Your French Bulldog’s Lay down Command – An Important Part of French Bulldog Training

The “Down” command is a basic yet vital part of master-dog communication.  It will help you keep control when your French Bulldog gets unruly, both at home and in social situations where your Frenchie’s behavior reflects as much on you as it does on your four-legged friend.  This is an important part of French Bulldog training so you’ll definitely want to master this one.  

French Bulldog Training Basics – First Teach Sit, Then Teach The Down Command

Some French Bulldog owners prefer to teach their pet the “Sit” command first, then ease into “Down” as its logical extension.  Get your French Bulldog into the sitting position, then issue your “Down” command while gently pulling his paws outward to lie down.  Pat him and offer your dog a well deserved treat.  Keep practicing this technique until it becomes second nature for your pet.

My dog trainer also had me use dog treats during the teaching of this command.  She had me hold the treat and give the sit command, then I would bring the treat down between my little French Bulldog puppy’s front feet.  His head followed and brought him into the down position.  I found this was the easiest French Bulldog puppy training tactic.  

French Bulldog laying down

However, there is no reason not to train your dog the “Down” command right away. 

In the beginning, you must get your dog to associate lying down with your verbal command.  Monitor your bulldog’s physical movements over a few days so that you can synchronize your “Down” with the canine’s actual motion. 

Here’s a Video Showing How To Teach The Down Command To Your French Bulldog

Don’t forget to praise your dog and give him with a treat for laying down

In the beginning, he will accept the reward without associating it with your command.  However, with time, the French Bulldog will make the connection – provided you follow the formula:

  • “Down” command as pet lies down on the floor.
  • Reward immediately afterwards.

For more reluctant French bulldogs, try the “Down” command with the help of a short leash and collar.  Once your dog is in the sitting position, tap the floor or move his treat to the ground while saying “Down”.  Only use the leash if your bulldog does not budge, and even so, use it gently.

French Bulldog training is a subtle art, so using force and hurting your pet are quite ineffective when compared with gentle encouragement.  Rewards work well with Frenches, just as it does in the human world.  Be patient and resist the urge to punish if your French Bulldog needs extra time to pick up this new skill.

I Hope These Down Command Tips Help You In Your French Bulldog Training

French bulldogs process information at a certain level, so while “Sit” and “Down” may seem obvious to us, it will take patience, extra encouragement, and conciseness to get the message across.  In the end, your training sessions will be well worth it, as your dog firmly grasps an important concept in what is in fact a universal language.  Happy Frenchie training!

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