French Bulldog Crate Training – Some crate training ideas for your French Bulldog

Crates are popular with dog owners, because they facilitate house training, travel, and at-home containment of their Frenchies.  A key factor in French Bulldog crate Training is to make your pet’s crate a personal comfort zone within an already welcoming home.  While it may not compare to Snoopy’s doghouse from the Peanuts comic strip, they should prove invaluable for house training, sleeping and other “peace-making” issues.

Before You Begin French Bulldog crate Training Be Sure To Get The Right Size crate For Your French Bulldog

Before you can start crate training you of course need to get a crate that fits your French Bulldog.  Check out this article I wrote on the topic for some insights on the best crate size for your French Bulldog.  There are lots of crate options out there for all kinds of dog owners and it really depends on your needs and personal preferences.  We went with a plastic dog crate.   

Keep in mind that French Bulldogs react differently when introduced to crates

Regardless of your Frenchie’s personality, always ease into crate training and usage.  There is a fear factor to overcome, so forcing a dog into any confined area risks traumatizing him for a long time.  Your goal is to make the dog enter the crate voluntarily.  When successful, French Bulldogs will grow to love their unique private space.

Here’s a video from a dog training I like that introduces you to the topic.  

Introducing a French Bulldog to its crate

A popular tactic in crate training is to use treats (e.g. food) or a favorite toy to entice him towards the new enclosure.  Playing with your pet and performing positive actions around the crate will gradually lower his defensiveness around it.  Make sure you place the crate in a good location; i.e. away from high movement areas of the house but somewhere that is not isolated from family activity. We keep our crate inside our bedroom in the corner of the room.  

How to get your French Bulldog to go into the crate

To encourage your French Bulldog to spend time in the crate, place a toy or favorite food inside it.  Don’t get too carried away with this form of bribery, just place the items far enough inside so that the pet only has to stick his head inside to get the reward.  My dog trainer taught me to give a verbal command, “crate Up” as a I threw the dog treat into his crate.  This worked like a charm.  

Don’t be discouraged when you see your dog back out of the crate after only a few moments.  This is normal behavior, and you need to be besides him to comfort and reassure your canine that he is doing the right thing. 

Be patient and Be persistent

Work at crate training every day, and “bribe” your dog to explore his new territory with ease.

As your French Bulldog spends more and more time in his crate, consider putting in a comfortable bed for him to sleep on.  This is the Bolster pad I got that fits right inside the crate.  This can go a long way to rectifying any possessiveness he harbors towards your own bed!  Petting your dog while he is inside will teach him that the crate is a good place, especially if you leave the door open during the early training phase.

French Bulldog crate Training Pro Tip – Making your French Bulldog relaxed in the crate

Positive reinforcement of the crate’s role in your French Bulldog’s life will eventually lowers any barriers to his acceptance of it.  Once you notice that your pet is comfortable in it, try closing the door once without locking it in any way. 

French Bulldogs are big fans of relaxing, so it should not come as a surprise when you see your Frenchie use the crate as a regular retreat or place to sleep.  Never lock him up for extended hours or use it for punishment.

As a final step, make always supply the crate with fresh drinking water and sufficient snacks.

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