Augie’s New Frenchie Dog Christmas Turtleneck

Christmas is in the air, the temperatures have dropped and my little Frenchie Augie has started to shiver when he goes outside to do his business so we decided to go to the store and find something warm and festive for him to wear.  We were at Target and we found this French Bulldog Dog Christmas Turtleneck and we just had to get it for him!  

Augie Our French Bulldog Showing Off His New Dog Christmas Turtleneck

French Bulldog Wearing turtleneck

Here Are Some Of The Features Or This Dog Christmas Turtleneck

  • Red dog sweater with two-toned panel on back lends a fun pop to your pet closet
  • Sleeveless turtleneck pet sweater with pullover construction makes for easy on and off
  • Cut-out detailing on top allows easy attachment of leash to collar
  • Ribbed knit on the underbelly allows easy stretch and a snug fit
  • High turtleneck style makes for cozy comfort

We picked up this Dog turtleneck at Target in the store but I found a similar one on Amazon that you can see here.

Christmas Dog Turtleneck  

Here’s Another Shot Of Augie Proudly Wearing His New Dog Christmas Turtleneck

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Augie rocking his new Christmas turtleneck ?

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Augie has gone on some walks with his new Christmas dog turtleneck and it definitely helps keep him warm.  The turtleneck combined with some dog snow boots and other dog clothes helps to keep him warm in the harsh Winter months.  

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