Dog Nose Butter – AKA Snout Butter To Help Your French Bulldog’s Nose

A wet nose on a dog is a healthy nose.  My last dog Noble (also a Bulldog) always had a dry cracked nose especially as she aged.  I didn’t want this to happen to my French Bulldog Augie so I researched dog nose butter and snout butter to help protect his nose from the harsh New Hampshire Winters and more.  

Why Might Your French Bulldog’s Nose Get Dry?  

It has been said that a wet nose on a dog is a healthy nose.  It is perfectly natural for your Frenchie’s nose to get dry while he is sleeping.  Going all night without naturally moisturizing his nose by licking will do that.  Upon waking most dogs will lick their nose and it will be wet again in no time.   

Dog hyperkeratosis is a skin condition in which excess keratin is made.  It can affect their nose and foot pads.  It can be a hardening or increase in thickness.   This can eventually lead to excessive drying and cracking.  

French bulldog dry nose

French Bulldogs Are A Brachycephalic Dog breed And are prone to dry nose

French Bulldogs are Brachycephalic dog and thus have short snouts.  Since Frenchies have short snouts they can have difficulty licking their nose. Applying some nose butter or snout butter can help moisturize it and keep it from drying out. 

Winter Can Be a Challenge For Your French Bulldog’s Nose

I live in New Hampshire and we have some tough Winters here in the Northeast.  Sometimes I even wake up with a dry, scratchy throat this time of year.  The flow of warm dry air from the heating vents can cause this.  This warm, dry air in your house can have the same outcome on your French bulldog’s nose. The location of your Frenchie’s dog crate especially if it is near a vent may be something you want to consider.  You may want to move his crate away from the vent if your Frenchie is having dry nose issues. 

Winter in and of itself usually consists of low temperatures and cold air.  You want to keep your Frenchie protected during the harsh Winter in as many ways as you can.  The cold air and blustery Winter winds can contribute to a dry nose for your Frenchie.  Getting dry and chapped lips can happen to you just as easily to your French bulldog’s nose. 

old french bulldog

Older French Bulldogs Can Be Prone To Dry Nose Issues

As I mentioned my older bulldog Noble suffered from a dry cracked nose.  The older she got the worse her nose became.  It is common for older dogs to have a dry cracked nose.  Some nose butter for your older dog will help keep it moist and protected from drying out.

What Exactly Is Nose Butter / Snout Butter?  

Most of the dog nose butters and snout butters on the market that I reviewed contain a combination of shea butter and natural oils.  Coconut oil is a frequent ingredient in many of these dog nose butters.  Most of the best snout butter options I saw had these ingredients and some other oils.  Most are all-natural ingredients and perfectly safe for your French Bulldog.  

How Does Nose Butter and Snout Butter Work? 

Nose Butter also known as Snout butter is a moisturizer that helps to protect and condition your French bulldog’s nose.  After applying the nose butter some of the natural oils soak in to your dog’s dry nose.  The heavy shea butters absorb into your dog’s nose and the combination helps bring extra moisturizing benefits.

What Are The Best Dog Nose Butter and Snout Butter Options? 

In my research I found there are a bunch of great nose butter and snout butter options available to help keep your French Bulldog’s nose from getting dry and cracked.  

Snout Magic: 100% Organic and Natural Dog Nose Butter 

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Natural Dog Company – Snout Soother

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Tips On How To Use Dog Nose Butter / Snout Butter Most Effectively 

After experimenting with the dog nose butter I found some tips that are helpful in how to best use it and apply it.  

  1. Warm it up – I found that if you take the dog nose butter and warm it up before applying that it can absorb quicker.  You don’t need to microwave it or anything.  Just some body heat will do the trick.  You can put it in your pocket for a bit before applying or just scoop some out and warm it in the palms of your hand.  
  2. Dab it on their nose – Dab it on your French bulldog’s nose
  3. No need to rub it in – No need to rub the dog nose butter in – his body heat will melt
  4. Distraction is Key – Try to distract your Frenchie from licking the nose butter.  After applying it try to distract them with doggy play time.  Alternatively you can give them their dinner, give them a cookie or my favorite method which is to give them a Himalayan dog chew treat.  
  5. Dry Nose Protocol – If your French Bulldog’s nose gets really dry repeat this process 2 to 3 times a day for a few days in a row or until his nose is back in shape
  6. Maintenance Plan – Then use the dog nose butter as needed for maintenance (usually 1-2x a week)

Conclusion – Final Thoughts On Dog Nose Butter / Snout Butter For Your Frenchie

As I stated above “a healthy nose is a wet nose.”  A good dog nose butter / snout butter can help to keep your dog’s nose moisturized and protected.  It is perfect for a Frenchie who has to experience cold Winters, or an aging French Bulldog who could use a little extra help keeping their nose healthy.  The dog nose butters above should help quite a bit!  

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