French Bulldog Ear Infection Causes and How To Treat Them

A French Bulldog’s ear is unfortunately the perfect place to for nasty little organisms that can lead to ear infections.  This has become the most common reason we have brought our little Frenchie to visit the Vet.  According to the science types, the fancy and official term for an ear infection is “otitis.”  It is a catch-all term that doesn’t really reference a specific disease but instead the inflammation and infection of the inner ear.

French Bulldog Stay Command

Here Are Some of the most common Reasons French Bulldogs Can Get An ear infection:

  • Big Frenchie “Bat Ears.”  Due to the physical shape of French Bulldog’s large ears they are inherently more likely to get dust, dirt, and other stuff in their ears.  
  • Yeast.   Once again, this is usually secondary to another problem with your Frenchie’s ears.
  • Bacteria.  This is usually a result of another issue.    
  • Ear mites.  Ear mites are nasty little parasites that are very contagious in dogs.  
  • Food and Environmental Allergies – Many purebred dogs can have food and environmental allergies and French Bulldogs are no exception.  Our last dog which was an English Bulldog has some issues with this but so far our little Frenchie has been much better in this department.  
  • Ear Anatomical Issues.  Depending on the inner structure of your French Bulldog’s ears this can also be an issue that contribute to an ear infection.  Issues such as narrow ear canals, skin folds, growths, etc. 
  • Ear Scratching.  Sometimes when a French Bulldog has an irritated ear it will vigorously scratch and cause physical trauma to the ear.  This can lead to an ear infection as well.  
  • Things that don’t belong in your Frenchie’s Ears.  Outside irritants and foreign objects can certainly lead to an ear infection.  As mentioned above, moisture in the ear can cause this.  Hair, dust, dirt, wax build up and more can be problematic.  
  • Endocrine System Issues.  For some Frenchie’s endocrine disorders like hypothyroidism or Cushing’s syndrome be a problem that leads to this.  


How To Prevent French Bulldog Ear Infections

Here are some suggestions you can follow to help your dog avoid ear infections or a relapse into infection:

  • Keeping your Frenchie’s ears clean can help prevent infection; check out how to clean your French Bulldog’s ears
  • Use an ear cleaner like Zyomax Ear Solution to keep your Frenchie’s ears clean
  • Take care to avoid getting water in your French Bulldog’s ears.  You want to avoid getting moisture in your Frenchie’s ears.  Check out this article on how to properly bathe a French Bulldog.  
  • If your Frenchie does have an ear infection don’t delay and get him treated as soon as you can.  Your Veterinarian can help get this taken care of.  
  • Get Your French Bulldog professionally Dog groomed.  Many dog groomers will clean your French Bulldog’s ears as part of an overall dog grooming package.  This is nice if you want to get your dog’s ears handled by someone else.    
  • Understand how and where to put medication.  Listen to the instructions your Vet gives you.  
  • Schedule a follow-up check up with your Veterinarian.  
  • Just as you would do with a human, be sure to complete all medication prescribed by your Veterinarian even if the ear looks better before the completion of treatment.  

Take Care Of Your French Bulldog Ear Infection To Keep Them Healthy And Happy

Our wonderful French Bulldog’s ears are unfortunately prone to ear infections so do your best to follow this advice to keep them healthy and happy.  

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