It’s Your Choice Dog Training Game – The Secret To a Well-Behaved Dog

Years ago a dog trainer by the name of Susan Garrett introduced a dog training game that many smart dog owners and dog trainers use to teach good doggy behavior. I found out about this game from my awesome dog trainer Barbara Jean Crehan, owner of Really Special Animals in New Hampshire.  She introduced my family and our Frenchie Augie to this game when he was a puppy and it worked great to improve his behavior.

Introducing The It’s Your Choice Dog Training Game – The Secret To a Well-Behaved Dog

This simple dog training game called “It’s Your Choice” is a great dog training tool to teach your French Bulldog good behavior. As I mentioned earlier, it was a behavioral dog training game created by dog trainer Susan Garrett.

It’s Your Choice! This game teaches your dog to not just take what he wants but rather respectfully ask for permission to have it.  This is a key skill to teach proper dog behavior.
French Bulldog puppy

The Benefits of the It’s Your Choice Training Game

There are some really impactful benefits this simple dog training instills in your French Bulldog.  Here are some of the key benefits:

  • It is a very simple game to “play” with your French Bulldog so it’s easy to do anytime and anywhere.
  • This It’s Your Choice Game is about controlling the consequences of your Frenchie’s choices.  It teaches the correct behavior and helps instill it into them.
  • When you first play the game it’s always best to start small and do the game in short training sessions.
  • Teach them to start small and make it easy for them to choose so and over time your dog will learn it is their choice if they want to act appropriately and be rewarded for it.  The key is that your dog always has a choice on how they want to act.
  • He gets a reward when he chooses correctly (and acts like a good boy).
  • When your doggo inevitably makes a mistake and chooses poorly it will become obvious to him that he didn’t get what he wanted as a result of his choice.
  • The simple It’s Your Choice game teaches your dog to learn how to make the appropriate decision on his own volition.  This is how you train your dog to act appropriately even when you’re not around.

Here’s How It’s Your Choice Dog Training Game Works

There are many levels of this game but here is a simple way to start with it.  When the dog moves towards my hand I simply close it and deny him access to the treat. Once he backs off, stops obsessing over it and gives me eye contact, I reward him by bringing the food to him, still not letting him move towards it himself.
The reward comes to him so there’s no reason for him to be mauling my hand. 😉

This simple game helps to teach your dog proper “self-control.”  You can effectively impose control over your dog’s behavior all the time so teaching this simple game can help instill it into them.

When you do a good job training your French Bulldog with this simple game it will teach them self control even while they are in a busy or chaotic environment. The key is that your dog needs to follow the rules of the game, and when they do they get rewarded with a treat.

Check Out The Video Below With Augie Playing It’s Your Choice Dog Training Game! 🥰🐾

Below is a video of my French Bulldog Augie playing the It’s Your Choice game with dog trainer Barbara Jean Crehan.  It’s an incredibly simple game but very e

Final Thoughts On The It’s Your Choice Dog Training Game

Simply put, this “game” is a MUST to incorporate into your dog training regimen for your French Bulldog as it teaches self control and proper doggy behavior.  I hope you give it a shot and I am certain it will help improve your dog’s behavior.

For more dog training resources check this out.

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