The Rising French bulldogs’ Popularity Earns Them The Top Slot in the Most Popular Dog Breeds

Clowns. That’s one perfect word to describe our ever-so-friendly French bulldogs. 

With smushy faces, bat ears, and stocky bodies, the Frenchies are always ready to capture the heart of dog-lovers.

In the past ten years, the French bulldog popularity has magically increased. They are now the Most popular dog breed.  The French Bulldog popularity just hit a new milestone! 

According to the 2022 annual ranking of AKC, they now own the top spot of most popular dog breed! French Bulldogs were fairly recently in the 2nd spot but just leap frogged some popular dog breeds (German Shepards and Golden Retrievers) to now be the most popular dog breed in the US.  

Labrador retrievers held the top spot for the last 30 years but they just recently were surpassed by the bat eared little Frenchie – impressive!

Frenchie in the sun

French Bulldogs Now Ranking 1st In The Top 195 Dog Breeds According To The AKC

As the French Bulldog popularity hits new levels these adorable little “bat pigs” just displaced other popular dog breeds with their jump.  Here is the AKC’s top 10 most popular dog breeds according to their 2022 rankings:  

1. French Bulldogs (Go Frenchies!!)

2. Labrador Retrievers (Labrador)

3. Golden Retrievers

4. German Shepard Dogs

5. Poodles

6. Bulldogs

7. Rottweilers

8. Beagles

9. Dachshunds

10.  Pembroke Welsh Corgis

To see the full list of the top 195 dog breeds click here

French Bulldog Puppies looking cute

French bulldog popularity – Ups and Downs!

Back in 1991, when Labrador retrievers first won the American dog enthusiasts’ hearts, French bulldogs stood at the 82nd position in the most popular dog breeds list.

But in the late 90s, things weren’t the same!

People started exploring the real gems, French bulldogs, and guess what…?

By 2017, French bulldogs managed to make a big hit to the rank 4.  In 2021 they have now hit the second spot in the rankings.  

What makes French bulldogs the 1st most popular US dog breed?

Apart from being cute and funky creatures, French Bulldogs are wonderful lap warmers.  French bulldogs have a miniature size, and they own adventurous personalities.

There’s no doubt that their ideal size and easy-going nature make them the most favorite among dog fanciers.

Also, you can’t deny the fact that some celebrities like Lady Gaga, Madonna, Reese Witherspoon, and Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson have spurred the French Bulldogs’ popularity surge.

For Bachman, the retired psychologist has a devoted passion for the art of Frenchie. He, in fact, has conducted the first-ever art show dedicated to the Frenchie breed at the AKC Museum of the Dog.

“The breed appeals to people with sophisticated tastes,” says Bachman.

French Bulldog hot on a walk

5 Reasons why French Bulldogs are America’s Popular Pet Dogs:

1. They are adorable:

Anyone, who knows the breed, would be familiar with the fact that they are ridiculously adorable. Their jovial temperament and cute appearances make them a lovely pet for everyone.

2. They are friendly:

French bulldogs are playful beings. Good for novice owners, good for kids, and good with strangers!

In case I didn’t mention they are amazing babysitters.

3. Best suited for apartment / house life:

French bulldogs aren’t usually heavy barkers. Their mild attitude is well-suited for city-life.

A win-win for those living in small apartments!

4. Frenchies are smart:

Frenchies appear to be lazy, but don’t let the sluggish looks fool you. They are a super genius. Play some interactive games with them, and chances are they’ll soon outsmart you.

5. The sleeping machines love napping with their owners:

Nothing is lovelier than curling up with your wrinkle-faced furry on the sofa and enjoying your favorite movie, right?

French bulldogs are nice nap partners, and they enjoy having a shut-eye with their owners.

The Downside of French Bulldog Popularity

The fame has ALWAYS brought some downsides along.

The curse with the French bulldogs is their fueled-up demand and unethical breeding practices. The need of the time is to understand that a dog is not a toy. No one should ever invest in a Frenchie to flaunt some good Instagram profile pictures. It is even more important you take great care in doing your homework before buying a French Bulldog to add to your family.  

The Future of French Bulldogs and French Bulldog Popularity

With the unstoppable increase in the French bulldogs’ popularity, it’s hard to foretell the future of the breed’s popularity. One thing is for sure dog-fanciers are not going to stop loving them, and now they are at the top of the list!  

PS – For more information about this wonderful breed visit this section:

PPS – With the rise in popularity of French Bulldogs has come the sad occurrence of people stealing French Bulldogs.  Here are some tips to prevent French Bulldog theft.  

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