Is My French Bulldog Stressed? How to Manage French Bulldog Stress?

Like humans, dogs are also highly social and intelligent creatures. Although they cannot speak, they can communicate using their body language and understand their family members’ feelings. Among various dog breeds, the French bulldog is the breed that makes great companions for city dwellers. Frenchie’s take many things in stride, love others, and want to become the center of attraction. However, they have a calm nature, but they can be seen stressed out and frightened at some point. These well-behaved and caring Frenchie’s can experience the feeling of stress. French bulldogs are fun-loving and playful creatures and are energetic.

However, dealing with a French bulldog who is stressed or sad is not an easy task. You have to keep an eye on and observe their behavior and body language. After watching and figuring out the reason behind your French bulldog’s stress, you need to take action and find out the best solution. For that, you need to understand what causes stress in a French bulldog, what the symptoms and how you can help.

What are the possible causes of your French bulldog’s Stress?

Before having a dog, you should understand their body language as every behavioral change in your dog is a sign of its physical or mental health. Mentioned below are some common factors that can show why your French bulldog is stressed out, although these can be the factors that are also responsible for stress and depression in any dog breed.

Locating in a new environment

When you shift or move to a new place, your French bulldog will take time to cope with the new surroundings. Going to a new home will make some behavioral changes in your French bulldog. Adjusting to a new place will make your French bulldog quite stressed out for a few days.

Sudden loss of a family member

When you lose a family member, your French bulldog will become sad and stressed out. It is because they quickly attach to all members of the family and feel miserable after losing any of them.

Staying alone at home

All dogs hate to stay alone at home for a more extended time; the same happens with your Frenchie. When you leave them alone for a more extended period, they can get depressed, which leads to separation anxiety.

Changes in their daily routine

Whenever there is a change in Frenchie’s routine, they get sad and show signs of stress. If you make a slight difference in their daily way, which usually includes a difference in their meal, walk, or even potty time, you can notice that your bulldog becomes sad.

Bringing another pet in the family

As French bulldogs need love, care, and attention, it is hard for them to accept another new member in the house. Bringing another pet into the family can make them sad, depressed, and stressed.

For a stressed bulldog, it is essential to train them to become social early. However, mostly all the dog owners practice teaching their pet to become social with people and children. And this early socialization is essential not only in French bulldog but also in those cute puppy breeds you are bringing home. When you train them to become social in early life, your pet can feel freedom from stress, sadness, and depression. They become ready to go out and explore new surroundings.

Symptoms of stress in French Bulldogs

When your Frenchie is stressed, you cannot measure its level of stress or sadness, but you need to be aware of the symptoms displayed through their sudden behavioral changes. Following are the signs which you can notice when your French bulldog is going through stress-


However, being a Frenchie dog owner, you know that all French bulldog breeds tend to overheat and pant. When your buddy exhibits unusual panting other than doing some physical activity or any other activity, it may be a stress symptom.

Constant nose licking

It is a fact that bulldogs rarely lick their noses, which is their way to pick up scents and introduce them to others. But when your French bulldog is continually licking his nose in front of other people or around other animals, it could be a sign of discomfort, which means your dog is not socializing.

Consistent sleeping

French bulldogs who are suffering from stress are more likely to sleep all day. It is their approach to overcome sadness, depression, and loneliness. However, French bulldogs are known to be lazy and sleep for around 12 to 14 hours a day, but excess sleeping beyond their average timing is a symptom of stress.

Loss of appetite

When humans feel depressed, they lose interest in eating, which also happens to a French bulldog. Whenever you Frenchie is sad, you can observe that he has lost interest in food.

Showing destructive behavior like constant barking and howling

French bulldogs are more prone to separation anxiety, and as they are known as a companion breed, they do not like to live alone or being left by their owner for a more extended period. When they experience separation anxiety, whether mild or severe, they start displaying unusual behavior such as excessive barking or howling.

Treating stress in your Frenchie?

Now that you know the reasons and symptoms of your Frenchie’s stress, let us move on to how you can de-stress your French bulldog. Follow the below tips that can help you to reduce stress from your Frenchie.

  • Giver proper attention and response to your bulldog.
  • Keep his routine and schedule of the meal and walk on time.
  • Keep him well entertained by playing with him and provide enough exercise.
  • Train your French bulldog to get social with other people, pets, and newborns.
  • Avoid leaving him alone for a longer time.
  • Provide him with a safe and spacious place to play and sleep.
  • Encourage him to overcome stress and give him support and time.
  • Provide him with some fun toys that can help to reduce stress.

Even if nothing works with your Frenchie, then you should seek medical help. Visit your vet to do some check-ups as sometimes some health issues in dogs also become the reason for their depression. If your dog is stressed because of some illness, then proper medication can heal him.

Conclusion – French Bulldog Stress

When you want your French bulldog to live a stress-free life, you need to provide support, care, attention, and love to him. By making certain precautions, you can prevent your Frenchie from depression. A stress-full bulldog will live his life more happily and follow his master’s instruction without exhibiting any unusual behavior.

PS – Get more French Bulldog health tips here

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