French Bulldog Muzzle – Should You Muzzle Your French Bulldog?

The first time I saw a French Bulldog muzzle I had mixed emotions.  I felt it was cruel and I immediately assumed their dog was aggressive.  I decided to educate myself on why some French Bulldog owners might choose to use a muzzle at times.  Muzzles for your French Bulldog do serve a purpose but it is important to know why people use them, when it is a good tool, and when it isn’t.

First, My Thoughts on French Bulldog Muzzles – The Good and The Bad

Before I dive into this post I will admit I am not a fan of Muzzles unless absolutely necessary.  I hear stories from other French Bulldog owners who are dealing with an aggressive Frenchie or a Frenchie with certain situational issues.  I am a firm believer that proper dog training can go a long way in preventing certain issues.

I swear by proper training of a French Bulldog and how that can help create a well-behaved Frenchie over time and possibly prevent the need for a muzzle for your French Bulldog.

Anything you can do to help socialize your French Bulldog as a puppy will help them become a well-behaved French Bulldog adult.

IF, after pursuing training from a qualified dog trainer, you can’t deal with the behavior issues a muzzle may help put a bandaid on the issue.  In those cases it can be a good tool for the job.  Read on…

When should a French Bulldog wear a muzzle?

A french bulldog could wear a muzzle for many reasons.  Ultimately the reason behind all of them is to keep them safe. Many people are under the misconception that muzzles are only for aggressive French Bulldogs. However, a French Bulldog muzzle may be a good tool to use in certain situations to keep your Frenchie safe if all other measures (like proper dog training) won’t cut it.

Here are situations where you may want to consider using a muzzle on your Frenchie:

1. During an emergency with your French Bulldog

If your French Bulldog is injured then it is quite possible they may not act as they normally do.  A frightened or injured French Bulldog is more likely to nip or bite.  My own Frenchie, even though well trained, has had enough negative experiences at the Vet that he becomes very frightened about going there.

A French Bulldog Muzzle might be a necessary tool to use if you need to move or treat your Frenchie while they are in pain. Using a muzzle will keep you and any Vet techs safe from your French Bulldog’s uncharacteristic bad behavior.

2. If your French Bulldog is injured

Another situation where you may want to consider using a French Bulldog muzzle is when your beloved Frenchie is injured.  If they have an injured knee for example and recently had surgery it is very common for them to want to incessantly lick the wound.  A muzzle can help to keep your French Bulldog’s wound protected and keep them from licking it and tearing at it.

3. There is a history of your French Bulldog biting

If your Frenchie has a history of being aggressive and has bitten a person or another dog in the past it may be a wise decision to consider a muzzle.

Even if your Frenchie has no history of biting, if you suspect there is a risk of them biting it still could be a good idea.  Some warning signs to watch out for might include your Frenchie lunging and barking aggressively at other dogs or people while out for a walk.  A  French Bulldog muzzle can provide some piece of mind in these situations.

I would like to reiterate, the muzzle isn’t solving the actual problem it is simply keeping other dogs and people safe while you seek guidance from a dog behavior specialist who can hopefully help you modify this behavior.  Your ultimate goal for your French Bulldog that exhibits this kind of behavior should be to change this.  A French Bulldog muzzle is simply a short-term tool to help you keep your dog, other dogs, and other people safe in the meantime.

3. Risk of your French Bulldog biting in a threatening situation

Every French Bulldog is unique and depending on how well they were socialized and a lot of other factors can lead to how well they act around others.  It may be quite possible despite your best efforts you still have a lovable Frenchie at home but he acts very differently in public around other dogs and people.

Specific situations might upset or stress your French Bulldog.  For example, my French Bulldog is not a fan of going to the Veterinarian anymore.  If you’re worried your French Bulldog may bite someone, the temporary use of a French Bulldog muzzle should be worth considering. Again, the real solution is to work with a trained dog behaviorist to modify your Frenchie’s behavior in the long term.

4. During French Bulldog grooming sessions

Not all French Bulldogs enjoy getting pampered.  Bringing your Frenchie to a dog groomer can be a stressful situation on them.  Loud noises and strangers prodding, cutting, and clipping their toenails can be very stressful for this already-anxious dog.

In an ideal world you would have already done a lot of work during the first year of having your French Bulldog working on various dog handling exercises, socialization, and dog training sessions. If you have done a good job with this early training most Frenchies are fine with going to the dog groomer.  However, if you’re still in the process of training your Frenchie or you’ve had issues in the past bringing them to the groomer then a French Bulldog muzzle might be a good option.

french bulldog muzzle

To muzzle or not muzzle your French Bulldog?

As I have said, I am not a fan of using a muzzle on my French Bulldog, but, there is a place for this safety tool.  I believe proper dog behavior modification is the long term solution to ensuring you will never need a French Bulldog muzzle.  However, this takes time, work, and working with a dog behavior specialist who can help you squash this negative behavior.

A muzzle can be a good tool to use as a temporary measure while working on behavior modification.  The muzzle can keep your Frenchie safe while also protecting other dogs and humans who come in contact with them. A muzzle can help prevent accidental bites and will help build a positive association with other dogs when supervised by an owner who is prepared to keep their Frenchie safe.

The second specific situation where you should consider using a muzzle on your Frenchie is if they seem overly aroused or “trigger happy” on walks. It is vital that your dog not pull excessively on the leash, but some dogs have issues with being too excited or stressed out when on walks. Proper loose leash training with a dog trainer can help with this bad behavior.  In this case, a muzzle would be an excellent option to keep you and your Frenchie safe.

The other reasons to do this are:

You are working with your dog to fix leash reactivity issues that may cause them to snap or bite. You can use a muzzle during this type of training because you want the dog to be as comfortable as possible.

When you are traveling with your Frenchie, some situations may arise where your Frenchie gets too excited. If this is the case, try to use your Muzzle or put on a very short leash. You want to make sure that if something like barking at another dog happens again, they do not bite anyone’s hands! Having control of your Frenchie is extremely important.

– Licking or an injury
If your Frenchie is a licker, there are certain situations where they should wear a muzzle. This prevents them from accidentally lapping up harmful products such as antifreeze or other fluids while on walks.

The muzzle should only be a temporary tool in my opinion and is not the ultimate answer for a Frenchie that bites or that you are worried about them biting.  It’s just a temporary tool that can keep everyone safe and happy.

What is the best French Bulldog muzzle?

There are quite a lot of muzzles that you can find out there. Some people prefer to use the nylon one, while others may prefer a more comfortable muzzle such as the leather one. The latter might be a bit more expensive but will have no problems fitting your Frenchie’s snout and won’t create any wounds or irritations.

You should consider two factors when choosing the dress of your dog’s Muzzle: The value of the Muzzle for your French Bulldog’s safety. Whether or not the Muzzle is comfortable enough for your dog’s daily activities If you plan to use it regularly, make sure that it is durable and easy to clean.
As with any dog product, there are a lot of great options for muzzles. Some people love using basket muzzles, while others prefer the mesh varieties. I will list my two favorites below:

1) JYHY Short Snout Dog Muzzle

These types of muzzles are typically very lightweight, which makes them great for hikes or walks on hot days. They also provide more airflow than some other muzzles.

It’s lightweight and allows for a complete view of your dog’s face while still preventing him from getting into any trouble.

Mesh muzzles are great because they protect other people and dogs while not restricting airflow or circulation to your beloved French Bulldog. They also will allow him to bark, pant. This ensures that these types of muzzles won’t make your Frenchie uncomfortable or overheated after long periods of use.

In addition, mesh muzzles typically come in different sizes so you will want to get the proper dimensions to fit your Frenchie’s smushed in face.

The mesh muzzle is an excellent choice for French bulldogs and other small breeds because it allows them to drink and pant efficiently while still preventing them from getting into any trouble!
These muzzles come in several sizes, so you’ll be able to find one that suits your dog perfectly!

There are many options for choosing the perfect Muzzle for your dog, but as long as you buy one that is comfortable and safe, you should not have any issues. Make sure they feel secure and do all activities without any problems or discomfort. Remember safety first!

2. BARKLESS Short Snout Dog Muzzle

The Barkless Short Snout Dog Muzzle is another option you might consider.  It has a three-hole design that provides a wider view for your Frenchie and allows for easier breathing.

This French Bulldog muzzle is made specifically for short-faced breeds like Frenchies.

This muzzle will allow your Frenchie to easily breathe, drink water, and prevent them from eating random things off the ground.

It is made from a high-quality soft (and non-toxic) rubber material.  It is also water-resistant which is a nice perk.  Most importantly it helps to keep your Frenchie safe.

What size Muzzle does a French Bulldog wear?

One of the most common mistakes people make when buying a muzzle for their Frenchie is not getting the correct size! The best way to ensure that you are getting precisely what you need is to bring your Frenchie with you when you buy one. It’s helpful if someone at the store knows how to fit one securely on your Frenchie.

Three measurements need to be taken to get the correct size:
1) Circumference- this should be behind their nose and just below their eyes.

2) Snout Length – This should measure from just under your Frenchie’s ears back towards his snout.

3) Bridge Length – This should span from just above your Frenchie’s eyes towards the back of their skull.

There are two rules to follow when sizing your Frenchie for a muzzle:

1) If your dog is between sizes, always go with the larger size. This ensures that your dog will not slip out of it!

2) Sizing should be done on their snout and below their eyes. Avoid measuring around any other part of the face as this may allow them to escape over time.

When properly sized, you can’t even tell my Frenchie is wearing one!

Once you have these measurements, it is easy to find the right one online or at your local pet store! For example, if your Frenchie has a snout length of 7 inches and a bridge length of 8 inches, you would need a lightweight mesh muzzle with sizes: Snout Length Around 4-5 Inches Bridge Length Around 6-7 Inches Circumference About 15 Inches.

French Bulldog Muzzle FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions people ask about muzzling their French Bulldog.

Can you muzzle a French Bulldog?

Yes, you absolutely can muzzle a French Bulldog.  There are some situations and circumstances where a muzzle is recommended for a Frenchie, especially if there is a risk of them biting another dog or human.  Proper dog training, socialization, and behavior modification is the true solution but a Muzzle can be helpful in the meantime to keep your dog safe.

How do you stop a French Bulldog from biting?

A French Bulldog muzzle can help in the short term to keep them from biting other people or other dogs.  It is not recommended as a long term solution to the problem but can be a short term fix while you work with a trained dog behavior modification expert.

Do muzzle make French Bulldogs more aggressive?

A muzzle can help keep your French Bulldog safe and others safe in certain situations.  A muzzle can help you as the owner feel more secure and help prevent bites but it is not a long term solution to the problem.  Proper dog training and dog behavior modification is the real solution to these kind of issues.

Are muzzles safe for a French Bulldog?

Muzzles are perfectly safe as long as they are used correctly. Make sure that you measure your dog on the face first and then around their neck. If there is more than one size available, always go with the larger one! This ensures that it will not slip off or allow your Frenchie to bite someone even if they try to escape. Always provide an adjustable strap holding it in place so they can’t take it off quickly.

What are the Best muzzle for French Bulldog(in terms of size)?

The best size muzzle for a french bulldog will have these measurements Snout Length Around 4-5 Inches Bridge Length Around 6-7 Inches Circumference About 15 Inches.

What should I do if my dog wears his frenchie muzzle for too long?

If your Frenchie wears their Muzzle for too long (which shouldn’t be longer than necessary!), make sure to give them several breaks throughout the day. You can do this by taking them outside more often or simply letting them wander around the house without it on for a little while.

Remember that a bulldog muzzle is meant to protect your pet and others, not to cause harm! Make sure that you’re constantly checking their behavior when wearing one to ensure they are comfortable!

What if my Frenchie chews on his Muzzle?

Some dogs are fussy about having anything new put on their face, so make sure to take several breaks throughout the day while training them with the Muzzle. If he does chew on it too much, do not remove it right away. Instead, distract him with a favorite toy or treat and try again in a few minutes.

Teach your dog that they are not allowed to chew on it with positive reinforcement! If he chews on something else, give him a treat. Eventually, this will teach them that they are not allowed to have their Muzzle either. This is one of the ways you can help your Frenchie learn how to properly behave when wearing a muzzle, so they are comfortable during all activities!

Let your French Bulldog show his true colors!
You’ll be able to find one that suits your dog perfectly!
There are many options for choosing the perfect Muzzle for your dog, but as long as you buy one that is comfortable and safe, you should not have any issues. Make sure they feel secure and do all activities without any problems or discomfort.

Final Thoughts – French Bulldog Muzzle

As I mentioned above, I don’t believe a muzzle for your Frenchie is a great long term solution but it can be a good short term tool.  Before you purchase any muzzle, please read up on it first and be sure to fit it properly for your Frenchie. This will ensure that you are making an informed decision before spending money on something that may not be right for your Frenchie.

PS – Once again I believe proper dog training can help to permanently solve the issues you may be having with your Frenchie and remove the need for a muzzle.  Here are some online dog training programs you may consider starting with.

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