What is The Best Ball Throwing Machine For Dogs?

Having an active, happy French bulldog is the goal of each dog owner. Unfortunately, some of us are not capable of keeping our pets entertained or keeping up with their boundless energy levels. You can still keep your Frenchie active by buying a ball-throwing machine for dogs. A dog toy contributes to the well-being of your dog, as shown below.

Why You Should Buy a Ball Throwing Machine for Your Dog

People tend to treat their dogs as family pets. All they want is the dog to stay cute and calm, especially for French bulldogs. Dogs are born natural hunters. Keeping a dog restrained does not benefit the dog in any way.
You may want to play around with your dog, but that is not applicable all the time. You have to run errands, work, and catch up with friends. Frenchie might not be comfortable around other dogs. So, taking him for a dog playgroup is not an option. You may be incapable of playing with Frenchie.

Over the long period that I have owned French dogs, I have struggled and failed to keep them happy. There are no time management tips I haven’t used to fix a playtime for my dog. The struggle ended when I learned about dog toys. Toys like a ball throwing machine keep your dog busy and active while you do other things.

Benefit of Playing with Dog Ball Launchers Compared to The Traditional Common Way of Playing for Dogs

An active dog will be less aggressive and happier. You will also feel less guilty for not playing with Frenchie. Below are the benefits of getting your dog a dog ball launcher.

Reduces Aggression

An active dog has low chances of becoming aggressive. The traditional way of playing requires you to be available. Being always there for your dog is not applicable all the time. Frenchie may develop anger and aggression. A tennis ball launcher for dogs will make your dog active and blissful.

Throws The Ball For You

The dog ball launchers throw the ball to the Frenchie. He will be running most of the time there, keeping feet and developing solid mental abilities.

Keep Your Dog Busy While You Do Other Stuff

You can run your errands and concentrate at work while your dog is playing. An automatic ball thrower for dogs can make your dog entertained and occupied.

Older Pet Owners Can Still Play

Old pet owners can play with their dogs without a lot of effort. An automatic ball thrower for dogs will improve the time you spend with your dog.

Develop Confidence In Your French Bulldog

The dog develops confidence when they figure out how to use the ball throwing machine.

Finding the best dog ball launcher for your dog will improve his 30-minute playtime.

Training Frenchie How to Use the Automatic Ball Thrower for Dogs

Finding the best dog ball thrower in the market is not a struggle. Incorporating a machine in the dog playtime is the hardest part. The dog may become reluctant to use the device.
You can train your dog to use the machine over time until they are comfortable with the device. A few tips listed below will help your dog get familiar with the tennis ball launcher for dogs.

Start small

Introduce the dog to the machine with 10 minutes of playing session a day. Long and many training sessions will be stressful for a beginner dog. They may end up hating the device more.

Try Different Ways of Using The Ball Thrower

Try different ways of using the automatic ball thrower for dogs with your pup. Only fetching the ball will not benefit your dog. You use other ways to make Frenchie get comfortable around the machine.

Train Your Frenchie To Put The Ball Back

Teach your pup how to put the ball back into the launcher. Training him to put the ball back in the machine will take a lot of time. Award the dog every time they get closer to achieving the goal when you instruct them.
You can leave Frenchie to play on his alone once he is comfortable with the machine.

3 Factors to Consider When Buying Ball Throwers for Dogs

Finding the best dog ball launcher to fit your need differs based on some factors. Below are the most common factors to consider before buying a ball thrower for dogs.

1.  Price

There are a variety of ball throwing machines for dogs. Each device has a different price depending on its brand and its operational ability. You should have a clear budget so that you can find the best dog’s ball launcher with ease.
Automatic ball throwing machines are expensive compared to manual ball launchers.

2.  Size of Your Dog

Most launchers come with standard balls for medium size and enormous dogs. It will help if you buy specific ball launchers for small dogs if you have a smaller dog. Some of the launchers accommodate the standard size and mini-sized tennis balls.

3.  Indoor or outdoor

Most of the time, playing happens in the backyard or a park. There are a variety of launchers with a wide throwing range for your dog. Buy a launcher with a short throwing range if you are using the launcher indoors.
There are dog ball launchers that fit both indoor and outdoor settings during a play day.

French bulldog chasing ball

The Best Ball Launching Machines for Dogs – Pick The Right One For Your French Bulldog

From the time I discovered ball throwers for dogs, I have gained a few favorites. Most of these machines are simple to use. They improved Frenchie’s playtime. My top 5 favorite picks that you can get today are as follows;

1. iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs

The IFetch automatic throwing machine for dogs is one of the most common launchers. This machine is simple to use and has a distinct feature that makes your pup enjoy playtime.
Most automatic launchers are expensive. The interactive ball launcher eliminates the struggle of finding an effective ball launcher. You can enjoy some good qualities and of the machine at an affordable price.
• The interactive ball launcher is flexible. You can set the machine at a random setting, throwing the ball in a different direction. The dog’s engagement with the game reduces the chances of him getting bored.
• Adjustable distance feature. IFetch launcher comes with three shooting distances you can adjust for your dog. The distance is 10, 25, and 40 feet. You can thus use the launcher indoors or outdoors.
• The launcher has a rechargeable battery. You can charge it before playtime and reward your dog with a fantastic day. The charge also saves on the expenses of switching batteries.
• iFetch launchers have a one-year warranty. You can thus return the machine in case of damages within one year of use.
• Their design is for small dogs. The launcher has a mini tennis ball that giant French bulldogs cannot use.
• The performance of the tennis balls deteriorates if they get wet or dirty.

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2. PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy

PetSafe ball launcher is another best automatic ball launcher on the list. The launcher comes with different features that make it desirable and efficient.
• PetSafe automatic launcher has a safe detector. They detect when there is a human or other pet within a range of 7 feet. The feature helps prevent unnecessary accidents.
• The launcher is ideal for both indoors and outdoors. PetSafe has a varied distance of 8 to 30 feet. It also has a six-angle setting and nine shooting distance settings. The launcher will keep your dog engaged even when you are not closer.
• PetSafe has a 15-minute playtime and 15 minutes rest intervals. You can leave your dog to play alone when you run some errands. Your dog can rest between games.
• The launcher comes with an electrical power cord. This device also works in a wireless setting. You can use it in the field or indoors.
• PetSafe launcher is small in size. You can carry the machine to the field for your pup’s playday without a lot of struggles. The device also occupies small space for storage.
PetSafe automatic machine is easy to set up. Any member of the family can thus have a good time with the dog with minor inconveniences.
• PetSafe launcher is expensive.
• The launcher has a fixed 15 minutes resting time. An adjustable timer would help, especially when you are training the dog to use the machine.

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3.  AFP Automatic Ball Launcher


All For Paws automatic launcher is another best ball launcher for dogs. The fact that the launcher is small makes it more desirable for small and medium dogs.
• All For Paws launcher has a 3-distance adjustable setting. The 10, 20, 30 shooting distance setting is suitable for different environments.
• The AFP launcher is sleek and looks very nice. Some dog owners may choose the launcher because of the way it looks.
• You get a 3-year warranty when you buy the AFP ball launcher. The warranty period goes a step further to show that AFP is also a high-quality launcher.
• All For Paws ball launcher comes with three standard tennis balls. Frenchie will have the best playtime when he has more balls.
• AFP launcher is small and portable. You can set it indoors or on a field for perfect playtime for your puppy.
• All For Paws ball launcher has six rechargeable batteries and a power cord. The batteries ensure that you are having the best playtime without fear of the machine going off. The launcher works indoors while connected to the power source.
• The machine only accommodates dogs that weigh 30lbs or less. You cannot buy this sleek launcher for big dogs.
• The machine does not grip a wet or dirty ball.
• AFP produces a loud noise when it is launching, which may scare your dog.
It will help if you supervise your dog’s playtime to avoid accidents.

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4.  IDOGMATE Interactive Automatic Tennis Ball Throwers for Dogs

IDOGMATE is the last automatic ball throwing machine on the list. The launcher is for dogs with 30lbs and above. However, You can also use small-sized tennis balls for the smaller dogs. This machine design ensures that Frenchie has a good playtime without any inconvenience.
• IDOGMATE launcher has long-lasting rechargeable batteries. The machine also runs from the power source.
• The machine can survive up to 1000 balls throws. Your pup can play for many hours without the machine jamming.
• The machine has an adjustable multiple-distance setting. The setting makes the dog entertained and active.
• This automatic launching machine comes with remote control. You can change the launching distance.
• The machine is enormous. The large box ensures that the dog is safe during playtime.
• IDOGMATE has a large funnel for throwing the balls in. Your puppy can develop confidence when returning the balls in the launcher. It is which is harder to miss the horn.
• The design also prevents wet or dirty tennis balls from getting stuck inside.
• The machine has a straightforward user interface. Frenchie can use this machine with a lot of confidence and have fun.
• The machine produces a loud noise that can scare the dog.
• The launcher’s plastic material breaks.
• The machine is expensive.

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5.  Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster

Nerf ball blaster is the only manual ball launching machine on the list. The manual launcher is simple to use. You put the ball in the launcher, pull the handle at the back and release the ball. The ball goes up to a distance of 50 feet.
• The launcher comes in 3 different sizes. Any person in the family can use the machine to give pups the best playtime.
• The manual machine is affordable compared to an automatic ball thrower for dogs.
• Easy to operate.
• Perfect for teaching your dog new tricks
• Nerf tennis ball baster is ideal for different size dogs. This machine accommodates tennis balls of various sizes.
• Nerf ball baster machine has a high launching distance. Your dog will have fun when fetching the ball up to 50 feet away.
• The machine is the safest of all the devices on the list since the pet owner does the throws.
• Works for both indoors and outdoors setting.
• It is easy to find a tennis balls replacement in case your dog is a heavy chewer.
• Humans operate the machine. You cannot leave the dog to play alone when you are busy. The device is also not ideal for old dog owners.
• The balls are not durable, especially if your dog is a heavy chewer.

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Final Thoughts on The Best Ball Throwing Machine For Dogs

All the machines on my favorite picklist have unique features for a perfect dog playtime. This machine keeps your dog entertained while still bonding with you. PetSafe is far much the best dog ball launcher on the list.
PetSafe has a safe detector that helps you avoid unnecessary injuries. The automatic machine has a 15-minute timer for playing and a 15-minute timer for rest time. The rest is essential in enabling your dog to take a break before they continue with the game.

PetSafe has rechargeable batteries an electrical power cord. You can use it indoors or outdoors, depending on your mood. The flexibility of using the machine is worth the price. The launching distance setting is adjustable with different angle settings. You can switch the distance and angle, so your dog does not get used to the same direction. The machine is small and easy to use. Your dog will not strain to understand how it works. You can do your errands when the dog is enjoying some playtime alone.

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