French Bulldog Pros and Cons

It’s easy to see why so many people have come to love the French bulldog breed as a chosen pet. They have the same quirky character as English bulldogs but they are smaller and more even more lovable than their larger cousins.  Perfectly suited for indoor living, lovers of snuggling, and full of character there are plenty of Pros to this breed.  They have their Cons too.  There are many pros and cons to the French Bulldog and I will be sharing those here with you. 

Deciding To Bring a French Bulldog Into Your Home

When deciding if you and your family should bring a French Bulldog into your home it is important to do your homework.  Adding any dog to your life shouldn’t be a spur of the moment decision.  You should be fully aware of the investment, how to raise a puppy, the unique needs a Frenchie presents with, and the ongoing needs your French Bulldog requires as it ages.   Weighing out the Pros and Cons is important.  Below are some of the French Bulldog pros and cons that have been voiced by many French bulldog owners.  While every dog is different I hope that this information will help you in your decision. 

The Pros Of French Bulldogs

This dog breed has a long list of Pros to consider.  Here are some of the most prominent French Bulldog Pros that stand out to this French Bulldog owner. 

Very Intelligent

French bulldogs are generally very smart and are quite trainable.  I’ve had other dog breeds that weren’t quite as smart.  I must say I have been very impressed with the training capacity for my Frenchie Augie.  All the Frenchies I have met are very smart and have the capacity to be trained well. 

Small In Stature 

French Bulldogs are tiny and lovable little creatures.  Frenchies generally grow to be only about a foot tall.  Female Frenchies weigh roughly 15-24 pounds while males tend to weigh in between 20 to around 29 pounds.  Their small size makes them a perfect addition to your home even if you live in a smaller apartment.  These tiny but mighty little dogs are awesome!

Good Watch Dog 

French Bulldogs can be very good watchdogs when trained properly.  My Frenchie Augie certainly lets us know when someone comes to the door!  He’ always very aware when going for walks and keeping an eye out to protect his human family members.  

Great Walker

Frenchies aren’t built for endurance by any means but they love to go to for walks and are active.   Just be sure they don’t overheat on hot days and be sure to keep them warm and feet protected on cold Winter days.  

Good Tempered

French bulldogs also have a good temper and are very friendly.  They are great with kids and our little Augie loves our three kiddos.  He plays well with the kids, is gentle, and very loving.  French Bulldogs make a great family dog. 

Wonderful Companions

French bulldogs are great companion dogs. They are very lovable dog breed and absolutely love to cuddle.  The truly are “lapdogs” and love to snuggle up on your lap and snuggle with you on your couch.  On top of that, they love to play and mine is constantly playing with his toys or with our kids in the house.  If he isn’t playing, he is snuggling with someone! 


French Bulldogs are very photogenic and chances are when you get your Frenchie he or she will be featured in many a selfie, cute pose, and candid moments.  Just take a look at this shot of my Frenchie when he was a pup!  🙂

cute French Bulldog puppy photo

The Cons Of French Bulldogs

While the French Bulldog does have a long list of Pros it is important to consider the downside too.  There certainly are trade offs to consider when contemplating adding one of these four-legged friends to your home.  Here are some the of the French Bulldog cons to consider


Like many other Bulldog breeds, Frenchies are born via C-section and that is expensive procedure.  Add to that their purebred nature and the investment ads up quickly.  You can expect to pay somewhere between $1,500 and $3,000 for a French Bulldog puppy. French Bulldogs can fetch an even higher price. Puppies from high-end bloodlines can go for as much as $10,000.  I personally feel the investment is well worth it but you definitely want to weigh this out. 

They Can Be a Bit Stubborn

The French bulldog can be hard-headed and stubborn at times. When not trained well, a French bulldog cannot only be stubborn but down right unruly. 

Frenchies Can Be Mischievous 

Like any smart dog, if you don’t keep them occupied and exercise them enough they can get into trouble.  Proper training and a good exercise regimen can help quell their mischievous ways.  We have found that using a doggy day care service a couple days of the week keeps him very occupied and using a dog exercise pen can also help to keep him out of trouble.  Here’s a shot of my Frenchie when he was a puppy after being caught red handed in the bathroom after tearing apart a roll of toilet paper.  

French Bulldog in trouble

Frenchies Can Be Vocal

French Bulldogs are known to be quite vocal.  Also known as “Frenchy Speak,” some Frenchies can be a little too vocal especially if this behavior is encouraged.  There are some famous videos floating around the Internet of French Bulldogs “talking back” and while the is comical, if you encourage this behavior it can get worse over time and get out of hand.  Here’s a video of a French Bulldog being quite vocal on a car ride:  

Health Issues

Like any purebred dog French Bulldogs can have a variety of problems including:  skin issues, problems with breathing, eye issues, staining issues, ear issues (especially if they get water in their ears), can become gassy, they are easily overheated in extreme heat, and they have a tendency to drool.


Frenchies are a Brachiocephalic dog breed.  While their short snout is adorable it can lead to breathing issues, snorting, and some pretty aggressive French Bulldog snoring at times.  For a little dog their snoring can be quite loud! 

Diet Sensitive 

Some French Bulldogs can have digestive issues, allergy issues, and other problems if the food you give them isn’t agreeable with them.  Be sure to do your research when choosing the right food for your Frenchie

They Can Get Cold Easily 

We live in New Hampshire and we discovered quickly that French Bulldogs can get cold easily.  Just look at our Frenchie puppy bundled up in his Winter coat and looking less than excited about it.  Getting him or her a winter coat is a good idea.  You should also consider protecting their feet too with some booties.  

cold french bulldog in winter coat

Not Traditionally Great Swimmers 

While I have seen some Frenchies that are like a fish in water, they generally aren’t great swimmers to be careful with them around open water. 

French Bulldog Pros and Cons Conclusion

These are just some examples that one would find as advantages and disadvantages with the French Bulldog breed. I personally believe that the French Bulldog breed Pros greatly outweigh the Cons but it is important to be fully aware of what you are getting into with this special dog.  I hope this information helps you weigh out the Pros and Cons of owning a French Bulldog. 

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