French Bulldog Ear Cleaning – How To Clean Your French Bulldog’s Ears Safely

It didn’t long for my little Frenchie Augie’s rather large ears to start collecting gross stuff.  He was about 9 months old before it started becoming an issue but since then we started a regular routine of French Bulldog ear cleaning.  It’s a simple process and doesn’t take much time at all.  This post should give you some simple tips on just how to clean a French Bulldog’s ears properly.  

Here’s a Video On Safe French Bulldog Ear Cleaning

What You Will Need To Clean Your French Bulldog’s Ears

This is a simple process and you won’t need expensive items (chances are you have most of what you need already).  Here are some of the items we recommend:

  • Veterinarian Approved Dog Ear cleanser: I’m too lazy to make a homemade solution so I always go with a veterinarian-recommended commercial ear cleaning solution. A couple great options are Zyomax Ear Solution or EcoEars Natural Dog Ear Cleaner.  We have been using Zyomax for quite some time now and it works well.
  • Cotton Balls or Cotton Swabs: Chances are you may have some of cotton balls and cotton swabs in you medicine cabinet already.  Cotton swabs may also be used to clean the ridges of the outer ear for your French Bulldog.  Warning:  Just know that you should never insert them deep into the ear canal of your French bulldog. You could cause permanent hearing damage or push the “gunk” further into the ear canal.
  • Safety Tweezers: Safety tweezers are handy to have on hand if your dog has a lot of hair in his ears.
  • Paper Towels: Having some paper towels on hand can be helpful to contain potential messes, especially if your Frenchie is prone to shaking his head when something gets in his ears (he will).  I will typically place the gunked up cotton swab on this paper towel after cleaning his ears out. 
  • Dog Ear Wipes:  Dog ear wipes can be helpful as they are disposable and easy to use.  We have used the Project Paws Dogs Ear Wipes.  
  • You Frenchie’s Favorite Dog Treats: You’ll want to reward your French Bulldog when the cleaning is all done.  

How To Clean Bulldog Ears

Step 1:  Soak Cotton Ball In Ear Rinse and Prepare To Clean: Soak a cotton ball with the ear rinse and then very gently swab your French Bulldog’s outer ears.   For now just focus on cleaning the bat-ear part and dpon’t go inside his ear yet.  Clean the outside of the ear and inside of the Bat ear but don’t go in the Ear Canal.  

Step 2.  Soak the end of a cotton swab in ear cleaning solution and then very gently scoop out any dirt or Frenchie ear wax near the entrance of his ear canal.  Important Note:  We can’t emphasize enough that you should NOT go too deep inside your Frenchie’s ear.  You can make their ear health worse or even cause permanent ear damage. 

Step 3.  Gently swab the opening of your french bulldog’s ear canal with a clean, soaked cotton swab.

Step 4.  Gently squirt the ear rinse into your French Bulldog’s ear canal and let him shake it out.  Understand that doing so won’t hurt your little guy.  In fact it will help them get some of the “gunk” out of his ear canal. 

Step 5. Take a dry power towel and help your french bulldog dry their outer ear and the opening of their ear canal.  One final step below in the ear cleaning process for your French Bulldog….

Step 6.  Finish Off Your French Bulldog Ear Cleaning With a Treat To Make It a Positive Experience For Your Frenchie

And the final step in this process is to give your French Bulldog a serious amount of treats, love, and affection so that it is the best possible experience for him as possible. 

PS – Wondering why your French Bulldog’s ears haven’t stood up yet?  

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