What Is The Best Dog Flea Shampoo? Fleas and Ticks Beware!

Fleas and Ticks can relentlessly bite your beloved French Bulldog, leaving them itchy, irritated, and possibly at risk for Lyme disease too in the worst case situations. A quality tick and flea shampoo can kill these bitey little creatures and keep your Frenchie safe.  As dog owners, we want to improve our Frenchies’s quality of life while keeping them clean and protected from pests. A good quality shampoo should be part of your overall French Bulldog care plan.  

About Those Annoying Ticks and Fleas

Fleas and ticks are all too common parasites that can affect your dog and your family.  They can cause irritating and painful bites. Even worse, they can also carry and transmit diseases like Lyme. I live in the Northeast United States, where Ticks are rampant, so this is especially a concern for our family. You can see a map of where ticks are most prevalent in the United States. These parasites are similar in many ways and later I’ll share some tick and flea shampoos to keep them away from your dog and out of your home.  But first, let’s compare and contrast these creepy crawlers.  

How Fleas and Ticks Are Similar:  

fleas vs ticks

  • Both Ticks and Fleas can cause an irritating bite.  This can result in a red mark left behind on you or your dog.
  • Both fleas and ticks feed on blood.  It can be your dog’s blood or your blood, these critters don’t discriminate.  
  • Ticks and fleas both have the potential to transmit very harmful diseases that can result in serious health issues for your dog and your family. For example, Fleas can transmit tapeworms.  Even scarier to me is that ticks can transmit Lyme disease. There is even a strain of Lyme disease that can cause a human to not like meat anymore which is a terrifying thought to this carnivore.  
  • Dogs affected by ticks and fleas can have serious health issues if not properly diagnosed by a veterinarian and not properly treated.
  • Dogs who go outside and play in the woods often should always be treated for these pests, especially during the warmer times of the year.  

How Fleas and Ticks Are Different

Fleas and ticks have more differences than similarities.  They are both annoying pests and here is some information on how to differentiate them.  Ticks are generally larger than fleas. Fleas are about 1/8th of an inch long and often appear as small dark specks on fur and clothing. Ticks are generally dark in color, flat, and teardrop shaped.  There are many species of ticks you might encounter and color and size are not great indicators of tick species.

Fleas On Your Dog – Fleas In Your House?

Fleas can become a problem when your French bulldog comes in the house with fleas on his coat.  Once the fleas get inside they hide and reproduce in your home causing a flea infestation. Fleas will continue to feed on your poor dog and can even feed on you and your family.  If this happens you will have to treat your pet and your home with flea treatment products. While you can control fleas outdoors, generally, fleas are an indoor issue and an on-pet issue.

Ticks, Dogs, and Your Home

Unlike fleas, ticks generally don’t cause indoor infestations. They can get in your house if they come in on your dog’s fur or on your clothes.  Any French bulldog that spends time outside can pick up the occasional tick. Ticks wait for you or your dog to brush past the bush or tree they are on and they then latch on to their host. The best way to prevent against ticks coming into your home is to check yourself and your dog for ticks.  When ticks are left on the body for a day or more you or your dog have a much greater chance of passing on tick-borne diseases. Ticks are best treated with prevention and diligent inspection of you and your French Bulldog. Good landscaping practices like cutting the grass short and keeping foliage in check is a good way to keep ticks at bay.  You can even spray your yard with insecticides (we use an organic tick lawn spray every Spring). 

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What Is Dog Flea Shampoo?

When looking for a dog flea shampoo first you need to understand more about it.  A good dog flea shampoo is a special medicated shampoo that can safely clean your dog’s fur coat.  At the same time if it can kill fleas and prevent them from returning that is ideal. A quality dog flea shampoo can and should kill the adult fleas that are infesting your dog. It is important to keep in mind that you will need to shampoo your French bulldog on a semi-regular basis for it stay effective.

When fleas have made it into your home you will want to treat infested areas as soon as you notice a problem.  Stopping that flea infestation and reproduction cycle as soon as possible is very important. You want to stop them from reproducing as quickly as you can. Dog flea shampoo can be used like regular pet shampoo, and some double as flea and tick shampoo.

French Bulldog bathing is pretty straight forward but there are some bathing considerations for Frenchies to keep in mind. Take care not to get the shampoo or water in your Frenchie’s large bat ears.  Start at the head, work behind the ears, get his legs and belly, and then move down toward his tail.

With this flea and tick shampoo I would recommend letting the shampoo lather remain in his hair coat for four or five minutes to let it work its magic.  Letting the later sit will help to kill those nasty insects. Flea and tick shampoo can usually be used along with an accompanying topical tea and flick spot treatment or flea collar for even more protection.

Top 5 Pet Flea Shampoos I Reviewed

tick and flea shampoo dog whisperer

YAYA ORGANICS Dog Whisperer – Duo Pack Tick and Flea Shampoo

I actually met the owners of this NH-based company and tried some of their products on my French Bulldog puppy.  I liked them because they offer an all-natural flea and tick shampoo.  The YaYa Organics Dog Whisperer line has no harsh chemicals used in this product at all.  It has worked for us to help keep fleas and ticks off of our little guy.  It also smells great and has a pleasant herbal scent.  Finally, it has no DEET, Permethrin, clove, eugenol, SLS, alcohol, chemicals or synthetics. 

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Arava Flea & Tick Control Dog & Puppy Shampoo

This is another great tea and tick shampoo.  Arava uses 100% natural and safe ingredients.  Another cool feature about this particular tea and flick shampoo supports great pet-friendly charities.  One very cool difference about this shampoo is its charity component.  For every Arava product purchased, they make a direct donation to animal rights organizations. 

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Vanilla Oatmeal Dog Shampoo with Lavender

Their dog shampoo does a good job getting rid of that “dog smell” and leaves your pooch smelling of vanilla and lavender which is a nice combination.   Like some of the other flea and tick shampoos I have recommended, this one too uses some natural essential oils to repel creepy crawlers in a non-toxic way.  

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Vet’s Best Flea Itch Relief Shampoo

This flea and tick Shampoo is a veterinarian-formulated shampoo and has been reviewed very highly.  This particular shampoo is said to help your Frenchie with itch relief from flea bites and infestations. Some reviewers found that it works nearly instantly to kills fleas and ticks. This dog shampoo also uses natural ingredients to repell fleas and ticks while also helping your dog with dryness, and itching. 

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Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo

Adams Plus flea and tick shampoo is a very highly reviewed dog shampoo.  This shampoo contains an insect growth regulator which helps to kill and prevent additional flea development for up to 28 days.  This shampoo has a pleasant smell to it as well on top of being effective.  

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Homemade Dog Flea Shampoo Option

Some dog owners prefer to be all-natural and like the do it yourself approach.  For those Frenchie owners who are more crafty than I this can be a good option. Some recipes found online include a combination of vinegar, liquid dish soap, and warm water to kill fleas.  Some dog owners that are fans of essential oils will even mix a small amount essential oils in with the mixture. Lavender essential oil is a commonly-used essential oil in some of these homemade dog shampoo options made to prevent fleas and ticks.  Be sure to do your research here. If you don’t want to go the DIY route and you need something stronger, a good tick and flea shampoo is in order.


Conclusion – Final Thoughts On The Best Tick And Dog Flea Shampoo

There you have it my Frenchie-loving friend.  I hope my recommendations for the best dog flea shampoos are helpful.  I personally went with the YaYa Organics one for my little Frenchie as I like that it does double duty against Ticks and Fleas while also being more natural.  I hope this helps!

PS – Another great option for bathing your French Bulldog is to use baby shampoo.  

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