Should You Let Your French Bulldog on The Couch?

Frenchies are one of the most loving, gentle, and loyal breeds in the dog world. This bat-eared couch potato is very friendly and makes one of the best companion dogs out there. But should you let your French Bulldog on the couch?  While they are bred to be lap dogs, so they will willingly curl up on your lap just to be petted. They enjoy good playtime, but they also love just to lounge around and spending quality time on the couch. They are not the best of jumpers, but once grown, they can easily jump to your bed or sofa. Here’s why French bulldogs love staying in your living room couches.

So Should You Let Your French Bulldog on The Couch? 

I remember when we were getting our French Bulldog puppy our family made a firm resolution “we will NOT let this dog on the couch like our last one.”  Our couch was in ruin from our last dog so we decided it wasn’t the best thing for our couch that we let our new dog on the couch.  That was our firm intention BUT, it didn’t quite work out that way. 

He was just so darn cute and despite our best intentions, when he placed his front paws on the couch, peered up at us longingly with his wide eyes and big ears, within a couple weeks we were letting him on the couch anytime he wanted.  He broke our wills with his Frenchie cuteness and soon the couch was his favorite place to be. 

French Bulldog Sleeping on a couch

5 Things To Consider About Letting Your French Bulldog on The Couch

If you have a Frenchie, chances are you already let him or her on the couch.  After all they, are house and an apartment-friendly breed of dogs.  Nothing is better than curling up with your Frenchie on the couch at the end of a long day. 

But are sofa privileges a good idea for your French Bulldog?

1. Extra Wear and Tear On Your Couch  

There is no doubt that letting your dog on the furniture can cause wear and tear to your couch.  Not to mention, their slobber can leave streak marks on your furniture requiring more cleaning.  (One of our kids’ chores is to routinely clean the slobber off of the micro-fiber couch we have).

2. French Bulldog Behavioral Issues

Aside from the extra wear and tear on your living room couch, the more important consideration should be the potential behavioral factors to consider.

It is important to understand that your French Bulldog is a “pack” animal.  This means they think of their human family members as pack mates. The kids and I have been watching a Netflix show called Canine Intervention and one common thing I have noticed is when dogs have behavioral issues it tends to be because they think they are the pack leader. 

When you allow your French Bulldog on your couch, their hard-wired doggy instincts signal to them that they are equal or above their humans in the pack structure.

For some Frenchies, this can lead to territorial behavior issues. We have personally experienced our normally very loving Frenchie get a “puffy chest” when he is on the couch and get a little too aggressive when on the couch.  Other dog owners I know have mentioned that when their dog is on the couch the might even growl, snap, or bite when they’re on the couch.

While this isn’t always the case with “sofa dogs” it is something you should watch out for.  French Bulldogs who are treated as equal members of the “pack” / Family tend to be less mindful of the owner’s commands and rules of the house. 

A common trend I have noticed is that French Bulldog behavioral problems tend to be more common with couch dogs than non-couch dogs.

A skilled dog trainer can help with an in-home training session with you and your family to help curb these issues.

3. How Will Your French Bulldog Affect House Guests

If you allow your French Bulldog on the couch with you, you should absolutely be aware that when you have house guests over chances are very strong that they will absolutely jump up on the couch and make themselves cozy. Not every house guest will be comfortable with your Frenchie’s “in your lap” loving nature.

4. Visiting Other Peoples’ Homes With Your Frenchie

Another important consideration when making the decision on whether to allow your French Bulldog on your own couch is every couch looks the same to your Frenchie.  Once your French Bulldog has learned that it is ok for them to be on a couch in your home they will think it is Ok for them to be on anyone’s house. 

When I visit my Mom’s house (who is a very tidy and neat person) he is NOT allowed on the couch. My French Bulldog Augie does not understand this.

Just understand that IF you allow your Frenchie on your own couch he will expect to have that same privilege when you visit other relatives or friends home.  Just understand that not everyone will have the same rules you do. 

5. Get a Durable Couch IF You Decide To Let Your French Bulldog on The Couch

French Bulldogs enjoy good playtime, but they also love just to lounge around and spend time on your best budget couch.  Getting a sturdy couch that will withstand their clothes and slobber would be a good idea.  

If you decide to allow your French Bulldog on your couch (and I suspect that you will) then you should look into a durable couch.  In this other article I share some thoughts on that.  

Frenchie on arm of chair

About the French Bulldog BreedWhy They Love Being on a Couch With You

Frenchies are classified as companion dogs and are one of the top ten breeds in America. These sweet and friendly pups are people pleasers who love to cuddle and enjoy human interaction and love being the center of attention. Our French Bulldog Augie just loves to be near us on the couch and anytime one of us in on the couch, he is on the couch sitting on our lap.  Our little Frenchie wouldn’t have it any other way. 

The average, healthy weight of a full-grown Frenchie is about 16 to 28 pounds and stands around 12 inches tall. Their average lifespan ranges from 11 to 14 years, but it can be affected by a lot of factors.

Frenchies’ Appearance

Frenchies maintain a low center of gravity with their muscular, compact build and a big, square head. They are known for their recognizable bow-legged gait walk. Being a flat-faced breed, french bulldogs have adorable smooshy faces with loose and soft skin that forms wrinkles at the shoulders and head. They sport a smooth, short coat and the color commonly comes in shades of tan, brindle, or fawn. Others have white with brindle patches or known as “pied.”

Frenchies’ Temperament 

The Frenchies temperament is generally gentle and loving, so they can be very friendly and is easily willing to please family and guests. They like to be petted, which is mainly the reason why they are known to be lap dogs. They also love lounging around or sleeping on couches.

French bulldogs are also highly intelligent. However, they do require mental stimulation and should be trained from the early stages. They can easily become destructive, so you should ensure mental stimulation and positive training.

While Frenchies are gentle, they can also display guarding behaviors, especially to strangers. This is where socialization is needed. They need to need a lot of people.

They’re a cute and lovely breed, and they are known for being intimate and loyal, especially to their owners.  

Highlights of Characteristics of French Bulldog 

  • Frenchies do not necessarily need a lot of exercises, but they do need some daily walks to keep themselves healthy.
  • They cannot handle heat very well, and they should be monitored on especially on hot days, to ensure that they don’t exhaust themselves.
  • They are easily trainable but can be stubborn at times. So patience is a must when training this dog.
  • Frenchies aren’t the cleanest if you value cleanliness. They tend to be messy and are prone to drooling, shedding and can be challenging to housetrain.
  • They are known to be a quiet breed and frequently barks. But, there are exceptions, of course. They are not excessive barkers, so they make a great apartment dog.
  • French bulldogs go very well with children, although it is still important to supervise them together.
  • They make excellent watchdogs; however, they tend to become a bit territorial as they like being the center of attraction.
  • Frenchies love human contact, which is why they make the best companion dogs. They can’t stand to be left alone or left outside to live.
  • If you plan on giving them toys, Frenchies are terminators. They enjoy ripping out the stuffing and the squeakers as well. Be mindful of what toys to give them and avoid the ones that could potentially be choking hazards.
  • Their personalities are big as their ears. They’re loving, smart, adaptable, and mischievous as well. But they are irresistible and make the best companion.

French Bulldog Living Needs

While Frenchies love to play, they’re also the type to just curl up on your lap or sit at your feet to sleep. If you have a Frenchie, do not expect it to love the outdoors, or that can go jogging with you on a sunny day. Frenchies don’t do well in high heat because of their flat face. Plus, they’re not great swimmers either because of their weight and short legs. Their front-heavy structure disables them to swim, and they are prone to heat exhaustion. So, do your dog-walking exercises or play sessions at night when everything is cooler. Frenchies do not need a large yard or space to be happy. Give them a couch and most likely spend most of their time there.  

Training Frenchies

Frenchies are relatively smart and intelligent, so training them might not be challenging for both of you. Incorporate lots of rewards like food, praise, and play. Remember, they are people pleasers, so make your training feel like a game. They are also sensitive, so they respond well to rewards rather than criticism. French bulldogs can be stubborn at times. They are free thinkers; that’s why they are not suited for agility or obedience contests. Thus, patience and consistency are essential in training them.  House training and a few good tricks should be easy enough to achieve.

Final Thoughts On If You Should Let Your French Bulldog on The Couch

The decision on if you should let your French Bulldog on your couch is completely your decision.  While it is known that Frenchies have an extremely positive and gentle disposition, it is essential to train and develop their behavior, especially at home.  While deciding if it is ok or not for your Frenchie to be allowed on the couch is a personal choice just take the tips above into consideration. 

These adorable bat-eared little bulldogs love to lounge around the house and sleep on couches for longer periods so I wish you the best of luck if you try to not allow them on the couch.  Plus, they love human contact and are up for some cuddles at any time.  This is why French bulldogs are known for being couch potatoes; it’s just what they are.

PS – One other idea to consider is to get a high quality Couch cover to protect your furniture. 

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