Choosing the Perfect Dog Urn to Honor Your French Bulldog

If you’ve owned a French bulldog, you know how loving they can be. As much joy they give us in life, as heartbreaking it is when we have to say the final goodbye.

In the midst of your grief, you should also decide how you honor your fur baby’s memory. If you are considering cremation, there are many things you should take into consideration, but the choice of a dog urn is usually the toughest choice you’ll have to make. You will want to find an urn that reflects your pet’s personality and keep the memories you shared together memorialized. Read on to find out more about this difficult choice.

Why Do People Choose To Cremate Their Dog?

Cremation is a big step for pet parents. It’s usually a far more economical choice than pet burial. Many owners prefer burial because they believe it’s the perfect way to memorialize their pets. They could spend money on a monument to their pet’s memory. Most of the rest of us pet parents don’t go in for all that ceremony, but having a spot to go to remember our beloved pet would be lovely. The cost of burial for pets shouldn’t just be considering the funeral costs, but rather all the maintenance that you’d need to keep the grave clean.

Cremation gives pet owners a chance to say goodbye to their pets in a way that’s cost-effective but that also celebrates their memory. Getting pet urns for dogs that suit your style and interior decor is easy, but not all pet parents keep all the ashes in the urn either. Some save the urn as a symbolic representation of the companion they lost, but they sometimes opt to scatter their pet’s ashes in their favorite spots. Cremation isn’t complicated and doesn’t really have that much in terms of maintenance to do. Most veterinarians will be able to direct you to a funeral home that does cremation for pets. Your French bulldog deserves a cremation that’s fit for a royal.

Scattering Pet Ashes

If you’re looking to memorialize your pet, you can scatter the ashes from your urn at an appropriate location. Scattering urns are an excellent option for pet owners who intend to go this route. Usually, when a French bulldog owner decides to scatter ashes, they choose a spot that their dog loved when they were alive. Some of the best places for scattering ashes include parks, trails, camping grounds, or in the garden where your French bulldog loved to spend their time. Scattering urns are great for this purpose because they can be opened and reclosed. If you have several places you’d like to scatter your pet’s ashes, you can keep them stored in the urn until that time. Most owners also choose to keep some of their pet’s ashes over the long term as well, since it gives them a constant reminder.

Keeping Ashes at Home

Some pet owners don’t want to part with their French bulldog’s ashes. Instead of keeping them in temporary pet urns for dogs, they prefer something more permanent. Thanks to how customizable pet urns for dogs have become, it’s easy to find an urn that suits your French bulldog’s personality and blends with your interior decor as well. However, you aren’t limited to having a regular pet urn either. Some French bulldog urns can double as planters, giving new life to something else from the loving remains of your pet. Aside from being an everlasting addition to the household, the plant serves as a memorial to your pet that left you all too soon. Bonsai trees are an excellent addition for a pet-urn planter as well.

Adding the Ashes to Glass or Jewelry

Some pet owners prefer a more long-term memorial for their pets. Adding the ashes to glass that goes into a coffee table or other permanent fixture is a viable way to keep the pet as part of the family. On occasion, more decadent owners may want to add the ashes to jewelry, ensuring their pet is always near their hearts. In either of these cases, the amount of ashes added to the glass or jewelry is pretty tiny, and the rest of it could easily be stored in pet urns for dogs. French bulldogs deserve to be memorialized in this way, given their standing as such loyal and dedicated pets.

Choosing the Right Dog Urn for Your French Bulldog

Once you decide how you’re going to honor your French bulldog’s ashes, you have a few options for the choice of an urn.

1. Size of the Dog Urn

The size of the urn needs to be decided beforehand. You don’t want an urn that’s too small to hold the pet’s ashes. However, you don’t need a massive container since you might have difficulty finding a place to put it. Usually, you’d be considering an urn that has one cubic inch per pound of your French bulldog. This estimate ensures that you don’t get an urn that’s too small to hold the ashes. Anything larger than this estimate should be fine.

2. Material the Urn Is Made Of

Some pet owners prefer to go for an eco-friendly urn that may biodegrade over time. For more permanent memorials, pet owners have a choice of several materials. Traditional urns come in ceramics and marble. More decadent tastes can be accommodated by marble urns that have been hand-crafted by an expert. Wooden urns might seem like a low-cost option, but some of the most unique urns you will find are hand-carved wooden ones. The urn you choose should reflect your pet’s personality and be a constant reminder of their presence in your home.

3. Costs of the Dog Urn

Urns can be costly if they’re made of certain materials. Heavier containers and those with more craftwork on the surface can be expensive. Those that lack the intricate workings or prints might be worth a lot less. Depending on where you source your urns from, there’s usually a broad range of prices. Choose one that shows how much you were dedicated to your pet. The extra cost will show in the presentation.

4. Style of the Dog Urn

Not all urns are designed equal. Some have more presence and show up more profoundly within a home. Others are more restrained and rely on less of an in-your-face approach. When choosing the style of urn for your French bulldog, always consider the pet’s personality. When you see the urn, you’ll be immediately reminded of their presence, and it’ll be just like if they were present themselves.

Dog Urn Options To Consider

There are many options available to choose the best urn to memorialize your beloved French Bulldog.  Here are some to consider.

1. Mittens and Max Pet Urns

dog urns

The team at Mittens and Max Pet Urns believe all pets are precious and that their life and death are valuable.  They have been in the funeral business for nearly a century so they have been offering dependability for your beloved pet’s memorial, keepsakes, and pet loss needs.  They have some lovely pet urns and other keepsakes to honor your pet’s memory.  You can learn more about the various options they have on their website here.

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2. Best Friend Services Pet Urn – Ottillie Paws Memorial Pet Cremation Urn

This is a solid aluminum pet urn with a threaded screw on lid for secure sealing.  It is made of solid brass with hand carved paw prints decorating the side.  It also comes in some various color options that you can choose from.

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3. Pearhead Dog Personalized Memory Box Keepsake

This is another option of a dog urn where you can honor your dog’s legacy in this beautiful personalized memory box keepsake urn.  You can order this memory keepsake in a variety of different finishes like espresso, black, or white.  It will securely contain your pet’s ashes while also featuring a favorite photo and even a paw print from your beloved dog.

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Don’t Rush The Decision on Choosing The Right Dog Urn To Honor Your Pup’s Memory

One of the things many pet owners do is try to rush the decision. Feeling grief at the loss of a pet is natural, and rushing through the process of a memorial doesn’t benefit anyone. Take the time you need to grieve and revisit the memorial when you can. It’s more important to have a clear head when choosing pet urns for dogs of such standing as French bulldogs. You should think carefully about what best represents your pet and what they brought to your life. The time you take to choose will be reflected in how much the final decision reminds you of them.

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