Exploring the Fascinating Types of Bulldog Breeds

Are you planning to bring home a bulldog? There are a lot of different types of Bulldogs to choose from, each with their own unique characteristics. All you need to know are the different physical and personality attributes that make the bulldog unique.

Once you understand the differences in Bulldogs, you can make a well-informed decision to choose the best one depending on your needs, preferences, and commitments. Contrary to popular belief, these dogs are not lazy; they can act as watchdogs, they can help you with herding needs, and watch after the children. They prefer to relax to spend their energy wisely. Let’s dive in and examine the wide variety of Bulldog breeds.

Here Are The Top 15 Types Of Bulldog Breeds:

There is a wide array of Bulldog breeds.  Some are big, some are small, some have smushed faces, and some boast other physical characteristics.  Check out our full list of types of Bulldogs.

American Bulldog

They are the most active bulldogs and are considered working-class bulldogs. They get bored easily; hence you need to train your pups regularly to restore their moods.

American Bulldog Physical Attributes

Build for athletics, they have a muscular and sturdy body and weigh about 70 to 120 pounds depending on the meal and diet. They are unique due to their cropped ears, large heads, and strong jaws. The dogs have short coats with various colors, such as solid black, brown, fawn, and red. They tend to drool, especially the bully American bulldogs. Their build makes them suitable for a variety of work dogs activities, such as guarding farms and animals.

American Bulldog Personality Attributes

They take time to get along with people, but they eventually develop into one of the most fun dogs to own. They are courageous and have very powerful instincts compared to other types of popular bulldogs. They are not kind to intruders and strangers and may respond aggressively towards anything foreign. They are recognized for their heroism and protective nature, especially when around kids.

french bulldog in a field

French Bulldog

As my site FrenchieJourney.com is focused on French Bulldogs, I must admit I am partial to this type of Bulldog.  “Frenchies” have a compact, muscular body and are well-built, giving them powerful stamina and a compact body. The free-spirited bulldogs are known for their stubbornness and laid-back traits.

French Bulldog Physical Attributes

Unlike other breeds of bulldogs, these bulldogs are smaller in size and have wrinkled heads. Their coats can be found in various colors, such as fawn, white, and tan. The dogs usually weigh about 28 pounds, and they have large, square-shaped heads with round and dark eyes. They have bat-shaped ears that make them unique from other bulldog breeds. They have a soft roll of skin over their short black noses.

French Bulldog Personality Attributes

They have a curious look and can stare at things longer to draw your attention. You can be glad because they require little exercise but love going for walks and are generally slow; hence, they require patience when handling. They have a low tolerance for heat and humidity, so ensure you take them out in the evenings and get them a cool and dry place to lie.

English Bulldog

English Bulldog

My first ever Bulldog over 20 years ago was an English Bulldog named Noble.  I loved this dog with all my heart and soul.  She was a purebred English Bulldog, and she was an amazing dog.  English Bulldogs are beefy bulldogs with smushed, adorable faces.

English Bulldog Physical Attributes

This breed has a large head with a wrinkled forehead, giving it a chumming, elderly appearance. They have coats ranging in different colors such as red, piebald, yellow, white, or a combination. They weigh about 40 to 50 pounds with smooth coats, broad shoulders, and short faces with massive jaws that protrude in front of their upper jaws. They have either dark blue or green eyes, which make them more attractive. They have “rose ears” folded inwards on the lower edges.

English Bulldog Personality Attributes

Known for their medium and compact body, they are one of the most preferred bulldogs due to their love for human attention and the ability to please their owner to get their attention. They are perfect family pets due to their predictability and gentleness. This makes them a friend to children or other pets, such as kittens. However, they may be aggressive towards strangers and intruders, making them the perfect watchdogs. They have many health complications and a short life span; hence, you need to make the best use of them when they last.

Note:  There are some breeders making a French Bulldog English Bulldog mix too!

Old English Bulldog

Olde English Bulldog

This breed is becoming extinct and is fast being replaced with the English bulldog.

Olde English Bulldogge Physical Attributes

They are short with stock legs, and they have muscular body athletic build with a bulky and powerful head. They have white coats blended with a patch of colors such as black, grey, red, black, and fawn. They have incredible strength and stamina but are not ideal for outdoor adventures such as hiking. Most of them weigh between 60 to 80 pounds.

Olde English Bulldog Personality Traits

They are incredibly responsive to commands and are eager to please their owners. They appear tough but are sweet and gentle dogs. They are generally pleasant and have a friendly demeanor towards everyone, including strangers. They get along perfectly with kids and love playing and watching after children. They are the ideal dog to watch your child while you are held up or out of the house briefly.

australian bulldog

Australian Bulldog

This breed of bulldogs was first bred in Australia from major breeds such as boxers. The main aim of breeding these bulldogs was to develop a dog resistant to the harsh climate in Australia.

They have a big build and massive strength, making them suitable for work such as guarding. They are more active than other bulldog breeds; however, they are not athletic. The breeding led to a bulldog with longer limbs and reduced wrinkles, unlike its cousin, the English bulldog.

Australian Bulldog Personality Traits

They have a joyful attitude evident in any breed, love fun activities, and engage in major outdoor activities such as hiking and playing with kids in the backyard. They are among the easiest dogs to train due to their powerful instincts and high intelligence. They can adapt to various environments, such as harsh climatic regions. However, they need proper training since they are better athletes. They are not as attention-demanding as other bulldogs, and you do not have to please them much or give them maximum attention to make them happy.

victorian bulldog

They are a breed of English bulldogs, bullmastiffs, bull terriers, and Staffordshire bull terriers. The need to breed these bulldogs was to reduce the frequent health problems exhibited by English bulldogs.

Victorian Bulldog Physical Attributes

They have similar attributes to their cousins (the English bulldogs). One attribute that sets them apart from other types of bulldogs is the unsquashed face. Unlike other bulldog breeds, they rarely have trouble when it comes to breathing due to their facial structure. They are slightly taller but not as comprehensive as other different bulldog breeds.

Victorian Bulldog Personality Traits

They are the most gentle, affectionate, and loyal bulldogs and can get along well with their owners, kids, and other pets if trained early. They tend to be aggressive towards other dogs and may find it difficult to live with other pet dogs. They are trustworthy and dependable, making them the perfect guardians for kids. Despite being friendly and protective, they can be aggressive towards strangers, especially if they deem them a threat.

Catahoula Bulldog

Their origin is traced to the Catahoula leopard dog and has certain traits similar to the American bulldog. They are not considered a major dog breed but can be suitable for bulldog lovers.

Catahoula Bulldog Physical Attributes

They have massive energy since they are built for athletic purposes; hence, they require more exercise than rest. They have the agility required for athletic dogs, making them suitable for activities such as hunting and herding. The dogs weigh as much as 100 pounds and as tall as 26 inches. These attributes make them suitable for practical needs rather than fashion.

As the dog owners, we would advise that you be patient with them and prepare more for playtime. They require commitment, or you can engage them in activities such as watching your horses or cattle; this way, they will have more playtime. They also make excellent shepherd dogs because they are always alert and ready to protect the cattle and the owner from any intrusion.

Alpha Blue-Blood Bulldog

Alpha Blue-Blood Bulldog

The origins can be traced to the Southern United States. It is considered a catch-dog by origin since it was used to catch and herd cattle and other animals.

It has a large body and weighs 60 to 95 pounds. It has a muscular and compact body with a big square head. This breed of Bulldog has a short coat of fur that comes in various colors, such as white and even brindle.

Alpha Blue-Blood Bulldog Personality Attributes

It is one of the most protective and possessive dogs. It can be an excellent companion only when you give your puppy the right training at an early age; otherwise, it will grow into an aggressive and hostile dog. It needs a leader to shape it to the perfect attitude, and that is your role as the pet owner. This breed of bulldog is generally a calm dog.  It only becomes aggressive when provoked.  If it gets to this point, it has been known to fight to the death to protect its owners or children’s family members. This breed of Bulldog is gentle with kids and loves to be around them.

the valley bulldog

It is one of the rarest bulldogs. The dog is a breed of an English bulldog and a boxer. It traces its origin from Nova Scotia in Canada.

Valley Bulldog Physical Attributes

They have a barky nature and require constant training to reduce this undesirable and vocal behavior. This behavior stems from the genes of watchdogs suited for protecting livestock. This type of bulldog tends to be sensitive to environmental changes and doesn’t do well in very hot and very cold weather.  This environmental sensitivity makes them prone to health issues such as shedding of hair and even obesity. They are easy to manage as long as you can groom them properly and provide enough training to monitor weight gain.

Valley Bulldog Personality Attributes

The Valley Bulldog tends to be extremely loyal, intelligent, and friendly and can easily adapt to a variety of environments. The dogs have a silly and playful mindset and are prone to play around while exhibiting clownish behavior. However, they can become bored quickly when ignored or not exercised. They are energetic and agile, and you can engage them in strenuous activities such as herding cattle the whole day.

Ca De Bous

The dog was first bred on Spain’s Coast in the 12th century. It falls in the category of the Spanish bulldog due to its origins. It inherits most of the traits from the Majolica mastiff and Mallorquin bulldog.

Ca De Bous Physical Attributes

They have a large head with a lean, muscular, and compact body wrapped with a short coat. The medium-sized and stocky bulldog weighs about 30 to 35 kg. They have powerful and slightly undershot jaws and large, dark oval eyes. Their ears are relatively small hence described as rose ears.

Ca De Bous Personality Traits

They are playful, making them perfect as family pets due to their friendly personality. They can be quite alert and can help homeowners identify minor intrusions in homes. They require frequent training; when left idle, they can become dominant and aggressive. Once appropriately trained, they can be the calmest dogs but can attack strangers without barking. This attribute makes them dangerous yet the best guardians and watchdogs.

Serrano Bulldog

This is one of the Brazilian bulldog breeds. It was mainly used in slaughterhouses for pigs since it could drag pigs to the slaughter chambers. The breed is becoming extinct since its role as a slaughterhouse dog was stopped due to hygiene concerns.

Serrano Bulldog Physical Attributes

It has a robust and muscular body with a broad head that is proportionate to the body. It appears aggressive but is calm and does not exhibit any unnecessary aggression. It weighs about 66 to 88 pounds and has a height of about 19 to 22 inches. It has a short and smooth coat available in different colors: tan, brown, fawn, white, and black.

Serrano Bulldog Personality Attributes

They are great for guarding property and the owners, but don’t take our word for it. Try it for yourself. They are friendly and do not show aggression towards other pets and strangers but quickly attack on command. They are very submissive and only get aggressive when provoked. They are loyal to their owners and need socialization at an early age to make them aware of human beings and other pets.continental bulldog

Continental Bulldog

It is one of Switzerland’s newest bulldogs crossbred from English bulldogs. It widely is recognized for its short-form name Conti. The first breed of this other bulldog breed first appeared in 2005.

Continental Bulldog Physical Attributes

They are not as large as English bulldogs but are more playful than their counterparts. They have longer legs and noses than the English bulldog and are 12 to 14 years old. They weigh between 45 and 60 pounds and are more adaptable to any environment. They have a smooth and short-haired coat that is easy to groom. They are less prone to health issues, less sensitive to weather and climatic changes, and adapt well to all environments.

Continental Bulldog Personality Attributes

They are more indoor dogs or lap dogs and do not require frequent exercises, nor do they need large spaces to play. They are attentive, confident, friendly, and are not shy, making them very relatable. They are friendly even to strangers, and they rarely bark unless they sense danger.

Campiero Bulldog

Also known as Buldogue Campeiro in Portuguese, these dogs are mostly found in southern Brazil. History indicates that they are a crossbreed of old English bulldogs. Other names include the Brazilian bulldog and the countryside bulldog.

Campiero Bulldog Physical Attributes

They have medium-sized bodies and weigh about 60 to 80 kilograms. Their weight is complemented by a strong, bulky body, a square face, and a broad head. They have short tails, and the eras are located high on their foreheads. They have easy-to-groom and comb short hair, which is smooth and available in different colors such as fawn, white, and brown coat colors.

They demand frequent exercise and can easily get bored or aggressive when left idle. They stand out due to their loyalty to the owners, adaptability, and affection towards children. Their courage makes them excellent guard dogs; however, they can be jealous when not given attention. They are suspicious of strangers and can attack them without barking.

Alano espanol

Alano Espanol/Spanish Bulldog

It is a large breed of molosser dog type and has various nicknames. In the past, it has been used as a cattle catch dog, hunting dog, and guarding. It originated from the nomadic tribe of Alani in pain.

Spanish Bulldog Physical Attributes

They have a large and strong head shaped like a cube and wrinkles on the face. They have a short muzzle with a short lower jaw in a concave shape. They have thick skin with a short and thick coat available in different colors such as fawn, brindle, and black. They weigh an average of 34 to 40 kgs and have a lifespan of 11 to 14 years.

Spanish Bulldog Personality Attributes

They are social dogs and love the company of other dogs since they have the genes to hunt in a pack. Due to their aggressive nature, you must socialize them with other pets and human beings to keep them as pets. They need regular training and activity, making them best for pet owners such as farmers. They are prone to outdoor activities such as hunting and hiking.


The dog was first bred in mid 19th century by British gamekeepers to safeguard estates from poachers and wild animals.

Bullmastiff Physical Attributes

They are fast and powerful and can knock down their opponent or target easily. They have short and flat coats available in different colors, such as brindle, fawn, and red. They have a low tendency to bark but snore loudly. They have droopy eyes and floppy ears. They weigh about 100 to 120 pounds, with a height ranging from 25 to 26 inches.

Bullmastiff Personality Attributes

They are gentle, affectionate, and easy-going, hence suitable for guarding children. Their laid-back attitude is likely to change whenever they spot a stranger, and can be very suspicious of non-family members. They are independent thinkers, which makes training them difficult, and they are cautious about their approach to things.

Making The Bulldog Purchase Decision From The Various Bulldog Types

Bulldogs are a wonderful type of dog, and hopefully, this guide was helpful for you to learn more about the various types. No matter which type of bulldog you choose to purchase, it is important to do your homework on the specific breed.    From the list above, you have a wide range of bulldogs to choose from; choose wisely.

PPS – My friend Tony is an avid lover of Akitas.  They are absolutely not a Bulldog breed, but I have met his dog Hagga, and he is adorable.

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