How To Train Your Dog To Come – Adding the “Come” Command to your French Bulldog’s training

Many French Bulldog owners and professional trainers agree that the “Come” command is vital for a pet’s well-being.  In this article I’ll share how to train your dog to come.  Although it is one of the trickiest commands to master, doing it properly will ensure that your French Bulldog returns to you when faced with difficult and risky scenarios.

How To Train Your Dog To Come – Get Your Dog To Come When Called

Training your bulldog to obey the Come command is inherently contradictory at first

Since your pet is curious by nature and loves discovering new sights and sounds.  You really don’t want to deny him his freedom, so what’s the best way to induce your dog to voluntarily “come” to you prior to formal training?

French Bulldog how to come

The logical approach is to work with your French bulldog’s natural instincts. 

Hopefully, your canine friend is sufficiently attached to you that he will come back no matter how well his sightseeing is going.  This applies whether your dog is at home, in the backyard, or at a nearby park.  Therefore, allow your bulldog to satisfy his curiosity, then, once he starts back towards you, use your “Come” command.  Don’t forget to demonstrate your approval with hugs of praise and his favorite treats.

Another strategy is to use the “Sit” and “Stay” commands as preludes to the “Come” for your bulldog.  Assuming that your friend knows these commands, use them in sequence then move away – all the while encouraging him to follow you as you issue a strong Come command.  Use encouragement and positive body language.  Praise your dog’s efforts, especially the quicker responses.

Everything seems so straightforward, what could possibly go wrong? 

In fact, there are two (2) common obstacles to getting the Come command down pat:

  1.  Your bulldog does not come to you at all.

Possible causes: Dog is conflicted or confused by prior training with “Stay” command (over-obedience); stubbornness.

Possible solution: Put a leash and collar on your bulldog and gently pull him towards you while ordering “Come” command.

  1. Your bulldog comes to you too quickly – even before your command!

Possible causes: Dog is anxious or nervous when separated from you.

Possible solution: Review your approach to “Stay”; use leash and collar around tree or pole to practice controlled movement, releasing fully only after you issue “Call”.

Conclusion – How To Teach Your French Bulldog To Come Command

Your French Bulldog’s “Come” training will require patience and care.  As one of the most important commands for your canine, be extra generous with praise as he advances towards the ultimate goal.  Hope that helps!  Here are some more French Bulldog Training articles.  

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