Can French Bulldogs Eat Cantaloupe?

As a French Bulldog owner you want to make sure what you feed your Frenchie is safe.  If you are wondering, “can French Bulldogs eat Cantaloupe?” I have some answers for you.  In this article I’ll cover if Frenchies can eat this fruit, some important safety considerations to keep in mind, and how to best feed it to them.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Cantaloupe?

Yes, French Bulldogs can in fact eat cantaloupe. While it is ok to feed your Frenchie cantaloupe you should be aware that this fruit does have high sugar content and if you feed it to them you will want to give it to them sparingly. French Bulldogs can experience various health issues including diabetes. I suggest that you not give your Frenchie this fruit if they have any issues with their weight.

As long as your Frenchie doesn’t have weight or diabetes issues, cantaloupe is fine to give as a treat.  This delicious fruit has a number of great health benefits.

An important note about feeding cantaloupe to your French Bulldog – you need to make sure that you cut out the seeds of the cantaloupe and especially the outer rind.  You only want to feed your Frenchie the cantaloupe and not those other components.

My French Bulldog Augie loves small pieces of the cantaloupe.  Cantaloupe has a sweet taste. This tasty fruit also if packed full of water to help keep your dog hydrated.

Cantaloupe also packs a nutritional punch with lots of vitamins A, B, and C. It also has many antioxidants which assists your Frenchie’s digestive health.  Not to mention it also can help support your French Bulldog’s immune system.

I’ll write it again just to ensure you note this important point.  You will definitely want to cut out the cantaloupe seeds, remove the melon’s skin/rind, and only feed your Frenchie the small fleshy chunks of cantaloupe. That will help ensure your Frenchie is only eating the healthy part of the fruit.


Is Cantaloupe Good for French Bulldogs?

Cantaloupe in moderation can be a healthy treat for your Frenchie.  There are some very healthy ingredients in Cantaloupe that are great for your French Bulldog.  Here are some of the important ones:

Dietary fiber

Cantaloupe is a phenomenal source of dietary Fiber that help supports your Frenchie’s digestion. The fiber content in cantaloupe can help regulate your French Bulldog’s digestion and keep their bowel movements regular.


Cantaloupe has some great antioxidants in it.  Antioxidants can help to combat cellular oxidation which can help prevent cancer in your French Bulldog.


Niacin is a nutrient that carries many healthy benefits for your Frenchie.  It can help your Frenchie maintain nervous system health, gastrointestinal health, and even maintain healthy skin.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is helpful for your French Bulldog’s muscular system.  It can help to build their muscles and even assist with heart health.

Vitamin B6 can also help regulate hormones, assist in the production of glucose, and assist with nervous system function.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is needed for good vision in your French Bulldog.  You might know it as beta-carotene.  Not to mention, it can also help with their skin health and to help them maintain a healthy coat. You can also find Vitamin A in high amounts in carrots.

Vitamin C

Another important vitamin in cantaloupe is Vitamin C.  This vitamin plays a role as an important antioxidant.  Further, it is also supports your French Bulldog’s immune system.


Potassium is an electrolyte important in your Frenchie’s health that helps them to absorb hydratioon into the cell.  It can also help them to maintain proper heart function as well.


Folate can be helpful in your French Bulldog’s growth and development. Further it is also important in the cardiovascular health of your Frenchie.  Folate is helpful in developing blood cells in your Frenchie’s body.


Of course cantaloupe, like many fruits, is also full of great hydration for your French Bulldog. Water is essential for maintaining healthy digestion, circulation, and many other functions in your Frenchie’s body.

Is Cantaloupe Dangerous For My French Bulldog?

The actual fleshy part of cantaloupe is healthy for your Frenchie, however there are some risks involved with feeding cantaloupe to your French Bulldog.

cantaloupe rind

Cantaloupe Rinds

Cantaloupe rinds are definitely not ok for your French Bulldog to eat.  Similar to watermelon rinds, cantaloupe rinds can cause stomach upset.  More importantly, if you allow your Frenchie to eat cantaloupe rings they can get impacted in your French Bulldog’s digestive tract.

Another reason not to feed your Frenchie cantaloupe rinds is that the tough skin can be a choking hazard. This is especially important to keep in mind if you have young children at your house that may be a little careless with where they leave their food.  A Frenchie will happily gobble up a scrap of cantaloupe rind even though it is not in their best interest.

Cantaloupe Seeds

If you choose to feed cantaloupe to your Frenchie it is very important that you remove the seeds before feeding it to them.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) says that feeding densely packed seeds in a cantaloupe can be a choking hazard for your Frenchie.

Your French Bulldog has a short smushed face and thus less space to chew and swallow than larger dog breeds. It is best to remove the seeds from the cantaloupe before giving any to your French Bulldog.


Fruit is generally considered healthy but is important not to over feed it to your Frenchie. The last thing you want is to cause your Frenchie to get too many calories, gain weight, and have other health problems.

Great fruits like cantaloupe are in fact packed with all kinds of health benefits but it is best to use it as a treat and not to give your Frenchie too much of it.

A treat by definition is something that is rarely given on special occasions.  I don’t believe it is something you should give your Frenchie every day.  Some experts say that 90% of your Frenchie’s caloric intake should only come from their regular food.  10% can come from the occasional treat like cantaloupe.

Final Thoughts – Can French Bulldogs Eat Cantaloupe?

The answer as you know now is Yes, but in moderation and only after you have cut the rinds off and removed the seeds.  Cantaloupe is a safe and healthy to give to your Frenchie as an occasional treat.

PS – Wondering what else Frenchie can and can’t eat?  Check out this article about Frenchies eating avocado.

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