Train Your Dog Effortlessly with the Mini Educator E Collar

Dog training collars use low level vibrations or or a mild electric stimulation to help foster obedience. Whether you’re trying to stop an aggressive behavior, teach your dog to walk with a leash, or encourage desired behavior the proper use of a dog training collar can be the best tool in your toolbox. One of my favorite tools is the 300 Educator E-Collar remote dog training collar and in my opinion, it is the best electronic dog training collar on the market. 

Why Use an Electronic Dog Training Collar In Your Dog’s Training?

As a professional dog trainer it is my job to find solutions for the pain points in my client’s life.  This means coming up with creative ideas to stop anxious, nervous, aggressive and even overly excited behaviors from having a negative impact on both the dogs and their human’s life.
But the challenge doesn’t stop there. Not only do these options have to produce impressive results but it’s best and most successful when it is both easily and realistically incorporated into their lifestyle, in a way that goes with the grain and not against it.
The object is to not make more work for either end of the leash and still bring peace of mind and joy into a stress fee environment for everyone in the household.
My clients are often feeling stuck, overwhelmed, helpless, frustrated and at the end of their rope. Without seeing some serious changes in their dog’s behavior, some of them may even be at risk of losing their homes over it. Feeling ashamed and judged by everyone around them, they often think to themselves “I would do anything to fix this” yet still feel stuck and left with a feeling of wasted strenuous efforts and little results to show for it.
It’s essential to provide these training solutions as soon as possible in order to allow people to reconnect with their dogs, enjoy their company again and ultimately keep them and their house as a forever part of the family. Without helping my clients find what works for them, many of them would soon be without a dog at their home.

But Wait?!  Isn’t It Cruel and Will Hurt My Dog?

I’m happy to answer this question with a confident No.  This is Not a “Shock collar” as you may know it.  The newest technology has been able to transform what was once a harsh old-school shock collar to a now gentle muscle stimulator. This is a completely different kind of sensation which is simply able to get the dog’s attention without being bothersome. Unfortunately, similar type products have been used in the past with the sole purpose of correction and correction only.
Current products on the market such an invisible fence collars and most automatic bark collars still use the “shock” factor as the main correction. However, not all collars are created equal and for this particular product, many trainers have collaborated with engineer’s who have worked together to advance this tool to a what is now: a fair and adequate way of communication with your dog. This collar stimulates the muscle and the way of a contraction which is then positively paired with food so the dog understands the new sensation to be associated with something good. This conditioned introduction of the collar to the dog teaches him that even at a large distance away from his owner, when he feels that stimulation he is to return back to his human for a reward.
Having all my clients try the collar on themselves as a requirement first, they’re often very surprised. The most common response is “oh, that’s it? That’s not anything like I thought it would be.” When asked what does it feel like and does it hurt – my  response  is  that it feels like pins and needles like when your foot falls asleep. Another comparison is if they have ever experienced a TENS unit used in physical therapy. Just like the collar, it contracts the muscle, simple as that. Clients  are then in furthermore disbelief when their dog is able to work and respond at a level even lower than they were able to feel a recognize themselves.

The Best Electronic Dog Training Collar On The Market

After months of research, I finally landed on the remote collar… Specifically the Mini Educator made by E-Collar Technologies. Having been able to incorporate this into numerous families, countless dogs have been saved and the quality of life has gone up dramatically for everyone all around.

Now there are a number of factors to consider before opting into purchasing and utilizing an “e-collar” for your dog. 

First off, be sure to ask yourself why and for what behaviors specifically could I use this for?
If the answers coming up for these questions are wanting to address issues such as jumping, barking, pulling on the leash, coming when called, staying when told, counter surfing, climbing on furniture, digging in the backyard, stealing / chewing / destroying furniture or personal items, guarding or aggressive possession of food or other items, setting boundaries and things of the like, then this tool could be an excellent addition to your training arsenal. 
If you also struggle with timing of interrupting certain behaviors and not being able to “catch him in time” than this is another great opportunity that will help support your efforts tremendously. 
Physical health concerns and limitations are also a big contributing factor as well. One of the strongest points about using this tool is that it does the work for you. That means you do not have to physically manipulate, hold back or fight with the dog himself. This is truly a hands-off approach that does not require physical strength which makes this an excellent and very unique option over other training alternatives.
The remote collar is also as consistent as it gets. The communication feels the exact same no matter who is pushing the button which means your voice doesn’t have to be as deep as your husband’s or as high as your wife’s in order for the dog to trust, respect and listen to what it is you’re asking him to do. No more giving you a hard time, this tool is your backup and reinforcement so your dog is able to truly understand what you say goes, end of discussion. 

However, this does not mean that you can just simply purchase a remote collar, slap it on your dog, push a button and all is good.

It is absolutely crucial that the collar is introduced to both you and your dog in a very specific manner. This is not suggested to be a DIY or learn as you go experience. There is a particularly detailed process about how to go about using this collar which should only be done with a professional fluently trained in e-collars. 
If you are looking for a quick fix to do at home by yourself with little to no effort or education than this equipment is not for you. It is both a commitment and investment which is not to be taken lightly.

The Mini Educator ET300 is a remote training collar made to enhance communication between humans and their canine companions.

This wireless form of communication can reach your dog up to a half a mile away with instant clarity. That’s almost a distance of 9 football fields away from you! Can you even imagine your dog being that far? This tool will give you both the freedom to truly enjoy nature, adventure and the outdoors together with a good insurance policy of a trusted bond and an obedient response.
The Mini Educator will help increase your dog’s reliability, consistency, response time and dependability all in the face of the ultimate distractions. With a hundred different levels to choose from, there is a level that matches each and every temptation. 
This remote collar system is a way to reach out with that go-go-gadget arm, tap on your dog’s shoulder from 880 yards away and say “stop chasing the deer and come back to me now“. With this new level of freedom comes tremendous trust and an absolutely amazing bond that you simply did not have before.
This collar has been revised time and time again over the years to its current state. Originally created for silent and discrete communication with hunting dogs out in the field to go left, right, lay low, comeback etc etc, has now been adjusted and catered to the pet dog. 
This version allows us to communicate with our four-legged loved ones both inside the house and out. That’s right, you could use this for a number of commands and behaviors inside the house too! The size of this model in particular also allows for use on even the smallest breeds of dogs.
If you feel like there is a gap between you and your dog which is leading to thoughts and phrases like “selective hearing”, “he listens when he wants to”,  “oh, he knows what I want”, “when he feels like it”, “he knows when I can’t catch him”, “he’ll listen if you have a cookie” or “I would never take him off leash” then this product may be the answer you’re looking for. 
If you are searching for something to change your life and give you a dog that trusts and respects you in a way that just makes life so much easier and more enjoyable than this is your chance. 


-Stimulation and vibration options
-Built-in flashlight
-Emergency boost to promptly go from communication to correction 
-Easy to read digital display 
-Comfortable stop watch shape and size


-Has to be charged
-Commonly misunderstood 
-Can be misused if not trained how to use it properly

The ET-300 Mini Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar Has Earned My Vote As The Best Electronic Dog Training Collar

This particular model of remote collars actually has a hundred different levels to choose from which means you can dial down your communication or correction to be as subtle or obvious as necessary. These levels are always able to be changed so you are never set or stuck on something that may not work for a particular situation.
With an easy knob dial and a clear digital display, you always know exactly what level you’re on and what’s working. Lights also change when the remote is connecting with the collar so you know for sure whether or not the signal is being received on the other end. 
The vibration option is also a great correction/deterrent to interrupt a dogs negative behavior as well. Things like staying off the couch, the counters and out of the trash can easily and very quickly come to a halt.
With a half a mile radius, this also empowers owners to be able to reach and effectively communicate with their dogs that may even be out of sight or earshot.
In using different sequence techniques and patterns, your dog is able to learn a whole new language. Similar to Morse code in that one pattern means this verse another pattern means that. All this silent communication is able to eliminate the panicky,  frustrating and embarrassing yelling and screaming that might currently be going on.
If your French Bulldog is being fresh, naughty or stubborn and you’re done feeling bad, helpless and aggravated then reach out to a professional dog trainer in your local area and seek some professional guidance on how to most effectively use this electronic dog training collar.  If you are in New Hampshire then reach out to us at Really Special Animals for support on how we can help transform your life with this remote training collar.  You can contact us directly through our website at and for more details on the electronic training dog collar I recommend check it out here
For more French Bulldog training information you can visit this section of our site:

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