What Is The Best Dog Training Program For Your French Bulldog?

Want to start training your French Bulldog but don’t want to spring for the investment of hiring a professional dog trainer for multiple sessions?  The good news is that in this digital age we live in, many professional dog trainers have packaged their knowledge into online classes.  Many of the best dog training program options cost you less than one professional training session with a dog trainer and may be a way for you to bring your French Bulldog training to another level. 

Adding a French Bulldog to your family (or any other dog) can come with some unique problems, like training. We have looked into several of the best online dog training videos and hope this article will help you decide which one is best for you.


9 of The Best Dog Training Program Options For Your French Bulldog

Here are 9 of the best dog training programs that may be a fit to help you train your Frenchie.  While French Bulldogs are known to be a bit stubborn they are loving and food driven little bundles of joy so one of these programs should help you.  

MasterClass with Brandon McMillan


This class is instructed by Emmy Award winning host of “lucky Dog” Brandon McMillan. Brandon is an expert dog trainer who has dedicated his life to helping humans and dogs enhance their relationship.


This course has many lessons including building trust and groundwork, signaling and commands such as sit, stay, heel, and come, training foundations, and housebreaking. His approach is result-driven and his simple methods bring great results.


This course is hosted by MasterClass so the quality and production are fantastic. You will also get a PDF workbook, audio lessons, the ability to download and watch the classes offline, and access to another 85+ classes.


  • Teaches foundational training
  • Great for puppies or mature dogs
  • Actionable lessons
  • Taught by a world-class dog trainer


Simple Solutions for Common Dog Behavior and Training Problems (Udemy)

Simple Solutions for Common Dog Behavior and Training Problems course aims to help new dog owners get through basic training and helps them to address any problems that arise along the way. This course helps to teach you about dog behavior.

Dr. Ian Dumbar is an animal behaviorist and will be your instructor for the classes. He is known for helping 1,000’s of pet owners train their fur babies.

The topics you can expect in this video course include chewing, digging, house training, jumping, excessive barking, leash pulling, separation anxiety, hyperactivity and how to prevent all of these issues.

This on-demand video course is hosted by Udemy. You can take the course anytime that works for you and once you finish the course you will receive a certificate of completion.

  • Based on reward and non reward styles of training
  • Gives solutions to common behavioral problems
  • Has a section on adult dog training
  • Taught by a certified dog trainer, with the following additional certifications –  CCPDT (Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers), IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants), and NADOI (National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors)

 Science Based Dog Training (with feeling) All Three Days (Udemy)

This is another course that is also taught by Dr. Ian Dubar again on Udemy. It is a science based dog training teaching you how to properly raise a puppy.

This course is broken up into 3 days of teaching with a total of 18 hours. It is truly in depth on puppy dog training.

The first day breakdown helps you understand the puppy days of your little one. They offer 6 videos that work on pre-training since most behavioral patterns are made during the puppy stage of a dog’s life.

The second day is again another 6 modules that guides you through verbal communication, punishment and establishing a better interaction between the owner and their dog.

The third and final day helps with the control of your pouch when they are off their leash. The last 6 videos help with continuing training of your puppy while phasing out food lures. This is a great puppy training program for new dog owners.

  • 18 hours of downloadable modules 
  • Includes pre-training tips
  • Training tips are based on scientific evidence
  • Has a 30 day money back guarantee

The Online Dog Trainer

The Online Dog Trainer course is taught by Doggie Dan. This one is a little controversial so you will want to do your homework.  The course offers specialized training for both puppies and adult dogs. You can enroll in some general courses like Dog Calming or Obedience or you can sign up for shorter courses which cover specific issues such as walking on a leash, aggressiveness, and excessive barking.

Major courses like Obedience are broken into 4 video training sessions and all of the courses have general training tips not fueled by rewards. Apparently, his courses have been taken by over 47,000 people worldwide.  You can learn more here.

  • General training and specific training
  • Podcasts for behavioral problems are included
  • The blog is regularly updated to help with everyday issues
  • Taught by a dog trainer

Brain Training for Dogs

CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed) dog trainer Adrienne Faricelli has a practical approach to her science based dog training. She takes a look at the most behavioral problems that dogs face from puppies to adults.

The videos cover potty training, digging, chewing, jumping, aggression, hyperactivity, excessive barking, impulse control and ignoring commands.

To complete this course you will finish 7 modules. The first one teaches obedience, the second commands, third teaches the dogs patience and impulse control, the fourth helps a dog’s motor skills with a playbase formula. The fifth patience, sixth advanced motor skills and the seventh is an advanced teaching that may even leave some dogs cleaning up their own toys.  You can learn more about this dog training program here.  

  • Access to 100 dog training articles and access to a private dog training forum
  • Training is based on force-free techniques
  • Hosted by an accredited dog trainer
  • Has 7 in depth training videos


Secrets to Dog Training

This course addresses the common dog training issues with both video training, an e-book and access to unlimited online consultations. 

The online training is based on the owner becoming the leader of the house. Since dogs obey leaders this is a crucial part of their training. Along with this the trainer teaches you to understand your doggies feelings and has helped over 22,000 dog owners. 

  • Has an ebook and an audiobook
  • Access to online community
  • Included bonus downloadable materials
  • Is simple and easy to use and understand


The Dog Owner’s Secret Handbook

The Dog Owner’s Secret Handbook offers a deeper perspective on how a happy dog life and good nutrition leads to obedience in a dog.

This course really looks at the best ways to keep your dog healthy which allows for dogs to be more well behaved. An additional ebook looks deeper into the effects of foods that can harm a dog’s health and change a dog’s behavior.  

This is a really great dog training course for people who feel their dogs behavior has changed and are not sure why.  Learn more about this program here.

  • Written like a handbook
  • Teaches obedience
  • Looks into proper pet nutrition
  • Has a section on doggie CPR



House Train Any Dog

It is not surprising that potty training is the first thing a new puppy owner wants to master.  As the name suggests this guide focuses on potty training your puppy. 

The course covers how old a puppy should be before you start potty training and then moves onto the most effective ways to train that puppy of yours. This course also covers common ways owners think they should train their dogs and why they are not very effective.  Learn more about this program here.  

  • Course offers a money back guarantee
  • Easy to use with fast results
  • Gives information about common training mistakes


Secrets to Dog Training

Secrets to Dog Training is a course to help out dog owners who noticed that their dog’s behavior has changed. They are adamant that consistent training no matter what age you start can produce positive results.

The e-books and videos are easy to use and all come from personal experience. The tips and tricks are given by trainers who have been through the same situations with their dogs or dogs they have trained. 

Secrets to Dog Training is taught by Daniel Stevens and he has been in the dog training community for many years. He has a number of dog training videos and manuals and is always pushing for online training as he sees it as an easy way to get help for the owners and dogs.

  • Money back guarantee
  • Very extensive ebook
  • Online forum for users
  • Works for dogs of all ages

Conclusion:  The Best Dog Training Program Options

We have given you some of the best online training videos that we have found to be good and are replicable. Of course in house training programs and professional dog trainers and classes for your dog are the best and produce the most positive results but can be expensive.  The option to be able to train your dog on your own time, when it works for you is a great option.  Not only do these classes help you train your dog but most of them also help you to understand how your dog thinks and responds to situations. I know for me getting to understand Augie, my French Bulldogs personality helps me to have a deeper relationship with him.

PS – Be sure to try the It’s Your Choice Dog Training game with your dog.  

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