French Bulldog Breeders in Michigan

If you are looking for a French Bulldog breeder in Michigan this article will help you in your search.

French bulldogs are the perfect combination of the best qualities of both breeds. They have a cuddly, low-rider body and a face like a human baby’s. One of their most endearing features is how easily they can do tricks with just one or two commands. Whenever looking for a reputable Frenchie breeder I always recommend keeping these tips in mind.

If you’re looking for french bulldog breeders in Michigan, here’s are some that will have a Frenchie for sale in Michigan.

French Bulldog Breeders In Michigan

jessicah's french bulldogs michigan


If you are looking for a Frenchie breeder in Michigan consider Jessicah’s French Bulldog.  Jessicah’s maternal grandfather worked for a successful businessman who lived in Detroit, Michigan, in the early 1950s.

By the late 1950s, Jessicah’s maternal grandfather had died, and his business began to falter. One of the last members of his family left and moved to California in 1978. That was where he met a lady named Lillian who was interested in buying bulldogs.

Jessicah found out about the French Bulldog breed through her relationship with Lillian. Lillian got in touch with a breeder from upstate New York who had a French Bulldog named “Spice” in his breeding program.

Jessicah decided to have one of Spice’s pups as a pet/companion dog. She began crossing different breeds together and has various Frenchies for sale in Michigan.

Jessicah’s French Bulldog breeder says her puppies are top-notch because:

-Their puppies are born and raised outside, giving them a great sense of freedom, and they learn to be tough and independent.

– They do not own their breeding stock. They work with other breeders who have healthy, happy, and well-cared-for Frenchies, who they can then sell back to their customers.

-They don’t condone puppy mills. Their puppies are home-raised and are not confined in any way.

-They do not believe in selling sick puppies. Their puppies are checked for worms to make sure that they grow reasonably.

The following are the different types of dogs she offers at Jessica’s French Bulldogs.

1)Standard Schnoodle: These are part poodle and part schnauzer mixed with a purebred black and white or fawn standard-sized Frenchie.

2)Miniature Schnoodle: These are standard Schnoodles at about 12-16 inches. They come in different colors and patterns.

3)Miniature Poodle: These are miniature versions of the Schnoodle (2-3 pounds). They are hypoallergenic, non-shedding, and easy to groom!

They also offer other designer breeds such as Chugs (Chihuahua French Bulldog Mix), Labradoodle (Labrador Frenchie Mix), Cockerpoo (Cocker spaniel/Poodle mix), and Buggs (Beagle Frenchie mix).

You can learn more about Jessicah’s French Bulldogs here:


The family patriarch, Gene Blanton, came from Tennessee to work at a Chrysler plant in Michigan. He first got into breeding bulldogs because he loved the breed. He was a teacher, and he wanted to work with animals in his free time. He fell in love with the bulldog breed when he first saw them as a child. Although he only had one bulldog of his own, Gene loved to see others bred every new year and would go to the dog shows with his wife. His love for the breed grew, and he decided to start up the Blanton’s Bulldog breeders company in Michigan.

What differentiates Blanton’s Bulldog from other Frenchie breeders in Michigan;
– Healthy and well-socialized Frenchies before they leave their home
– Housed in pen with their roomy bathroom, complete with a shower
– We only sell to responsible, experienced family homes that we feel would make good mates for our puppies
-We do not sell online or through third parties like eBay
-We offer a written contract with each puppy, detailing how to reach us and what you should look for in a French Bulldog.

Types of Frenchies offered at Blanton’s Bulldogs include;
Gentleman bulldog
The Gentlemen Bulldog’s unique look makes it stand out from the rest and its playful personality.

Miniature bulldog
The Miniature Bulldog is one of our most popular dogs at Blanton’s Bulldogs.

miniature chihuahua
The Miniature Chihuahua is possibly one of the cutest dogs you’ll see at our showroom.

miniature bulldog mix
This small dog has everything you could look for in a pet; it’s loyal, intelligent, and playful.


Bullish Pride French Bulldog Breeder in Michigan


Bullish pride was founded in December 2000 by Mark and Patti Scheifele as “French Bulldogs From Heaven.” It was located at 8159 Ann Arbor Road in Plymouth, Michigan.

The business continued until 2009, when McKenna Watson and her mother, Terri Cawley, bought the French Bulldog breeding kennel. All dogs have been line-bred since it was founded in 2000. The company has always been located in Michigan but recently moved from Plymouth to Canton Township.

They have a variety of breeds;
-Baby doll: These are more miniature-sized french bulldogs, and they are perfect for those looking to have their first french bulldog experience or those with tiny homes.
– Standard: These Frenchies depart from the joint, stocky appearance and often resemble other breeds, such as the pug or Boston terrier. They tend to be a little more outgoing and have longer noses.
– Giant: Many of our dogs are considered “giant” Frenchies. They have large bone structures, large ears, and a long body.
– Other breeds: These include standard poodles and standard beagles

Here is why you should consider visiting them;
-They do not use artificial insemination techniques to produce their new bloodlines.
-They offer a lifetime warranty on all of their dogs purchased directly from them and lifetime health guarantees on their breeding stock.
-We can assure you that our breeding program will produce sound dogs with excellent conformation, temperament, personality, and intelligence.
-Our mothers and fathers are screened for hip health, eyes, and disease. We take pride in our animals and try to raise healthy dogs.


northstar frenchies michigan


It all started in 1976 when the first French bulldog named Coco Chanel was born. Kathy’s sister came home with the puppy. The sisters thought it would be nice to have a Frenchie in the family, so they decided to bring this puppy into their family.

Kathy and her husband Marc took Coco Chanel in. It wasn’t long before they noticed a lot of similarities between the little Frenchie and one of their other dogs, Shadow.

Shadow was a Rottweiler who had died from heart failure. The family decided that Coco Chanel might be her reincarnated dog, so they named her “North Star” because she was born on Christmas Day and came through the night to brighten up Christmas for them.

The sisters then decided to breed North Star with their other Rottweiler. One of these puppies would become their foundation female bitch called Maude.

At North Star Frenchies, they offer the following types of French Bulldogs and French Bulldog hybrids:
-Petite Miniature Poodle/French Bulldog Mix – This mixed breed has a diminutive stature and an elegant appearance that makes it very popular in the pet industry.
-The Miniature French Bulldog – Known for its tiny features, this breed only weighs around six pounds.
-French Bulldog The Breed – Known for their massive bodies and short legs
-Papillon – Known for its butterfly-like ears, this breed only weighs around eight pounds.

As a responsible breeder of pedigree dogs;
-They produce healthy and well-socialized puppies that are bred with both French Bulldog temperament and the natural longevity of the Old English Bulldog line.
-They work hard to protect the health of our dogs and our customers by offering a solid guarantee to all new customers.

Contact; 734-355-0106 or 734-355-0107.
Facebook page:

bluestar french bulldogs michigan


The owners are Darryl Blankenship and Patricia Blankenship-Rorem, a French Bull Dog Breeder who have been breeding dogs for over 30 years. They have also owned several kennels, such as Mountainview French Bulldogs and Bluestar French Bulldogs.

They moved the kennels from their native home in the Iron Mountain area to Alpena, Michigan, where they have lived for over 25 years.

At this location, the current breeding program is taking place, which has resulted in a large number of champions and titled dogs of both conformation and performance events.

Here are some types of Frenchies that you’ll find at Bluestar Frenchies:

-The classic Frenchie is the type to get if you want your dog to be easy-going.

-The French American bulldog’s body is slightly more muscular and athletic, and the head is flat and squarish.

-The Teacup French bulldog refers to a tiny dog weighing less than 13 pounds when full-grown.

What differentiates them from other breeders;

-Breed healthy, beautiful, friendly, and intelligent French Bulldogs.

-Their dogs are socialized around other dogs, children, and even shelter animals in early puppyhood.

-Their puppies live in a clean, safe indoor environment.

-Their puppies come with a health certificate and a one-year genetic health guarantee.

Address: 985 E Parks Rd, Alpena, MI 49707

Final Thoughts – French Bulldog Breeders in Michigan

French Bulldogs should be spayed or neutered before their first birthday because of the increased risk of certain cancers if they are not fixed or neutered.

Owners should also brush their dogs regularly and make sure they visit the vet at least once a year. French Bulldogs are prone to skin allergies, skeletal issues, and joint problems.

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