Help! My Dog Has Dry Nose – Nasal Hyperkeratosis and Your Frenchie

If your Frenchie’s nose is dry, cracked, and chunks fall of periodically this article is for you.  Your Frenchie dog has dry nose than he may be suffering from nasal Hyperkeratosis.  Dog dry nose can be an annoying condition for your and your French Bulldog and in this article I’ll share what I have learned about this condition. 

The Many Reasons Your Dog Has Dry Nose

Some French Bulldogs have a temporary dry nose, some have it for extended periods of time.  In some instances the dog dry nose is easily explained; cold Winter air, you and your Frenchie live in an arid climate, the house is dry, medication side effects, old age, or their nose is just a bit dry. Your French Bulldog’s nose might look more like barnacles on a ship than the wet nose you remember him having.  When your French Bulldog’s nose gets all dry and cracked it can lead to bleeding and discomfort for your dog. 

Nasal Hyperkeratosis – Help For French Bulldog’s With Dry Nose

The temporary forms of dog dry nose are one thing the more serious version of nose dryness is a condition called Nasal Hyperkeratosis. The cause for Nasal Hyperkeratosis is unknown but it results in excessive formulation of nose tissue.  This can form into a crust that.  It is a buildup of keratin protein hence the name. It is literally a protein overgrowth on your dog’s nose. 

The crust actually is multiple layers of skin tissue that has grown at a faster than normal rate all over over your French Bulldog’s nose. For whatever reason, this crust forms on the nose (paw pads also) and grows uncontrollably. It’s tempting to try and pick it off, but don’t pick, as it will bleed and hurt your French Bulldog. This odd dog condition isn’t a threat to your beloved dog’s life, but there are several medical and aesthetic reasons this dry nose condition can affect your French Bulldog’s well being. 

There is no cure for for Nasal Hyperkeratosis for your dog I am afraid to report. While some dogs that have a dry nose don’t necessarily have Nasal Hyperkeratosis, the ones that do need to seek medical attention for it.  For these affected Frenchies you will need to add a nose dog butter on a regular basis.    

3 Ways Having A Dry Nose Can Affect Your Frenchie’s Health

1.  Having a dry nose is uncomfortable.  

Any French Bulldog suffering from this super dry nose must be very uncomfortable having all that dry skin on their nose.  They are unable to do much about it.  My old bulldog used to rub her nose on the floor regularly to try to and remove some of that itchy dry skin.  It was always a sad sight to witness. 

2.  The ‘Dry Nose, Wet Nose, Dryer Nose’ Cycle.

A wet nose is a healthy nose.  However, when your French Bulldog’s nose is excessively dry, they will try to lick it to get it wet again and this only makes the problem worse. 

3.  It negatively affects your Dog’s sense of smell.

Finally and most importantly is how your dog’s supercharged sense of smell is negatively affected by this condition.  With the excessive layers of thick skin this definitely affects your Frenchie’s sense of smell. 

A healthy dog nose is able to do some amazing things.  Without getting into the nerdy science, this condition can cause your dog’s normally amazing sense of smell to be greatly diminished and negatively affect how they interact with their world. 

If Your Dog Has Dry Nose Here’s How To Help Your French Bulldog 

I would definitely recommend talking to your Veterinarian so you can get some expert guidance.  Aside from that, I have found that using one of the dog dry nose butters can be really helpful.  By regularly applying those dog nose butters you can see some real progress and real benefit to alleviating this for your Frenchie. 


This dog dry nose condition can be quite annoying for you and your Frenchie.  Hopefully this will get you pointed in the right direction to help protect and heal your Frenchie’s nose.  He will thank you! 

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