13 Safe Toys Your French Bulldog Will Love

With their square, flat face full of excitement and jowls flying, playing with a French Bulldog is a joyful experience. More than many breeds, French Bulldogs embrace their bliss and chase it with a vigor that is enviable. They are a rambunctious, playful breed that can absolutely destroy the toys they are given due to their exuberance. 

Some questions might come to mind. Do you have the right options for your French Bulldog? What are safe toys for French Bulldogs?

Safe Toys For a French Bulldog – Things to Keep in Mind

While it’s good to have safe toys for dogs in general, there are a couple of specific things to keep in mind when playing with safe toys for French Bulldogs. The first: Frenchies are brachycephalic, meaning they have a flat face, characterized by an especially short nose and snout.

The thing to keep in mind about this feature of your French Bulldog is the fact that it impedes their breathing. Even when they are at rest, French Bulldogs have a harder time breathing than other breeds due to the structure of their nose and snout. 

When you start getting them excited and breathing heavily, this issue can be exacerbated, leading to even more difficulties breathing and potentially overheating. A reason the brachycephalic nose and snout can lead to overheating is that your dog primarily cools itself down by panting. Unfortunately, with these brachycephalic breeds, they don’t cool as well because of the structure of their airways. 

If it’s warm outside or if you notice your dog having a hard time breathing, it’s time to end your playtime session before they overheat, leading to potentially serious complications. The irony with these two issues to keep in mind is that French Bulldogs are known to be playful, always up for some fun. With the right toys, you can keep them happy and safe. 

Make sure you don’t leave them hanging! Check out these 13 excellent safe toys for French Bulldogs that will work for every personality of Frenchie.

1. Trixie Mini Mover Interactive Strategy Game

Perhaps it’s from their connected history to 19th-century English lace making, but French Bulldogs love a good puzzle. With the Trixie Mini Mover Interactive Strategy Game, your French Bulldog will have a challenging game to play, keeping them busy when you’re away or need to work in your home office.

This is also another great interactive dog toy.  

The best part: it’s dishwasher safe, so getting all that French Bulldog drool cleaned off is a breeze. As it keeps them busy for hours, with buttons and levers that they’ll go crazy for, you might just get some work done!

2. ChuckIt! Breathe Right Balls

Every French Bulldog owner knows the distinctive huffing and puffing of their brachycephalic breed. Being a flat-faced breed, the ChuckIt! Breath Right Balls are the perfect solution for French Bulldogs who love to catch a ball. 

The open areas allow for airflow, so even when your squat little friend gets excited, they’ll be able to breathe easily. They are also much easier to clean than a tennis ball. Pop them in the dishwasher for a quick and easy solution to the mess. You’ll thank us later. This is one of those safe toys for dogs you’ll keep reaching for. 

3. Zippy Paws Skinny Peltz

One of the hallmarks of a French Bulldog is its square jaw. With that powerful jaw, they can easily rip open many plush toys, meaning the chances of choking on a squeaker are high. Not so with the ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz, another one of our favorite safe toys for French Bulldogs.

The beauty of these is the noise-making crinkle paper that will excite your French Bulldog without the risk of choking. Your French Bulldog will love snuffling and crunching on this attractive and durable plush option, especially if they’ve destroyed every other plush you’ve brought home. 

4. Jute Tug Toy

If you’ve ever played with a French Bulldog, you know they are experts at tug-of-war. The power in their jaws is undeniable, and the little hop they do when they tug a toy is heart-melting. Encourage this with a Redline K9 Jute Tug Toy. 

Compared to rope, this nylon and jute option offers easy cleaning, a blessing when you think about the amounts of drool that will be on it. And tug away – the Jute Tug Toy is made to stand up to some mighty jaws. It’s a must have of the safe toys for dogs on the market.

5. Bomber Ball

Despite being small, French Bulldogs are tiny powerhouses that can easily shred a tennis ball when given a chance. Instead of buying tube after tube of tennis balls that all end up looking like confetti, invest in a Bomber Ball. 

Along with being insanely durable, it’s shaped like a handle on both ends, making it easy for your French Bulldog to carry, even with their flat face. That same handle makes it easy to hold or grab when you’re done at the dog park. It’s one you’ll want to write your name on – everyone at the dog park will want to take it home with them!

6. Hide-A-Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Toy

Back in the day, French Bulldogs were lapdogs to Parisian ladies of society. Perhaps those generations of pent-up energy make them so hyperactive today. An excellent way to redirect that quick mind is with a puzzle toy, like the Hide-a-Squirrel Plush Puzzle Toy. 

They will love pulling out the squirrels and figuring out the magic of this simple puzzle toy. It’s perfect for the puppy who might need a more straightforward riddle to solve. It’s also an excellent option for older French Bulldogs with teeth issues. The soft squirrels are easy to pull and won’t hurt those tired teeth, making them excellent safe toys for French Bulldogs. 

7. Foxtail Fetch Toy

Does your French Bulldog live in a constant state of discontent, unable to play fetch and tug-of-war at the same time? Solve their dilemma with the Foxtail Fetch Toy.

It’s tough and durable, great for a romp in the backyard, and will provide your French Bulldog with the options they crave. The foxtail design makes it easy to throw, and the ball’s weight will send it flying. It’s sure to keep them going – can you keep up? 

8. Kong Floppy Knots Toy

Does your French Bulldog love their plushies a little too much, leaving them a disemboweled mess of stuffing and fabric? To keep up with your French Bulldog’s overenthusiastic excitement, try a Kong Floppy Knots Toy. Made of durable material and rope, it’ll last some chewing sessions, and if they want to play tug-of-war, the Kong Floppy Knots Toy is always game. 

9. Omega Ball Tricky Treat Ball

Giving your French Bulldog treats is a rewarding, bonding experience for both of you. But why just hand them a treat when it could be a fun game that keeps them occupied? With the Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball, they benefit from a puzzle game plus a treat dispenser all in one. As they play and get their much-needed exercise, they’ll be immediately rewarded. 

10. BarkBox 2-in-1 Interactive Plush Toy

French Bulldogs are extroverts. They love company, whether it’s their human or a stuffed toy. The tragedy is they also want to shred their plushies. But with the BarkBox 2-in-1 Interactive Plush Toy, if they happen to make it through the first layer of the toy, there’s a bonus toy inside. They’ll love their little friend, and if they kill it, there’s another one as a backup. 

11. Laser Pointer

One of the simplest safe toys for French Bulldogs you can pick up is a laser pointer. When you need to exercise your French Bulldog, it’s the easiest way to do it. Turn it on and watch them scramble to catch the tiny red dot. They’ll love the chase, and you’ll love giving them the exercise they need to be healthy, even from the couch. 

As much fun as playtime is, keeping your French Bulldog’s health in mind is crucial. Just be careful to watch for the signs they are having trouble breathing or that they are overheating – these can happen even when playing indoors. But as far as safe toys for dogs go, this is an excellent option.

12. Milk-Bone Active Treat Tumbler

Another option for treat-dispensing puzzle toys is the Milk-Bone Active Treat Tumbler. If you’re worried about tripping on a ball rolling across the floor, this is a much better option.

Shaped like a square, this will keep your French Bulldog working even harder to get their reward, making it the perfect choice for owners whose French Bulldog has already figured out every treat ball they’ve brought home. 

13. The Forever Bone (by PetSafe)

All dogs love bones, right? But after a few minutes they are destroyed or eaten. Luckily, there are more durable options out there. One of our favorites, the Forever Bone by PetSafe, is exactly what it sounds like: the last bone your French Bulldog will ever need. 

Both indestructible and a puzzle – there are two pockets to hide treats in it – the Forever Bone does double-duty while still keeping up with the intense chewing of your French Bulldog. As they search for the treat that’s hidden inside, the tough exterior will hold up to their strong jaw and dogged determination. 

Looking for more safe toys for dogs? Check out Robby’s 8 favorite indestructible dog toys. If they can stand up to his play, it can handle your petite French Bulldog friend. 

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