Overheating Frenchie? 15 Simple Ways To Cool Down A French Bulldog

You don’t want your Frenchie to overheat, but what can you do if you want your Frenchie to cool down?

How do you know the signs that your French Bulldog is overheating, and how can you prevent this from happening? In this article, I’ll let you know how you can cool down your Frenchie when they’re getting too hot.

First, let’s take a look at the signs you need to look out for.

Signs Of An Overheating Frenchie

Overheating Frenchie Simple Ways To Cool Down A French Bulldog

I’ve noticed a few signs that show when my Frenchie has been getting too hot. With the weather getting hotter, I need to keep a lookout for any of these signs:

  • They’re foaming at the mouth
  • They’re struggling to breathe or breathing too fast
  • They’re panting a lot
  • Their tongue and gums are pale
  • Their skin is flushed and red
  • You can hear gurgling from their throat
  • They’re lethargic and drooling a great deal

If you want to prevent your Frenchie from overheating, here are a few ways that I’ve found work wonders when I need to cool them down.

How To Cool Down A Frenchie

In this section, I’ll be taking a look at how I can cool down my Frenchie. Not all of these ideas work in the same way for all French Bulldogs, but I’ve found that these are the best ways to prevent overheating.

Overheating Frenchie Ways To Cool Down A French Bulldog

Let Your Frenchie Lick An Ice Cube

When it’s really hot, I grab a few ice cubes for my Frenchie to suck on. Doing this while also ensuring they’ve got access to some fresh water means they get a refreshing treat when they’re outside. Keeping some ice cubes on me while my Frenchie’s outside allows them to regulate their temperature.

Turn On The Air Conditioner

Summer is the time to turn the air conditioner on, and it’s not only a benefit for me. Turning on the A.C. is a great way to keep my Frenchie cool inside. Of course, if you don’t have A.C., then I’d suggest getting a cheap fan and pointing it at them instead.

Pour Water Over Your Frenchie

If my Frenchie is showing significant signs of overheating, I pour some water into a cup from the faucet. I wouldn’t make it too cold, or else I might freeze my poor French Bulldog, but some room-temperature water can be a quick way to cool them down.

Just pour water on their heads and bellies where there isn’t as much fur.

Spray Your Frenchie With Water

I can turn cooling my Frenchie down into a game for the two of us. Of course, this might not work for everyone. It depends on your Frenchie’s relationship with spray bottles because some may absolutely hate it.

Take Your Frenchie Swimming

Overheating Frenchie Ways To Cool Down A French Bulldog (1)

Sometimes, I find that it’s better to take my French Bulldog for a walk. I find that I can take them for a dip in shallow waters. I’ve found that I’ll put my Frenchie into a swimming vest to prevent them from endangering themselves.

Of course, I always have to ensure my Frenchie won’t jump in too fast when it’s too hot, but this can be avoided with shallow water.

Install A Children’s Pool In Your Garden

If you don’t want to take your French Bulldog out when it’s too hot, then I’d recommend installing a children’s pool in your garden. I can control the depth of the water so that it’s not too deep for my Frenchie, and they love playing in it.

Hose Your Frenchie Down

When I install the pool, sometimes I’ll hose my Frenchie down lightly with the hose. Or, I’ll switch the sprinklers on in the garden. Of course, I try not to make a habit of this. Hosing a Frenchie down is just a temporary solution because if it’s done too much, they’ll end up overheating more.

Put Their Bed In The Shade

Have you taken a look at where you’ve put your French Bulldog’s bed? I usually check where it’s placed to ensure it’s not in the sun. Although, this can be a lot more challenging when it’s outside.

If I place a bed outside, I’ll make sure there’s some shelter nearby, either from a tree or improvise my own shade.

Groom Your Frenchie

Overheating Frenchie Ways To Cool Down A FrenchBulldog

I’ve noticed that Frenchies shed their hair when it gets hotter, but I’ll often give them a hand by grooming them. So long as I groom them regularly, they won’t have any overheating issues in the summer.

Spread Your Frenchie’s Fur

When I’ve given my Frenchie water, I’ll spread their fur apart with my fingers. I just need to pour some water on the exposed skin. This is a great way to cool them down because they have a better airflow, and I’ve found that they don’t keep as insulated.

Let Your Frenchie Lie on Damp Towels

Now, my Frenchie will always look for the coolest place to lie down, and I’ve often helped them out by leaving damp towels on the floor. Any French Bulldog will find the coolest place to lie down, and placing a damp towel on the floor speeds up the process for them.

Ensure Your Frenchie Has Water

I know that you already do this, but I would suggest you check the water bowl and make sure it’s full. When it’s particularly hot, I recommend leaving a bowl in different places around the house so they always have access to it.

However, you should ensure that you only give them water from their bowl because they shouldn’t have access to large amounts of water at once. Drinking water from a hose or a kiddy pool can cause water intoxication, and I know that no one wants their Frenchie to get sick.

Buy A Cooling Coat for Your Frenchie

I’ve found that cooling coats are a great way to keep my Frenchie cool and refreshed, and it protects them from sunburn. All I have to do is soak it in water and let my Frenchie wear it. Plus, they’re not too expensive either.

Buy A Cooling Collar Or Bandana For Your Frenchie

Overheating Frenchie WaysTo Cool Down A FrenchBulldog

Alongside the cooling coat, I find that a cooling collar works pretty well too. Of course, I find a bandana works just as well. The cooling coat doesn’t cover their necks, so a cooling collar or bandana will keep the parts it can’t reach cool.

Put A Cooling Mat On The Floor

If a damp towel doesn’t sound great to you, then I’d recommend that you get a cooling gel mat on the floor. These don’t need to be dampened and last a little longer than a damp towel.

While a damp towel may dry out in the sun, I find that a cooling mat can still have an effect when I leave it outside.

Final Thoughts

I hope this guide has helped you understand the different ways to stop your Frenchie from overheating. So long as you supervise your Frenchie, they won’t have any problem staying cool in the sun.

I only ask that you keep an eye on how much water they drink, as water intoxication is a risk for Frenchies too!

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