The Best French Bulldog Breeders In Massachusetts

If you are looking for a French Bulldog breeder in Massachusetts you are in the right place. Below is a collection of top French Bulldog breeders in MA that routinely have litters of beautiful, healthy Frenchie puppies. I compiled this list to help you make your search easier and find the right French bulldog breeder for you.

Here Are Some Top French Bulldog Breeders In Massachusetts

Each of these Massachusetts French Bulldog breeders have French Bulldog puppy litters on semi-regular basis.  Be sure to do your homework when choosing the right Frenchie breeder.  French Bulldogs are expensive so I highly recommend doing your home work before making a final decision.  Here are some well-referenced Massachusetts French Bulldog breeders to get you started.  

Fox Hill Farms & K9 – French Bulldog Breeder Amesbury MA

You can read all about the MA frenchie breeder Fox Hill Farms & K9 on their site You can also contact the MA frenchie breeder Fox Hill Farms & K9 by phone or email using the information below.

Fox Hill Phone Number:
(978) 270-9200

Fox Hill Email:

Fox Hill Address:
Fox Hill Farm / 69 Kimball Rd / Amesbury, MA, US 97827

Fox Hill Information:

In addition to French Bulldogs, Von Der Nordsee breeds German Shepherds and horses at Fox Hill Farms & K9. Fox Hill Farms & K9 also offers canine training services. On average, they breed one or two litters of French Bulldogs per year. All French Bulldog puppies that come from Fox Hill Farms & K9 are fully screened and tested to ensure that they are healthy.

Campcovo French Bulldogs

You can read all about the MA frenchie breeder Campcovo French Bulldogs on their site You can also contact the MA frenchie breeder Campcovo French Bulldogs by phone or email using the information below.

Campcovo Phone Number:
(781) 718-5015

Campcovo Email:

Campcovo Address:
Boston, MA

Campcovo Information:

Campcovo French Bulldogs is owned and operated by Billy Covalucci. They are proud members of the French Bulldog Club of America. They have been devoted to the breed since 1998, when Billy fell in love with a French Bulldog in a dog show. They are certified as an American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit. Puppies come along with written health guarantees. Campovo has a strict spay and neuter contract. This includes an agreement that intact puppies will not be sold for use as show dogs or breeding dogs. Sometimes pet puppies are available and older companion dogs may also be available from time to time as well.

cape cod frenchies website

Cape Cod French Bulldogs

You can read all about the MA frenchie breeder Cape Cod French Bulldogs on their site As stated on their website the owner says: “A lot of careful planning went into producing each litter and the bloodlines, health and confirmation points of each dog has been carefully assessed. I take pride in our health and dedication for the betterment of the French bulldog breed.”  Seeing photos and reviews from happy clients who brought home one of her Frenchies pups it is clear they are a great choice!  (Plus, Cape Cod is a great vacation destination so it is worth a visit anyway!).  You can contac Cape Cod French Bulldogs by phone or email using their contact information below.

Cape Cod Phone Number:
(774) 994-1014

Cape Cod Email:

Cape Cod Address:

Cape Cod Information:

Frenchie puppies can be brought home from Cape Cod French Bulldogs at around 9 to 12 weeks of age. Between 7 and 8 weeks old, all puppies receive health screenings. These screenings include stool checks, vaccinations, microchipping, and full overall health checks. Adult dogs used for breeding are taken in for yearly check ups to ensure that they are fully healthy. Cape Cod French Bulldogs does not offer shipping for their frenchie puppies. One reviewer says, “We spoke to at least 5 breeders from Vermont to Pennsylvania and none of them was more warm, caring, helpful, and honest than Jordan at Cape Cod Frenchies.”

beantown Frenchies MA

Beantown Frenchies

I had the pleasure of getting to know the owner of Beantown Frenchies and he breeds Frenchies with high standards.  As he says on his website, he breeds “Wicked Good Dogs” said in a proper Boston accent.  😉

He routinely has litters of wonderfully-bred French bulldogs and he even offers Fluffy Frenchies from time to time.  

Beantown Frenchies Phone Number:  
(508) 509-3242

Beantown Frenchies Email Address:

Here is the Beantown Frenchies Website Address:

stacked bullies french bulldog breeder

Stacked Bullies Bulldogs

You can read all about the MA frenchie breeder Stacked Bullies Bulldogs on their site You can also contact the MA frenchie breeder Stacked Bullies Bulldogs by phone or email using the information below.

Stacked Bullies Phone Number:
(617) 606-1982

Stacked Bullies Email:
Use Website

Stacked Bullies Address:
Lowell, MA 01851

Stacked Bullies Information:

Stacked Bullies is certified with the American Kennel Club stamp of approval for breeders. They have provided over 30 adorable and healthy bulldog puppies to over fifty satisfied customers. Their puppies are cared for 24/7 by the dog lovers who run Stacked Bullies. They are hobby breeders who have one to two litters of French Bulldog puppies available each year. They specialize in both standard and rare colored French Bulldog puppy breeding. They provide a one year guarantee for genetic defects and faults. They also ensure that your puppy has been vaccinated and socialized before release.

Boston French Bulldogs

Boston Bulldog

You can read all about the MA frenchie breeder Boston Bulldog on their site I definitely recommend reaching out to this breeder to speak to them about upcoming French Bulldog puppy litters they have coming.  You can reach out to this Boston MA french bulldog breeder by calling them or emailing them using their contact information below.

Boston Phone Number:
(508) 665-7202

Boston Email:

Boston Address:
Ashland, MA

Boston Bulldog’s Information:

Boston Bulldog offers both English and French Bulldog puppies. Boston Bulldog has a full health commitment that includes X-rays and ultrasounds. Their Frenchie puppies are also given all of their vaccinations. Boston Bulldog even offers fun reunion meetups. The owner of the business, Ira, is a bulldog breeder and a bulldog competition judge also. They offer regular color French bulldogs as well as exotic colored bulldogs. Some of the rare puppy color options offered by Boston Bulldog include reverse cream, white-blue, black and tan, and blue.

Finding a French Bulldog Breeder in MA

Searching “french bulldog puppies ma” and “french bulldog breeders New England” can yield confusing results. It can be hard to sort through all of the options online when searching for “french bulldog puppies ma” or “french bulldog breeders New England.” Be sure to check out their websites thoroughly, talk to the breeder, and read their reviews on Google and Facebeook. 

When I was shopping for my frenchie, the important thing for me was to find one that was healthy and that the breeder used proper breeding standards. The environment of where and how your French bulldog is bred matters (it matters a lot).  You will be glad that you took the time to fully research all of the most reputable French Bulldog breeders in MA before making a final decision.

PS – New Hampshire is just North of MA so I encourage you to check out the French Bulldog Breeders in New Hampshire too.  

PPS – Looking for a French Bulldog breeder in CT?  Or how about French Bulldog breeders in NY? Even French Bulldog Breeders in Michigan. Or check out this article about Breeding French Bulldogs.  

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