11 Awesome French Bulldog Breeders In Tennessee

If you are looking to add a wonderful French Bulldog to your home and are looking for a French Bulldog breeder in Tennessee this compilation will help you on your search.  We have done some research searching for top Frenchie breeders in Tennessee to help you in your search.

About The French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are a breed of domestic dog. The dog is a result of a cross between Toy Bulldogs, a British breed, and local ratters, a French breed. They were bred to be a companion dog as they have a very calm and mild-mannered demeanor.

French Bulldog Breeders in Tennessee

This list of French Bulldog breeders will help you get you search for the perfect Frenchie started.

Potters Bulldog

Potters Bulldog is a breeder in Tennessee who breeds English Bulldog puppies very well. All of the puppies that come from this breed have great temperaments and they are always bred in a very good way.

Potters Bulldogs are nurtured very well with love and care. The puppies that come from these breeders are always well-socialized and have excellent temperaments making them great dogs to have in the family. They get along well with children and they are extremely well behaved dogs to take out on walks.

Potters Bulldogs offer a guarantee that the puppy won’t have any life-threatening problems, and they are also guaranteed for a year after they are born.

Topdog French Bulldogs

Topdog French Bulldogs breed the healthiest and most beautiful dogs in the world. They are one of the most reputable breeders in the country and so they are a great choice if you’re looking for a French Bulldog. They breed unusual colors including chocolate who all come from great genetic lines.

All of the dogs that come from Topdog French Bulldogs have great temperaments and they are excellent if you want a dog to join the family. They are soft and kind, and so are great if you have children or other animals.

These dogs are the finest in every way possible, and each and every puppy will be your best friend. This breed of puppy is premium, and you will definitely get quality over quantity if you opt for this breeder.

Docs English Bulldogs

Docs English Bulldogs are a great breeder of English Bulldogs. This company is run by a family and they create English Bulldogs who are healthy, loving and affectionate.

The company raises Bulldogs that are high quality and nurtured at home until they are ready to go to their families. All of the dogs at Docs English Bulldogs are healthy and built to the AKC Standard.

Bloomingdale Farms French Bulldogs

Bloomingdale Farms French Bulldogs is a company that is located in Middle Tennessee. It is a leading French Bulldog breeder and they create dogs who are perfect for a family. These breeders create premium French Bulldogs, and you can go and see them at the kennel to see if they are for you.

If you have chosen one of these dogs, then you will have the opportunity to have these puppies sent to you at home.

These bulldogs have very muscular bodies and they are very small, they are also very easy going dogs and the dogs from this breeder are very relaxed. These dogs are very friendly but they are not as good at obedience, they prefer to lounge around.

Rock City Kennels

These kennels are in Nashville, Tennessee. All of the dogs are bred and raised at home and they are great dogs that are healthy, wrinkled and high-quality. These dogs are charming, loving and they have wonderful, calm temperaments.

They have perfect bodies and are great dogs for joining a family. Sweet-N-Lo will always have the perfect dog for you if you’re looking for a French Bulldog.


SweetNLo Bulldogs has been breeding bulldogs for over 15 years. They really know the breed, and so they create great dogs and puppies. These breeders are great at breeding the best bulldogs in the world.

All of these dogs will be given a full health exam when they are born and before they are taken home. These breeders are home based, so all of the dogs are raised at home until they find a new home to go to. This makes them very used to being in the household and around other pets.


LTFrenchies is a great breeder that is located near Nashville, Tennessee. These breeders focus on the standard color French Bulldogs, and they have lots of them.

This breeding program produces healthy puppies who have excellent temperament. They are born in a home with children and other animals so they are perfect family pets.

11 Awesome French Bulldog Breeders In Tennessee

Bulldogs are very lazy dogs and they don’t need much exercise so they are very low maintenance dogs. Most French Bulldogs live between 9 and 11 years.

Appalachian Frenchies

Appalachian Frenchies have been around for over a decade. They breed beautiful French Bulldogs who meet all of the necessary standards.

The dogs that these breeders provide are beautiful and have great temperament. They are very passionate about the breed and they are very ambitious about the Frenchies.

Joyful Noise French Bulldogs

The Joyful Noise French Bulldogs are a great company who breed excellent dogs. They create high quality puppies with excellent health and temperament.

The people who own the companies have a 166-acre mountain ranch. This ranch is located in Nashville and Knoxville. The dogs that are bred here are high-quality and some of them are very rare colored.

This company raises their puppies with the family so they are well socialized and are ready to enter a family. The Frecnhies from these breeders are very fluffy in comparison to some others of its kind.

These dogs are delivered by hand across the nation as they provide nationwide delivery. This is a great breeder to opt for.

Blue Buddha Frenchies

This company is great for breeding French Bulldogs. They are a large family who breed in their home. They have two blue French Bulldogs who are expected to create great puppies.

This family sees their dogs as part of the family and they have six children who grow up around these dogs. This means that the puppies are great for families and they are very stable and loving dogs.

You will have the chance to watch the puppies as they grow and view the litters that they produce. If you have any other concerns, then you shouldn’t hesitate to contact them, they are determined to meet your needs.

Dorees Riverside Frenchies

These breeders have a goal to improve the breed, with this being their main goal. They aim to produce a well-bred and healthy set of puppies and they want to make this their goal.

Frenchies are family pets and these particular dogs are raised in a social environment making them very socialized animals. These dogs have great temperament and they have no health problems.

They have a one-year health warranty and if there are any problems with the dog you will be able to speak to them directly about these issues.

The puppies will be checked by a vet before they are sent home, and they will have received all of the vaccinations and deworming that they will need up until the time they are bought.

They also accept it if you need to send the puppy back for any reason, they are understanding of problems that can come with bringing a dog into the family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Does A French Bulldog Cost In Tennessee?

Typically, a bred French Bulldog will cost up to three thousand dollars. This will depend on where you get your dog from and the breeders that you get your dog from. This price can be a lot higher than this if you choose a top quality dog.

What Are The Best Breeders In Tennessee For French Bulldogs?

This really depends on what you are looking for, but this list explores 11 of the best French Bulldog Breeders in Tennessee. If you are looking for a French Bulldog you should have a look at these options and decide which one works best for you.

It will depend if you want any particular color or pattern of French Bulldog, and it will also depend on the temperament of the dog that you are looking for.

Are French Bulldogs Good Family Dogs?

French Bulldogs are great family dogs. Lots of them are raised around children so they are great to add to the family. They are very calm and relaxed dogs and they are great with other pets and children.

Final Thoughts

In this article we have explored the top 11 awesome French Bulldog breeders in Tennessee. If you’re looking for a French Bulldog, these breeders are a great place to start looking for your perfect dog. Whatever you are looking for, one of these breeders will be able to give you everything that you need.

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