When Do French Bulldog Puppies Start Walking?

French Bulldog puppies can be similar to babies when they are first born; they typically require much attention and care. At birth, puppies are blind and deaf and usually snuggle together to keep warm since they cannot regular their body temperature.

If you have a French Bulldog or are looking to acquire one, you may be interested in what happens before taking one home. Here is a walkthrough of the first few weeks of your French Bulldog’s life from birth and when you can expect the sweet little pup to start walking.

When French Bulldogs Are First Born

When the puppies are born, breeders and shelters ensure they cry and breathe properly. Then a veterinarian does a complete examination to check for any abnormalities. The average birth weight of the puppies is anywhere between 10 to 18 ounces.

For the first few weeks or so, Frenchie puppies sleep most of the time. Then, for just a little bit of time, they typically will nurse when they are awake and somewhat alert. Heat lamps or another external heat source are available if puppies are not in direct contact with their mother.

Whoever is watching over the French Bulldog puppies usually has a busy time assisting mothers every few hours and tending to make sure the puppies are latching and growing and being stimulated to go to the bathroom. Keeping a close watch on the puppies this way is because they are so tiny. The Frenchie mom could accidentally smother one, unaware, so they need to be looked after.


French Bulldogs 10 Days to Two Weeks Old

When the puppies are around ten days, they still sleep very often, but finally, they start to open their eyes and do some exploring. After that, they don’t usually see too much besides their mother, siblings, and whoever is handling them. 

Being around the other dogs from the litter aids in socialization. When they reach a full two weeks old, their ears open, and they can hear. They cannot walk yet; their primary method of moving is crawling, similar to an army crawl. With exploring and hearing sounds, the world is opening up more for them, so they can begin venturing into new places and spaces. They also graduate from making only small whimpers to yelps, whines, and barks.


French Bulldog Puppies Begin to Walk at Three and Four Weeks of Age

French Bulldog pups start their semblance of walking around three weeks of age, taking some very shaky steps. However, there is no concern if the puppies aren’t taking steps just yet; it may only be a few steps here and there. But you will find that soon enough, their legs will stop being shaky, and they will move right along and walk with ease.

They may also stop nursing at this age, though some Frenchies may continue to nurse until closer to six weeks of age. After that, their teeth begin to grow out and become more active and playful. They are also only strictly handled by a few people who do proper sanitizing.

The puppies can chew on dry puppy food and build out their nutrition at four weeks old and start trotting and running. They can be handled by people with clean hands and have more freedom to explore inside.


French Bulldog Puppies Five Weeks to Seven Weeks Old

By the time French Bulldog puppies get to five weeks old, they can start exploring outside with less supervision and have increased playtime with their siblings. Their teeth also become more prominent, and they begin to chew a lot (including on fingers, so be careful – those teeth are sharp!). 

At six weeks, they have even more energy and enjoy playtime and a little more less sleep time. They are reaching more milestones, including growth at around 5 pounds. They also get another thorough veterinarian examination where they will receive vaccinations, which they receive again around nine weeks of age. Vaccines include DAPP/C and Bordetella. Rabies shots are not necessary until the puppy is twelve weeks, which would be the owner’s responsibility to obtain.

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When You Bring Your French Bulldog Puppy Home

Usually, around eight weeks, you can bring your new Frenchie puppy home and start to introduce it to its surroundings. It is an exciting endeavor to get a new puppy into the house, but also crucial to remember to puppy-proof things that the dog may chew or not leave out anything that the puppy could get into that poses a danger or hazard.

Though many people believe French Bulldogs don’t require much exercise, it is essential to understand that the opposite is true. While considered one of the laziest dog breeds, French Bulldogs, the “lazy” doesn’t come from not needing exercise. 

They do sleep a lot, but French Bulldogs have a lot of energy that they want to burn off when they are awake. Understanding growth stages and how much exercise to give your Frenchie from puppy to adult dog is helpful for longevity.


Walking French Bulldog Puppies

Walking is an integral part of owning a French Bulldog puppy. There are many reasons to ensure that you walk your Frenchie frequently when they are awake and alert, which include:

  • Overall health – French Bulldogs that don’t get enough exercise can suffer from obesity, breathing problems, diabetes, and early onset damage to joints. French bulldogs are prone to medical issues as they age, but ensuring exercise will help reduce their chances and prevent problems from occurring too soon.
  • Socialization – Frenchies, like most dogs, need socialization to adapt to new situations and places and be more well-adjusted. So, taking your dog for frequent walks where it can explore other people and animals is helpful. Dogs who can coexist in harmony tend to be happier and friendlier and have less tendency to suffer from depression.
  • Behavior and Training – walking your French Bulldog helps establish boundaries so that you can train them to be more obedient and follow your lead. It allows for bonding and building a connection with your puppy, and you can reinforce good behaviors when out walking together.
  • Stimulation – Frenchies are prone to separation anxiety if left alone indoors and without exercise. Please keep your dog mentally active and give it more attention by walking it frequently in a routine. 

You don’t have to walk your French Bulldog for an extended period. Walks of around 20 to 30 minutes should suffice and give your pet the ability to explore, socialize, and be stimulated. Consider breaking up the time and walking your Frenchie a couple of times each day, or having one of those times centered around play, to ensure that your French Bulldog is getting all of their walkings in and using that energy. 


French Bulldog Walking Facts

From about four weeks and older, French Bulldogs start walking, and unless they are sleeping, they won’t ever stop. As French Bulldog puppies start discovering their abilities to move around and be alert to their surroundings, they become more in need of walking and forms of stimulation. 

Prepare for the weather outside when you take your puppy for walks. If it isn’t good walking weather, make sure you set aside time for play and provide your Frenchie with the attention and its need for exercise.

As your Frenchie ages, walks may be cut shorter depending on how your dog is feeling. However, be sure not to overexert if you sense it needs a break, and take them as often as necessary. Every French Bulldog needs to walk and be active for good health and a long, happy life with its owner.

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