Types of Bulldogs – the Difference Between English, French, and American Bulldogs

Often referred to as “Bully breeds” the similarities are obvious, but there are also very distinct traits that separate these three types of Bulldogs breeds from each other. 

Known for their power, broad bodies, block heads, they are loved by breed enthusiasts all over the world, but what about these three makes them each so special? 

From large, medium to small, we’ve got the bully breeds for you, and we’ll also talk about the popular Pitbull American Bulldog mix that people love so much.

 Let’s explore the way to tell the difference between these three bully breeds and see which one might be the perfect dog for you!

Types of Bulldogs – American, English and French Bulldogs

american bulldog

American Bulldogs

The American bulldog is a robust dog with a wide skull which is more pronounced in males than females as they mature. 

They are typically white, or white with brown markings. There is not much color variation in this breed, but some of them can be more brown than white, but this is less commonly seen. 

They are considered a large breed with males reaching 66–130 lbs. (30–58 kg) at maturity and females reaching 60–90 lbs. (27–41 kg). 

They stand between 20 and 28 inches tall at the withers (shoulders) with the males being the taller of the two sexes. They are highly athletic, and you can find American Bulldogs competing in agility, running with their owners, working as service animals, or just being happy snuggled on the sofa with the family. 

This is a loyal, friendly, assertive, and confident dog. The American Bulldog is an athletic breed that enjoys doing activities with its family. There are many popular mixes of the American Bulldog.


Pitbull American Bulldog Mix

This mix is very common because the Pitbull is smaller and more agile than the American Bulldog, but the American Bulldog has a more friendly personality as a general rule. By breeding these two breeds together to create a Pitbull American Bulldog mix, more color options are possible, including blue.

 The Blue Nose Pitbull bred with an American Bulldog may result in blue or blue & white Bully-Pit puppies. 

Puppies tend to be smaller dogs in contrast to a pure American Bulldog, making them more appealing to some owners.

If the parent Pitbull is a ‘pocket Pitbull’ then it is already on the smaller size and the mix breeding may result in smaller puppies. 

This is also an active breed and needs a family aware of these needs for physical activity. The Pitbull American Bulldog mix is a physically active dog that needs a physically active person. They can be highly intelligent and crave constant training and attention. 

They’re incredibly strong which also makes them difficult for their owners to handle on a leash. Most bully breeds require solid training and socialization. 

The Pitbull Bulldog is not exception. They can be extremely intelligent but insist on doing things their own way.

Pitbull Bulldog mixes are not inherently aggressive, but they are powerful. Any dog can be taught to be mean or aggressive, unfortunately. 

This mix can also be quite friendly and sociable. It truly depends on how well trained and socialized they have been from puppyhood. It’s important to work with them from as early on as possible.

Other possible name for Bulldog Pitbull mixes: Bully-Pit.  

english bulldog

English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is shorter, broader, and beefier than the American Bulldog. His nose is pushed more toward his face, giving him a rounder head than the American Bulldog and he has the telltale wrinkled face and may have wrinkles visible across his back at the shoulders, as well. 

These may be mostly brown, with a brindled pattern, and have flashes of white on the face, chest, and legs. They may also appear all white or all brown. Fawn or brindling is possible in the brown color and will vary from light brown to dark. 

The English Bulldog stands only 12 to 16 inches at the withers. An English Bulldog will typically weigh between 40 and 55 pounds with the males weighing more than females. 

He is a friendly and silly dog at times, but he is also known for being quite stubborn and willful. They are sometimes referred to as the British Bulldog. 

He is often portrayed in cartoons, sometimes with a silly hat and a cigar in his mouth. 

These are less commonly mixed with other breeds, likely due to the fact that they can be prone to skin conditions and breathing problems.

cute french bulldog on the floor

The French Bulldog

This is the smallest of the three breeds, even compared to the English Bulldog. Often lovingly referred to as a “Frenchie” this dog has some of the more common bully traits such as a wide head, a bit of a pushed up nose, and large jowls. 

What sets the Frenchie apart is his size and his ears. This is the only one of the three bully breeds whose ears stand erect. 

You’ll find the Frenchie in white, brindle, fawn, tan, and brindle & white. This little breed is only 16 to 28 pounds on average. They stand roughly 12 inches tall, whether male or female. They are very family friendly, happy, playful, and affectionate dogs. 

This has made them a very popular breed and Frenchies are also photographed often in ads on both television and in magazines. 

They are highly intelligent and not as willful as other bully breeds can be. The way to the Frenchie’s heart is through his belly. For treats, he will learn to do nearly anything you are willing to teach him

His favorite place will be in your arms or your lap. Generally, he wants to follow you everywhere you go. He might be prone to ‘talking’ which some people find quite entertaining. 

They will do a throaty yowling that is not quite a howl but truly sounds as if they are trying to tell you a story. Frenchies are quite popular on YouTube videos for their singing and talking antics.

Types of Bulldogs – Final Thoughts

There you have it, a handful of different types of Bulldogs.  As someone who has personally owned English and French Bulldogs I am admittedly biased to these two types of Bulldogs but the other ones mentioned are wonderful dogs to own as well!  They are all very sweet and loving dogs so you can’t go wrong with whichever breed you choose to welcome into your home!

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