Is The Zebra French Bulldog Real? Can You Buy a Tiger Striped Frenchie?

Some time ago I saw a video of a Zebra French Bulldog and it caught my attention because I’d never seen another French Bulldog like it.  I was intrigued so I did some research on it.  With all the different variations of French Bulldogs I had seen, I wondered if Zebra french bulldogs with these distinct tiger like patterns were actually offered as an option from some Frenchie breeders. This pattern would definitely be a popular market for frenchie breeders to break into.

Like me, you may have even seen a video on the subject with a dazzling zebra frenchie with some posts claiming to even have a zebra french bulldog for sale. However, taking a closer look at the details, you may find that your dream of owning a zebra or tiger striped french bulldog is never coming true. Let me share what I found.

The Fearsome Tiger Striped Frenchie

In truth, the whole idea of a zebra french bulldog for sale came from a viral video from a professional makeup artist in Florida. The video was uploaded in June of 2019. While not exactly selling the dog, it sure made some people believe that they, too, could get a dog with distinct zebra or tiger markings.

Here’s the truth behind this video…

The viral video is of a professional makeup artist transforming Loki, a French bulldog, into a Siberian tiger striped frenchie. This viral video has been viewed millions of times on YouTube and Facebook combined.

According to the original uploader, they did that to help their sister through a tough situation. They had this to say. “My sister had some worrying news from the doctor, and I wanted to cheer her up. I am a professional makeup artist and body painter, and since she loves Loki, we just teamed up to bring a smile to her face. The white Siberian tiger was my inspiration…”.

There Is No Zebra French Bulldog

The video of the tiger french bulldog is completely fake. Well, it was a real French Bulldog but it was touched up with make up to make it look like it had a Zebra coat.  Zebra is Not one of the color variations of Frenchies.  It’s delightful to watch such a talented artist try this unique experiment. Most people seemed to understand it was. However, that didn’t stop others from believing otherwise. To be clear, this color variation is not a French Bulldog for sale.

Here’s The Famed Video of The Zebra French Bulldog

Why Would People Believe Such a Thing as a Tiger Striped French Bulldog?

It’s no secret that there are plenty of breeders out there who would jump on the chance to ‘create’ a tiger stripe french bulldog to sell for a high price. Perhaps you have heard of the common phrase “There’s a sucker born every minute”? The more people believe in the existence of the mythical tiger stripe french bulldog; the more scammers will want a piece of the action.

The French bulldog is a breed that has been popularized in recent years. The Frenchie dog breed has jumped in popularity so much that these cute bat-eared little dogs are now ranked as the second most popular dog breed by the AKC in 2021. Unfortunately, however, the popularity of this breed has also led to unethical breeding practices.

Breeders are now using unethical practices such as inbreeding and line-breeding to produce the desired physical features of the dog. This is done by mating two dogs that are related to each other or by mating two dogs with similar physical features. This practice leads to genetic disorders and deformities in the puppies. Despite being in the 21st century, the problems with breeding dogs purely for aesthetics are still rampant despite modern animal rights laws.

The reason why these types of practices still run rampant is mostly due to people’s ignorance of the issue. The market always demands new and exciting features, coat colors, and luxury breeds. Breeding for the market demand is usually done without any concern for the actual health and safety of the dog.

To combat these unethical practices, it is essential to educate people about the consequences of unethical breeding and provide them with information on how they can adopt a French Bulldog from a reputable breeder.

zebra french bulldog

Will There Ever be Such a Thing as a Zebra Frenchie?

There will never be a frenchie with such distinct striped coat patterns. The closest you may ever get to owning a zebra frenchie is seeking out a frenchie with a brindle coat pattern.

The Brindle pattern is a coat pattern characterized by light stripes on a dark background or vice versa. These stripes are usually very subtle and don’t even come close to the highly sought after tiger stripes.

The traditional brindle pattern is usually dark brown, red, or black in color. You may also find a reverse brindle frenchie whose coloring is reversed with dark stripes on a light background. You may even find brindle patterns in blues and greys instead of browns and reds.

No matter the coloring, the stripes are usually subtle, wavy, and can be found on the skin, fur, and eyes. Brindle can be found in many dog breeds, including the French bulldog, due to a specific K-Locus gene. The gene doesn’t cause any other adverse effects on the dog and is therefore safe.

Any Alternatives To The Zebra French Bulldog?

Simply get a brindle if you really want a zebra or tiger french bulldog. The pattern comes close enough to tiger stripes that most people should have no problem with it. Remember that they can be expensive due to their rare coat pattern. Rare brindle patterns can reach up to $3,000.

There are also many french bulldogs that get put into shelters every year. Some shelters even specialize solely on the breed to help educate people about the proper care of frenchies, such as the Norcal French Bulldog Rescue or the French Bulldog Rescue Network.

Whether or not you’re able to find a brindle pattern doesn’t matter. Every good frenchie needs a home, and you’d be doing the breed a great favor by not becoming wrapped up in market demands for luxury dogs.

Is There Such a Thing as a Tiger Stripe French Bulldog?

In a word, no. It all started with an artist, a french bulldog, and some paint. What started as a fun video caused many people to question whether or not the breed exists. It was never created to be taken seriously in the first place.

While you can get a brindle frenchie, it is not nor will it ever be possible to breed one with such distinct stripes. The tiger stripe French bulldog is a myth. It is not an actual color variation of the French Bulldog that you will ever see available by any breeder. So if you ever come across an article or breeder claiming there’s a zebra french bulldog for sale, don’t pay any mind. Either you’ve come across a market scam or an out-of-control joke.

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