from these organizations can be a little higher, especially since they know Frenchies are such a popular breed. But at the most, you’re looking at paying $750 for these rescues, which is half the price of a puppy from a breeder, not to mention the karmic points you’ll get for rescuing a dog in need. Definitely check out the French Bulldog Rescue Network.

The initial upfront investment of a French Bulldog is just the tip of the iceberg.  Don’t downplay the additional expenses of adding a Frenchie to your home.  There are a variety of additional expenses to consider before purchasing a French Bulldog, and if you are going to do it, you will want to account for these.

The Cost Of Food

Once you’ve got your puppy, however, the expenses have only just begun. You’ll need to feed your puppy, and it’s important to buy them some high-quality food. Cheap food will contain non-nutritious fillers, while good dog foods will contain grains, fruits, vegetables, and meats to get your dog the nutrients they need. Poor quality food may lead to coat and skin issues, farting, and other health issues.

On average, a French Bulldog will eat between one and a half to two and a half cups of food every day. If you get a thirty-pound bag of good-quality food for $55 (a reasonable price), that should last you about two months. So, plan on paying about $30 in dog food costs every month. I put together some tips on picking good French Bulldog food here.

Vet Bills

Your Frenchie will also need to see the vet for routine visits and shots. You need to plan on regularly giving them heartworm medication, flea treatments, and at least one vet checkup each year. The average vet visit costs about $50, but it can certainly be much hiring if your Frenchie is suffering from any kind of ailments, so be sure to factor that into your budget.  Having some quality pet insurance can get you some money back for these types of Vet visits and protect you from large expenses with your Frenchie.

French Bulldogs are also prone to a number of health complications, including hip dysplasia, eye conditions like entropion, breathing issues, and skin problems. Managing and treating these conditions can get pricey in a hurry, so it helps to prepare for these expenses ahead of time. Treatment for hip dysplasia can cost as much as $6,000, and treating eye conditions can cost as much as $1,500.

French Bulldog Insurance

As mentioned above, French Bulldogs are a special breed, and they may have some costly Vet bills.  I personally have owned a bulldog that tore her ACL, and the TPLO surgery to repair it cost me around $8,000.  Then, one year later, that same Bulldog tore her other ACL.  Another $8,000 racked up very quickly.   I was fortunate as I had done my homework and purchased pet insurance the day I picked up my Frenchie.  Just as you shouldn’t drive a new car off the lot without having car insurance, you shouldn’t bring home a Frenchie without pet insurance.    

A Dog Crate For Your Frenchie

I am a fan of getting a proper crate for your French Bulldog and crate training your dog.  It can help in a number of ways and is very helpful for having a well-behaved Frenchie.  Here’s an article on how to find a quality French Bulldog crate.

Beds, Collars, And Harnesses

Once you get your Frenchie home, healthy and happy, it’s time to get them comfy. You’re going to need at least one bed for your little buddy, and if we’re being honest, you may end up wanting three or four. Depending on the bed you get, you may pay around $20 or $30 apiece.  Here are some of my French Bulldog bed picks.



You’ll also need harnesses and leashes for your Frenchie. A good harness costs about $20, and a collar costs the same. If you live somewhere cold, your little Bulldog will need a coat to keep them from freezing in the winter, so you may want to budget about $30 for that as well.


Toys And Treats

We know you’re going to want to spoil your Frenchie, and who could blame you? You’ll need treats for them, and the good ones cost about $10 a bag. Luckily, Frenchies don’t need very many treats, so you should be able to make that bag last a couple of months.

Although French Bulldogs aren’t as high-energy as some other breeds, they are still energetic dogs. You’ll need toys to keep them entertained, so don’t forget to work that into your budget. Dog toys cost between $10 and $15, depending on what you get.



best toys

French Bulldog Boarding

Although we know you’ll want to keep your furry friend with you all the time, you’ll probably end up on trips without your dog at some point. Ideally, you’ll be able to find a friend who can take care of them for you while you’re gone. But if you can’t, you’re going to need to board them.

If you’re boarding your dog at a kennel or vet clinic, you can expect to pay about $40 or $50 per night. High-end spas and dog hotels will run more than $50 a night. You may also be able to hire a local sitter who can take care of your dog in your own home for a bit less money.


Training any dog is important since an untrained dog does not make a very good companion, no matter how cute it is. Unless you’re an experienced dog trainer, it’s a good idea to go through an obedience class. Obedience classes teach you how to communicate with your dog in a way you both understand.

Puppy obedience classes cost a little over $100 and typically last six weeks. But French Bulldogs have a stubborn streak in them that may make training (and especially housebreaking) more challenging. If this is the case for your pup, you may pay as much as $500 in training costs.

French Bulldogs are a popular choice for people living in apartments. They’re a small enough breed that most pet-friendly apartments won’t have a problem with them. And unlike breeds like Jack Russell terriers and Dachshunds, they aren’t so high-energy that they’ll go burrowing through the walls if they’re left alone for too long.

But even if you’re living in a pet-friendly apartment, you’re likely to run into some pet deposits. This may be a one-time fee of a few hundred dollars that you pay at the beginning of your lease. It may also be a monthly fee that you have to pay as pet rent, so be sure to budget for that.

The French Bulldog Price Is Worth It

French Bulldogs are an amazing breed, affectionate, intelligent, and heart-stoppingly adorable. And while you need to be prepared for the French Bulldog price, we think you’ll agree it’s worth every penny. At the end of the day, you’ll have a lifelong companion who will love you with every fiber of their compact, muscular body.

If you’d like to discover every aspect of life with a French Bulldog, check out the rest of my site at Frenchie Journey. We have information about French Bulldog puppies, health, training, and more. Check out our favorite toys for Frenchies and get your pup a new plaything.



How much does a French Bulldog cost in 2023?

The cost of a French Bulldog in 2023 can vary depending on various factors such as the breeder, location, bloodline, and the puppy’s characteristics. On average, you can expect to pay around $2,000 to $4,000 for a French Bulldog.

What factors affect the price of a French Bulldog?

Several factors can affect the price of a French Bulldog. These include the breeder reputation, bloodline, coat color, and rarity. French Bulldogs with rare colors like blue or lilac tend to be more expensive. Additionally, puppies from reputable breeders who prioritize health testing may also have a higher price tag.

How much does it cost to own a French Bulldog?

Owning a French Bulldog can come with various expenses. Besides the initial purchase cost, you should consider vaccinations, regular grooming, quality dog food, pet insurance, and other routine veterinary care. On average, you can expect to spend around $1,200 to $1,500 annually on a French Bulldog’s upkeep.

How much does it cost to groom a French Bulldog?

Grooming costs for French Bulldogs can vary depending on the specific needs and preferences. However, the average cost for regular grooming, including bathing, nail trimming, and ear cleaning, can range from $30 to $50 per session. Some owners choose to groom their French Bulldogs at home to save on costs.

What are the health issues common in French Bulldogs?

French Bulldogs are known to be prone to several health issues, including brachycephalic respiratory syndrome, allergies, skin infections, hip dysplasia, and eye problems. It’s important to choose a reputable breeder who prioritizes health testing to minimize the risk of genetic health issues.

How to train a French Bulldog?

Training a French Bulldog requires consistency, positive reinforcement, and patience. They respond well to reward-based training methods and short, frequent training sessions. Early socialization is also crucial to help them develop into well-rounded and obedient dogs.

Is it better to adopt or buy a French Bulldog?

The decision to adopt or buy a French Bulldog depends on personal preferences and circumstances. Adoption can be a rewarding option as it gives a loving home to a dog in need. However, if you have specific preferences regarding breed characteristics or parentage, purchasing a puppy from a reputable breeder might be the right choice for you.

Are French Bulldogs a popular dog breed?

Yes, French Bulldogs are a popular and beloved dog breed. They are known for their affectionate nature, playful personality, and unique appearance. Their popularity has risen in recent years, which can contribute to their higher price compared to some other breeds.

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