How to Pick the Best Dog Wipes: Everything You Should Consider

Some dog breeds are just naturally messier than others.  French Bulldogs can be quite messy despite their compact size.  The face drool smears on my brown couch confirm that.  

But no matter the breed, some dogs just plain love to get dirty. Whether your four-legged friend loves to roll in the mud or take a swim, you likely find yourself looking for ways to clean up dirty paws or keep mud and debris out of your home on a weekly basis.

If you’ve ever shopped the grooming section of a pet store, you’ve likely seen packs of dog wipes. Keep reading to learn why they might help solve your problem, and what you should consider when choosing the right ones for your French Bulldog.

When Should You Use Dog Wipes?

If you have an active Frenchie that loves spending time outdoors, you know that even a short walk can turn into a messy experience. If there’s any dirt, mud, water, sand, or dust to be found, your dog will find it and run or roll right through it.

This means when you get home, it’s time to head straight for the tub.

Unfortunately, daily baths are less than practical and less than ideal for your Frenchie. Even if your French Bulldog loves a good bath, you still have to wrangle them into the tub and spend time soaking and scrubbing their fur until it’s clean. Then it’s time to dry them off, clean up the tub, and watch them run around shaking the rest of the water out of their fur all over your home.

Of course, your pup has to go outside more than once or twice a day. On a rainy, snowy, or muddy day, this could mean multiple baths. Besides being inconvenient, this can also be unhealthy for your pup.

Too many baths will strip your dog’s fur and skin of its natural oils, which can lead to dry skin and irritation.

But the alternative to a bath is having your home covered in dirty paw prints and mud.

That’s where dog wipes come in. In just a few minutes each day, you can wipe away dirt, mud, and other debris. Your dog avoids a dreaded bath and you get to keep your home clean. 

On the Go

You can’t take your dog bath with you when you go to the park or take your pup on vacation with you.

But wipes are easy to take with you everywhere. Whether you enjoy hiking with your pup or just visiting the park each week, keeping a pack of wipes in your car means you’ll never need to worry about dirty paw prints on your seats.

french bulldog with e collar

For Families with Allergies

If someone in your home suffers from seasonal allergies or are allergic to pet dander, dog wipes can help with that as well.

Giving your dog a quick wipe down all over his or her coat can help you remove outdoor allergens and keep them out of your home.

Usually, it’s these outdoor allergens that cause reactions for anyone who is allergic to pet dander.

Antibacterial Wipes Vs. Grooming Wipes

Now that you know why dog cleaning wipes can be so useful, it’s time to find the right ones for your pup.

Most doggy wipes on the market fall into one of two categories; antibacterial wipes and grooming wipes. While these two types of wipes may look similar, they actually serve very different purposes.

Antibacterial Pet Wipes

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Antibacterial wipes are designed to treat specific skin conditions.

Bulldogs, for instance, may suffer from fungus growing in their thick skin folds. An antibacterial wipe can be used to wipe away this fungus and keep your pet clean and healthy.

Other examples of uses for antibacterial wipes are for dogs with floppy years who may develop yeast infections inside or for dogs with skin conditions around their paws caused by allergies. You can also use antibacterial wipes to treat minor cuts and scrapes on your pet to prevent infections.

The antiseptic properties of antibacterial wipes can help you treat everything from fungal growths to yeast infections to bacteria. Not only do they help keep your pet healthier, but they can also cut down on unpleasant odors caused by these conditions.

Grooming Pet Wipes

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While antibacterial pet wipes serve an important purpose, they aren’t designed for everyday clean-ups after a messy walk outside.

Grooming wipes are designed to be more gentle than antibacterial wipes. They have fewer chemicals, so you can use them more often without worrying about irritating your dog’s skin.

Use these wipes to clean up muddy paws, wipe dusty bellies, or to get the dirt from around a wet nose after a good dig in the backyard. Just avoid wiping the nose directly, as you could dry it out. If you notice your pet’s nose seems dry, nose butter, not wipes, are the answer.

What to Consider When Choosing Dog Wipes for Your Pet

Once you’ve decided whether antibacterial or grooming wipes are the better choice for your pet, it’s time to get shopping.

With so many options out there, it can be confusing to figure out which wipes to buy. Here are a few features you should consider to help you make the right choice.

Check for Dangerous Ingredients

Just because a wipe is designed to be used on your pet’s skin doesn’t necessarily mean that its a safe choice.

Some wipes on the market today feature ingredients that could be dangerous to your pet.

One ingredient you should avoid is alcohol. While rubbing alcohol has antiseptic properties for humans, it targets bacteria by changing the pH of our skin as it breaks down natural oils. On your pet, this can affect their body’s ability to fight bacteria on its own.

One mistake some pet owners make is thinking that baby wipes are safe for dogs. After all, if you can use them on a newborn’s sensitive skin, shouldn’t you be able to use them on a dog as well?

But babies aren’t licking their skin as a dog might. Plus, your dog’s skin has a very different pH from humans. While baby wipes are safe for people, they may change the pH of your dog’s skin and cause painful irritations.

When shopping for antibacterial or grooming wipes, look for those that are chemical-free, with limited ingredients.

Consider Your Pet’s Sensitive Skin

If you already know that your dog has sensitive skin or allergies, you’ll need to be even more careful with the ingredients in your chosen wipes.

There are several hypoallergenic dog wipe options on the market. While there is still a chance that they could cause a reaction, these are the best place to start when choosing wipes.

Any time you are using a new product on your pet, test it on a small area and wait to see if your dog has a reaction before using it elsewhere.

If your dog has had allergic reactions to products in the past, it might be best to check with your vet about finding a pet wipe that will be safe to use on his or her skin.

Skip the Scent

Even if you’re using pet wipes to help reduce odors that your pet is bringing inside, it’s best to skip the scents.

Simply cleaning up bacteria, fungi, or dirt should leave your pet smelling fresh. Don’t risk causing a skin reaction by also opting for a fresh-smelling wipe.

Using Pet Wipes Properly

Once you’ve picked the best dog wipes for your pet, make sure that you know how to use them.

Pet wipes should only be used for their intended purpose. For instance, you should never use your antibacterial wipes to clean mud off your pet’s paws. The chemicals in the wipe could cause a rash on your pet and are too harsh for daily cleaning.

In the same way, dog grooming wipes don’t have the anti-bacterial properties you need to treat yeast or fungal infections.

Either type of pet wipe isn’t safe to use near your dog’s eyes or mouth. If you need to treat tear stains, use a remover designed for the job rather than your grooming or antibacterial wipes.

Keeping Your Pet Clean and Fresh

Now that you know how to choose and use the right dog wipes for your four-legged best friend, it’s time to get cleaning.

Of course, there are some situations that your dog wipes just can’t treat. For instance, a run-in with a skunk. 

If your dog has found itself in a stinky situation, check out this guide next to learn the best way to remove the skunk smell from your dog.

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