Can French Bulldogs Eat Grapes?

My French Bulldog Augie is always in the kitchen whenever anyone from our family is in the kitchen (waiting for some drop off food to fall from above).  Frenchies are notorious for being underfoot in the kitchen and if a piece of food happens to fall from the counter, they dive on it almost immediately.  You might be wonder, can French Bulldogs eat grapes?

French Bulldogs should not eat grapes.  Grapes should not ever be given to them as a snack and you should be cautious to not accidentally drop them on the ground where they can eat them.  


Can French Bulldogs Eat Grapes?  

No, French Bulldogs should not eat grapes.  Grapes and raisins alike are very toxic to all dogs including French Bulldogs.  It does not matter what color grape – Frenchies should not eat any variety of grape.  Small dogs like French Bulldogs are especially susceptible to kidney poisoning from eating grapes or raisins so even a small amount can be toxic to them.  

French Bulldogs Should Not Eat Raisins Either

Raisins are just dried grapes and they are still very toxic for your French Bulldog and should never be fed to them.  Even a small amount of raisins could be potentially fatal to them or cause severe kidney damage.  


Why Are Grapes So Bad For French Bulldogs?  (And What To Watch Out For):

According the American Kennel Club, researchers still haven’t identified exactly what chemical or chemicals in grapes make them so toxic but the fact remains, they are very bad for dogs. 

We do know that grapes negatively affect your dog’s kidneys.  Ingesting too many grapes or raisins could lead to kidney failure and death for your French Bulldog so it is crucial you never let them eat grapes.  

If You suspect Your French Bulldog Has Eaten Some Grapes Here Is What You Should Do

If you think your French Bulldog accidentally eaten grapes (or raisins) it is imperative that you contact your Veterinarian or an Emergency Veterinarian immediately.  Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, call them right away.    

Your veterinarian may suggest your induce vomiting so they can get the grapes out of their system ASAP. Definitely get guidance from your Vet on this but this will be a potential recommendation.  If you saw your dog eat grapes, and your Vet advises you to do so, giving them a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide given by mouth typically makes them vomit within 5-10 minutes.   

It is always a good idea to have Hydrogen Peroxide on hand in your medicine cabinet.

Quick related story:  I was recently at a Christmas party and the kids left a package of Hershey Kisses on a low table and their Cocker Spaniel at them ALL.  They called the Emergency Vet and they advised them to give their dog hydrogen peroxide and it did the trick to induce vomiting.

None the less, you will want to monitor your French Bulldog closely and look for the signs below if they have eaten grapes.  

Signs To Watch Out For If You Think Your French Bulldog Ate Grapes or Raisins

  • Weakness
  • Unusual stillness or lethargy
  • Diarrhea (can happen quickly if they eat grapes)
  • Abdominal pain and noticeable wincing when you touch their belly
  • Panting
  • Dehydration
  • Excessive thirst
  • Excessive urination (or also not able to urinate even when attempting to)
  • Kidney failure 

Call your Veterinarian or an Emergency Veterinarian immediately if you suspect they have eaten grapes.  

What Happens If My French Bulldog Eats One Grape?  Will One Grape Hurt My French Bulldog?  

If your French Bulldog has eaten one or two grapes they should be ok. I consulted my Vet at Companion Animal Hospital who has been treating French Bulldogs for over 20 years and she said “if they have eaten only one or two grapes they should be ok.

Your French Bulldog weighing 28 pounds would need to eat multiple ounces of grapes in order to have a fatal dose.  Inducting vomiting shouldn’t be necessary in this case.  Just monitor their condition and if anything worsens get them seen immediately.” 

That was my Vet told me so take that for what it is worth.  

Conclusion – Can French Bulldogs Eat Grapes?  

The bottom line is that French Bulldogs should never be given grapes or have the opportunity to eat them.  Care should be taken by you and your family when eating grapes not to leave them within reach of your ever-hungry Frenchie.  Grapes can be very toxic to French Bulldogs and if you Frenchie has eaten more than a couple grapes you will want to call an Emergency Vet immediately.  

While grapes are not a fruit your French Bulldog should ever eat, there are great fruit options they can eat like cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, tomatoes, oranges, and even watermelon.  

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