Can French Bulldogs Eat Avocados?

You may be wondering if it is ok for your French Bulldog to eat avocados.  You will see conflicting information online about whether is safe or not to feed this fruit (yes, it is a fruit) to your Frenchie.  Avocados are touted as a very healthy food for people to eat but what about for your French Bulldog?  Let’s dive in and I’ll give you some answers.

So, Can French Bulldogs Eat Avocados?

In general, you should not let your French bulldog eat avocado as it can be dangerous for them. While avocado is touted as a super food and contains healthy fatty acids they also have other compounds that can be harmful to dogs.  Avocado has a compound called persin in it.  Persin is a chemical toxin that in higher amounts can cause issues like diarrhea and vomiting in your Frenchie.

The pit or seed of the avocado is very dangerous to your French Bulldog so be sure to keep it out of reach.  There have been instances in our own household when one of our children was cutting open an avocado and they accidentally dropped the avocado pit on the floor.  Thankfully, our Frenchie wasn’t within striking distance or he definitely would have definitely gobbled it up with his lightning fast “oh my, food hit the floor” reflexes.

The highest amounts of persin is in the skin of the avocado so definitely take great care not to let your Frenchie eat any of this.  Some people argue that the actual flesh of the avocado is fine in small amounts for a French Bulldog.  I don’t recommend it because of the safety risks.

whole and half avocados isolated on white background

So, Is Avocado Poisonous To a French Bulldog?

As mentioned above, the reason many feel avocado is poisonous is due to the high levels of person which is toxic to dogs.

Persin can only be found in the large pit at the center of the avocado.  It is especially concentrated in the skin. You should never let your French Bulldog have a chance to eat the pit or the skin of an avocado.  As they say, poison is in the dose.  Frenchies are small dogs.   They are especially vulnerable to consuming too large a dose of persin so it is not worth the risk in my opinion.

While the actual flesh of the avocado is not poisonous to your French Bulldog I just don’t think it is worth the risk to feed it to them.

While technically French Bulldogs can eat the flesh of this fruit I would be very careful to feed it to them even in small amounts.  The main risk comes from the avocado pits and the skin and by no means should you ever let your French Bulldog get ahold of them.

The avocado pit can be very dangerous not due to the choking hazard.  The avocado seed could lead to bowel obstruction and might require surgery.  An obstruction like this could be fatal to your French Bulldog so take great care handling avocado around them.

If you or someone in your household did drop an avocado pit and your French Bulldog gobbled it up quickly there is a strong chance your dog will require surgery or worse.

What About Guacomole?  Can French Bulldogs Eat Guacomole?

Not all guacamole is made the same so the answer is, it depends. Technically, your french bulldog can eat guacamole provided it doesn’t have onions in it. Even though you can feed it to them, I still don’t recommend it.

While avocado-based foods are less of a risk issue because of their lower avocado content you have to watch out for any other ingredients that might have been added to it.  When I make guacamole I like to add onions and garlic to the mixture.  Your Frenchie should not eat either of these ingredients.  Garlic and onions both have toxins in them that are deadly to your Frenchie if consumed in high amounts.

There are alternatives to onions and garlic that you could add to your guacamole but none the less I would recommend you be very careful about feeding this to your Frenchie.

What Should I Do If My Frenchie Eats Avocado?

While I don’t recommend that you feed your French bulldog avocado, if they do happen to eat a small amount of avocado by accident it should be harmless.

However, if your French Bulldog eats too much avocado, I would recommend keeping a close eye on them for the next couple days.  If they experience diarrhea, vomiting, or any signs of abdominal discomfort I would recommend calling your veterinarian right away.

If your Frenchie happens to eat the skin of an avocado or the pit don’t hesitate to contact your veterinarian or an emergency veterinarian right away.  This could be a serious medical emergency for your Frenchie and you will want to get them seen immediately.

Final Thoughts – Can French Bulldogs Eat Avocado?

The bottom line is that while technically your French Bulldog can eat small amounts of the avocado fruit I just don’t think it is worth the risk.  There are plenty of other foods that your Frenchie can eat like blueberries, strawberries, cantaloupe, and even carrots.

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