Combating French Bulldog Diabetes

French Bulldogs are susceptible to canine diabetes, a potentially life-threatening disease not unlike its human equivalent.  The best way to deal with French Bulldog diabetes is prevention.  That’s always the best option, so it’s critical that you properly manage your dog’s eating habits, monitor his blood sugar levels, and provide necessary medication.

Like humans, French Bulldog Diabetes can come in a couple forms:

Diabetes insipidus (“Water diabetes”).

Characterized by a lack of anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) or vasopressin that regulates how the bulldog’s kidneys absorb water; i.e. water retention.

Diabetes mellitus (“Sugar diabetes”).

Type I Diabetes: Also known as juvenile dog diabetes, since it occurs in a bulldog’s early years.

Type II Diabetes: Usually inflicts insulin-deficient older dogs. A bulldog’s inability to metabolize sugar (glucose) makes Type II extremely dangerous.

Aging dogs are more susceptible to diabetes, as are larger, overweight dogs – especially females.  Avoiding this disease depends on your bulldog’s pancreatic efficiency; i.e. how well does the pancreas secret the right level of insulin to transport glucose to the body’s cells.

Look for these diabetic symptoms in your French Bulldog:

  • Excessive thirst (dehydration).
  • More frequent urination.
  • Drastic weight loss.
  • Increased appetite.
  • Sudden cataract formation.

Diabetes is both a hereditary and endocrine disease, and as such can lead to autoimmune difficulties.  As part of early diagnosis, your French bulldog’s veterinarian should order and perform a blood sugar test.  If your Frenchie is at risk, you must rigorously monitor him to ensure he remains stable in day-to-day life.  This is also a good time to review your dog’s diet and medication.  Eating the right foods on a consistent basis and getting regular check-ups are healthy choices for your canine.  

Here’s How To Tell If Your French Bulldog Has Diabetes:

How Your French Bulldog Can Lose Weight

I saw this video recently on Facebook about a 173-pound golden retriever who was neglected and almost put to sleep by his previous owners.  Thankfully a foster dog mom stepped in when the vets knew there was hope for Kai on a strict diet and fitness routine. Watch this amazing dog lose over 100 pounds and half his body weight.  It’s not complicated and this same plan could be followed to help an overweight French Bulldog lose weight in a healthy manner.  

Your French Bulldog already has diabetes? 

Don’t despair.  As with humans, properly administered insulin injections can help him enjoy an active life and continue without hindrance for years to come.

Canine diabetes should not be taken lightly, since it can also lead to cardiovascular disease and blood circulation issues.  Keep an eye out for signals that your bulldog’s health is deteriorating, and be proactive with treatments before it’s too late.  Maintaining a healthy activity and a proper food intake can go a long way too!

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